Ronda Rousey and Cris Cyborg Continue Their War of Words

August 20, 2012
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Cris "Cyborg" SantosIt may be the biggest fight in women’s MMA history that might not happen.

Following her win over Sarah Kaufman on Saturday night, Strikeforce bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey immediately called out former featherweight champion Cris “Cyborg” Santos.

In response, Santos ranted via Twitter with the conclusion pointing towards her possible exit from Strikeforce altogether.

Now 48 hours later and the two ladies are still going at it in the press with Rousey making her demands very clear about how the fight with Cyborg would happen.

Speaking to AXS TV’s Inside MMA on Monday, Rousey once again reiterated that she will only face Cyborg at 135 pounds, the weight class in which she is currently fighting and holds the title in. She also pointed out that if Cyborg returns to 145 pounds, there is simply no relevant opponents for her to face.

“Who else is she going to fight besides me anyways? I’ve got a whole line of girls waiting to fight me. She needs to fight me or else she’s pretty much done,” said Rousey.

Cyborg didn’t sit back and accept the comments and fired back, pointing out the fact that Rousey has fought at much higher weights before, but now won’t go back there because she doesn’t truly want to face her in the cage.

“She claims she is the ‘champion’ and openly challenges me to fight at 135 pounds. (She competed in the Beijing Olympics at 70kg/154lbs, and fought at 145 pounds in MMA till she learned she would have to fight me, and then dropped to 135 pounds.) Which I find laughable,” Cyborg said through a translator via a release to Inside MMA.

“I have never fought below 145 pounds, and I am considered the pound for pound top women’s fighter in the world! I have yet to lose a fight while holding the Strikeforce 145-pound title. My last fight was considered a no contest, but that has not changed the fact that I AM the women’s 145-pound champion.”

Cyborg goes on to state that she cannot safely cut down to 135 pounds due to health concerns, but “if Ronda is the future of WMMA, and is the ‘champion’ that she envisions… you know where I am, and I am more than willing to give you an opportunity to test me. I will fight you at 145 pounds, you know… the weight that you started at, and then you can have two belts, and prove to everyone that you are indeed a ‘champion’.”

Is this a test of wills to see which fighter will bend first to make this fight happen or will it ever happen?

Check out the video below to see Ronda Rousey’s appearance on Inside MMA:

  • z999

    This fight needs to happen. Last thing everyone wants is another Mayweather/Paq debacle.

    • The ladies fight at 140 lbs. $250 K winner takes all. Loser goes home. How could they turn this down?

  • Iamrozylo

    Said it before and I’ll say it again. If cyborg quit cranking she could hit 135 no problem!

    • Lesnardo

      But then she wouldn’t be as deadly.

      It’s like telling Reem to get off the horse meat. He wouldn’t be “the Reem” without horse meat. He would just be Undereem.

      Undereem (205 skinny/reach/fast) –> Overeem (235 muscular..1-1 with Sergei Kharitonov) –> Ubereem (“the Reem” destroyed Lesnar).

  • oswaldcobblepott

    Do it at 140lbs. And quit the talk BOTH of you!

    • Brian

      140? Cyborg could barley make 145 when she was champ.

      • Lesnardo

        Cyborg is too much for any woman.

        I think Cyborg would win if they fight.

        • maddawgmar

          I wouldn’t consider Cyborg a woman.

  • MaritalArtist

    If Rousey is so good, what’s the problem of fighting at 140 or 145? What’s the matter, Rousey? Just f***ing fight her.

    • atmosphere

      as she mentioned, Cyborg has more to gain in a fight against Rousey at this point.

    • KBEsq

      I don’t really care for either of these girls, but I agree with MartialArtist. Cyborg’s difficulty cutting weight is genuine. It’s easier for Rousey to move up in weight to fight Cyborg than it is for Cyborg to come down to her. Why wouldn’t Rousey want to go up to Cyborg. Not only would she then get two belts if she won (a first in woman’s mma, as far as I know), but if she forces Cyborg to come down to her and wins, there will be people who diminish the victory because they will say Cyborg probably wasn’t 100%.

      Bottom line, Rousey has no good reason not to go up. Cyborg has a good reason not to go down. The whole, ‘I’m the champ’ thing, isn’t a good enough excuse.

  • pooby

    Rousey should and would fight at 145 if she really believed she could beat Cyborg.

    Taking both belts in SF would be truly groundbreaking for Rousey.

    • Brian

      Ummm what belt does Cyborg have? She was stripped of her title.

      • KBEsq

        It doesn’t matter. A fight between Cyborg and Rousey at 145 would most certainly be a title fight.

