Ronaldo Jacare Calls for UFC Title Shot; Dana White Not so Sure

September 6, 2014
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Ronaldo Jacare Souza - StrikeforceHe got his revenge on Gegard Mousasi from their first fight, and now the only goal Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza has in mind is getting his chance at the UFC title.

Souza expressed his desire to fight for the belt following his win over Mousasi on Friday at UFC Fight Night Foxwoods. There’s no doubt in Jacare’s mind that he should be the next in line for the belt, and it doesn’t matter who’s wearing the hardware around their waist.

“Definitely I’m the No. 1 contender for the middleweight title,” Souza told FOX in an on-camera interview. “I deserve the chance for the title, and I want the chance for the title.

“Right now I’m only focused on the title.”

Souza dominated Mousasi for the duration of their fight, outstriking the Dutch-Armenian kickboxer while on the feet and imposing his will when the fight went to the floor.

Upon securing his arms around Mousasi’s neck in the third round, Jacare applied a guillotine choke, forcing his opponent to tap out in the late moments of the frame.

The win earned Souza a Performance of the Night bonus and some praise from UFC brass, but the company president isn’t so convinced that he deserves to be next in line for the middleweight belt.

“He looked very impressive tonight. We’ll talk about title shots, but there’s a title fight that has to happen first,” Dana White said during the FOX Sports 1 broadcast. “He’ll probably fight again before we talk about title shots.”

The title fight White is referring to is the one between UFC middleweight champ Chris Weidman and Vitor Belfort, which is scheduled to take place at UFC 181 on Dec. 6.

Other fighters edging towards a title shot include Luke Rockhold and Tim Kennedy, while names like Lyoto Machida and Anderson Silva can easily be thrown in the mix with wins in their next fights.

With the middleweight cluster near the top of the rankings, Souza said he’ll take some time off and think things over. But regardless of the traffic jam, he stands firm in saying he should get the next bid.

“I need to go home with my kids, take some vacation time, spend some time with my wife, and I’ll think about that later,” he said. “My scenario is the belt. Whoever is the champ is whoever I’m facing.”

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  • Jon Doe

    Jacare is a Beast

  • USA1

    He looks like cyborg I think they’re on the same roid cycle

    • TheMod

      I think he was just one of those people born with extra testosterone.

  • who what huh

    Stupid. Jacare’s on a seven fight winning streak now and he’s beaten Derek Brunson, Ed Herman, Chris Camozzi, Yushin Okami, Francis Carmont, and now Mousasi. What’s he have to do to get a title shot guarantee? Get busted for PEDs?

    • Justin Credible

      I’d say cause only 1 person in that list even matters and it happened last night. He neds another solid win over a top guy.

      • Let’s see, obviously he’s a beast and he is VERY close to getting a shot, so it should be interesting to see what the UFC decides to do with him next… watch for somebody get injured and Jacare to be called…

      • Jason Burge

        His wins aren’t against great people but that’s the thing he’s been dominant I don’t know why they haven’t given him a top five fight for a while now

      • solo

        Its kinda ridicoulous to say his other wins dont metter. Every win matters!
        Also, fighters get a title shot based on 1-2 fight winning streak, sometimes based on nothing actually. Its obvious he’s not gettin’ a tittle shot right now cause Vitor is in line, but he could stay ready and jump in there if some s*** happens. Lets be real, you never know with Belfort these days.

        • Bob Pants

          So by your statement you mean if others get un deserving title shots so should he???

          • solo

            oh no, heeeeeeell no. you got that from what i wrote?! i just mean it wont be a biggest mistake if he ends up in line.

      • Lt. Dangle

        Well Carmont was on a tear when he beat him, and Okami was ranked liked 5th when he beat him, so put that together with Mousasi and that’s pretty impressive. I also think he could use one more fight before the title tho. Winner of Rockhold/Bisping makes sense.

      • Scott Coker

        lol, you’re obviously a moron.

        Derek Brunson, Herman, and Carmozzi are all legit veterans.

        Yushin is a former #1 contender, Carmont was a rising hot prospect, and is still in the ranks, Mousasi is a legend and one of most technically skilled in MMA – as well as avenging a previous loss while in Strikeforce.

        Nobody right now in MW is more deserving than Jacare right now.

        the ONLY reason why there’s hesitation is b/c of $$$$ – marketability.

