Rogerio Nogueira Was Fueled by Rashad Evans vs. Anderson Silva Talk (UFC 156 Post Video)

February 3, 2013
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Antonio Rogerio NogueiraRashad Evans went into the UFC 156 bout with Antonio Rogerio Nogueira knowing full well that if he won in decisive fashion there was the distinct possibility that he might get a shot at middleweight champion Anderson Silva.

Nogueira didn’t exactly take kindly to that situation and used it as fuel to fire his motivation heading into the fight, which he eventually won.

Check out what Nogueira had to say at the UFC 156 post-fight press conference…

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  • Advance*

    Yeah it fueled his awesome performance

    • Newf

      Sarcastic much?
      Of course he should have been motivated to win, but to say it was the talk of Evans possibly receiving a title shot with a win I find it a little odd stating it that way. In a way, indirectly, he’s saying he was motivated to screw his teammate out of a possible super fight and big pay day because he was insulted at being the underdog. If anything saying Evans would earn a shot with a win is a compliment, it says he is a high enough caliber opponent for that type of opportunity.

      • MuayThaiFood

        No, getting a shot at Silva was more about not losing than beating Lil’ Nog.

  • dread

    Rashad sucked during the fight! He was too cautious. Probably got emotional after his teammate Ovareem was Ko’ed. Too bad, was rooting for Rashad all the way…

    • Advance*

      I don’t know, he’s had a few of these fights where he was just waiting around and eventually managed to get a knockout or takedowns. He wasn’t doing much in the Forest or Chuck fights until he finished them. I just think he’s not a very active fighter and doesn’t look that good when he can’t gain any momentum. This was definitely his worst performance though considering Lil Nog barely did anything himself

  • Rufus

    What a wussy fight, waiting to win by a counter strike. Not going full force. A waste of my time. They are so worried about losing that they stay defensive. Tito syndrome.

    • Gary Fredericks

      Tito syndrome? Lil’ Nog Syndrome would work too. The guy has been relatively invisible in the UFC. He’s beat some low tier up and comers, a hyped up TUF winner, and an oft injured former champ that was at the end of his career. I always fall asleep during his UFC era fights.

      Just because he looks like his brother doesn’t make him BIG Nog.