  • julianmoran

    Why did Ronda Rousey following her november 18 2011 fight, while being 4-0 and the next contender for Cyborg, suddenly decided to change weight class?

    Why will Ronda Rousey not fight Cyborg at 145, knowing that such is the only possibility for the fight to happen?

    No head movement/walking into her oponent Rousey would get knocked out cold by Cyborg, then start crying.

    • Brian

      You really think Cyborg’s striking is that good? Her striking is sloppy. She couldn’t put Gina away, and had to come in overweight to through around a Japanese girl like a rag doll. Without her roid she looses her strength which is her only advantage.

      • me vs you

        it’s a hundred times better than rousey’s though, which from what i’ve seen is non-existent.
        props to rousey, but she’s a one trick pony. too bad womans mma doesn’t have a very deep talent pool yet, because somebody like rhonda wouldn’t have a chance if it did.
        until there are more high end woman fighters than the three or four that we have now, rhonda will unfortunately be champion. and it’s not really fun or exciting to watch her…we all know what she’s going to do in every fight, there is absolutely no depth to her game. she runs out and desperately grabs an arm before dragging her opponent down, then game over. she’s had 5 or 6 opponenets in mma and none have them have ever heard about submission defense…i hate to say it, totally lame and boring.
        the first woman that has any type of juijitsu or submission defense, is going to mop the floor with her.

        • Lesnardo

          Yeah I agree. Cyborg’s striking may look sloppy but it is the traditional Brazilian Muy Thai striking utilizied by the likes of Wandy and Shogun. It’s wild brawler type and NOT clean striker type like the ones used by Cro Cop and JDS.

          The thing is , no woman can deal with the wild striking of Cyborg. It feels like a man’s punch.

          • macgrubber

            Correction it IS a mans punch.

  • What are you guys even talking about? Are you fans of the sport or just guys jealous of world class women fighters? lol. Cyborg DID put Gina away. She got busted for roids but that doesn’t change the fact that she’s a talented fighter all together. And as for Ronda; she’s the undefeated strikeforce champ, and your still going to talk trash about her skill? What do you expect, she was olympic judoka and has been working on her striking. So should she not use her best trick to win?

    • adam1848

      I agree completely.

    • macgrubber

      Hey broseph her getting busted DOES change the fact that shes a talented fighter. Because its not talent if shes on roids. Also she is a hideous creature.

  • maddawgmar

    Cyborg will have health concerns if she cuts to 135. That being, weakness due to the lack of Stanozolol in her system. As said earlier if she stops the roids her muscles will shrink some and she could cut to 135. That being said, she would still be dangerous and could pose a serious threat to Rousey. But I think it needs to happen at 135 for two reasons. One, it almost guarantees no cheating, and two Cyborg has to redeem herself. Rousey has nothing to prove.

  • joeshine

    One CyGuy if you cannot speak the language get the hell out of the USA. The man Cyguy is a disgrace to transgenders everywhere. Ronda doesn’t need this foreign freak of human nature in her life. Cyroid can take her balls and go back to Brazil.

  • kaldani15

    Cyborg your a women! do the damn 10lb weight cut it aint that much! She just scred she wants to keep her arm so she can hold evangelista cyborgs hand while they both take roids. Manny Gamburyian
    should fight evangelisat cyborg and ronda rousey should fight cyborg.

  • if Rousey wants it bad enough she can move up. I like the fight but don’t see why Cyborg should feel any pressure to move down a weightclass. Crappy catchweight fights give female MMA a bad name.

  • The weight she competed at in the Olympics means absolutely nothing, she was competing in Judo, not MMA, in which case the extra weight probably helped. Lots of fighters start out fighting at a higher weight and gradually come down as they get in better shape. It’s not like Rousey was shredded at 145lbs, or like she had a “ton” of fights at 145. But come’on… I wouldnt wanna fight that dude Cyborg either Lol! She looks like Wanderlei with long hair…

  • joeshine

    Cyguy got a pair and is a man. Tell the dude Cyroid to hit the road back to Brazil.

  • mikemma123

    Strength is a big reason why cyborg won a lot of her fight but that doesn’t me she not a talented mma fighter. Will see. I believe 140 is a good enought for this fight.

    And one more thing, can we stop the transsexual jokes on cyborg. I know she she build and not the best looking female out there but still. You watching for the sport, not becauses it’s a beauty pageant. But than again I’m pretty most of you are just kids, so Nevermind.

  • joeshine

    cyguy is a dude and not a broad.

  • brianhussey

    Hmm, how about sign a contract for two fights? One soon and the other in 6 months – one at each weight? That has $$$ all over it … the first ever contracted two fight deal?