        Jacare doesn’t speak English and isn’t as well known as say Anderson, etc. Weidman already is bad enough as a champ as he is, but he’s piggybacking off being the guy who’s beaten Anderson 2x.

        Dana would rather have more marketable guys like Rockhold or Bisping. – or household name like Vitor.

        • Bob Pants

          You are a the morn bud if you put Jacare before Belfort.

          • Bob Pants

            *moron! o course!

        • Justin Creditble

          This guy! He dumb ass go look up Belforts wins and people he fought and look up Jacare and do the same thing and if you honestly think Jacare comes first you are the moron! Some peoples children!

      • who what huh

        Okami matters. Just because the UFC cut him for losing to Jacare doesn’t mean he wasn’t a top 10 fighter at the time. Herman and Brunson are also decent middle-of-the-pack middleweights he completely ran through.

  • drkdisciple

    Too bad they gave Luke Rockhold an easy fight against Bisping. Would have loved Jacare vs Rockhold 2 and there is no doubt the winner would deserve a title fight.

    • Man @drkdisciple:disqus you are so right, that would make for a good fight, you never know in the UFC, that fight is still possible

    • solo

      You really think its an easy fight? I also love Luke, i believe he’s a better athlete and a fighter all aorund, but dont think its gonna be easy. Bisping said alot of stuff leading to this, how he’s been spparing with him, and that he is unofficial Strikeforce champion. I personally dont believe that s***, until they settle the score in the octagon.

      • drkdisciple

        Believe or not I like Bisping but I’m being realistic. This is a horrible matchup for him, I believe that Rochold will manhandle him and dominate that fight. A fight against Jacare would have been a true top contender match and make a whole lot more sense then this one.

        • Mike

          It’s just a money fight. Zuffa’s policy of promoting the brand over the athletes is finally backfiring on them. It’s one of the reasons they’re having a hard time selling PPV’s ie the star power among fighters is lacking. Both fighters have a well documented back and forth in the media and with Bisping’s proven ability to sell and promote fights it’s a bout Zuffa can market. If somehow Bisping wins then Zuffa can finally make a case for a title shot (not saying Bisping would deserve it but that’s never stopped the UFC before) and that fight would sell better than most. If/When Rockhold wins Zuffa can use the momentum from a well-publicized and promoted fight to up his profile. No one’s giving Rockhold a title shot off a Bisping win.

          • drkdisciple

            I would give you 5 thumbs up if I could because you wrote the truth. Dana is looking for an excuse to give Bisping a title fight because he sells ppv. So far Biasping failed in all his attempts to win the big fight that would give him that title shot. I don’t think it will be any different against Rockhold,

          • solo


  • Jacare is a beast, getting better with every fight and definitely on his way to a championship fight. I hope the UFC knows that he would be a great sell.

    • Justin McCully

      he deserves the shot now.

  • jack

    he should of fought rockhold, i am not sure why he wanted mousasi. beating rockhold wouldnt have left any doubt. if kennedy can have an impressive win over romero, im fine with jacare vs kennedy for a title shot. jacare was underrated and kennedy has a chance to get into the spotlight, which i would like to see personally.

    • Maddawgmar

      The only thing is, Jacare has already beat Kennedy. But has lost to Luke Rockhold. I think after Rockhold destroys Bisping, it should be Jacare v Rockhold for the shot.

      • Truthcore

        Jacare had lost to Mousasi too.

        bottom line though: based on UFC careers though, no question that Jacare has done more than enough to deserve the title shot.

        Not like there’s a long list of guys who deserve a shot.

        Weidman has already beaten Anderson 2x, won over Machida, and is fighting Vitor.

        Rockhold already got 1st rd. KO’d by Belfort, but Jacare has had more fights in UFC and is undefeated in UFC. – including TKO over former #1 contender Yushin Okami.

      • solo

        Its funny how no almost no one is giving Bisping a chance against Luke. I also think Rockhold will destroy him, but i would love to see both Luke and Jacare to fight Weidman. I somehow feel something’s gonna happened with Vitor, and he will pull out of the fight.

        • Maddawgmar

          Not that I am not giving Bisping a chance in this fight, anything can happen. I just feel Rockhold is better than Bisping in all areas.

  • Jase

    Bisping will beat Rockhold