Rodrigo Nogueira vs. Stefan Struve Not Happening Any Time Soon, Big Nog Sidelined for 3 Months

June 22, 2013
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Fabricio Werdum Subs Rodrigo Nogueira UFC Fuel 10There has been a minor war of words brewing between UFC heavyweights Stefan Struve and Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, leading many to believe that a fight was imminent.

They won’t be fighting anytime soon, however, as Big Nog’s manager, Ed Soares, recently told that the former UFC and Pride champion wouldn’t return to training for at least three months following surgery.

Nogueira had to undergo surgery after an MRI revealed extensive ligament damage in his left elbow stemming from an armbar submission loss to Fabricio Werdum at UFC on Fuel TV 10 on June 8 in Brazil.

Nogueira also required surgery following a Kimura submission loss to Frank Mir in late 2011. That surgery required 16 screws in his humerus, but Nogueira still managed to return to the Octagon 10 months later to defeat Dave Herman.

Struve called for a fight with Nogueira in an interview with Bleacher Report, an official content partner.

Nogueira responded in a statement to UFC Tonight, saying, “The bigger they are, the harder they fall. Let’s get it on.”

Struve then answered back on Twitter, “Bigger they are, harder they fall huh @Minotauromma, lets back those words up and sign the contract, I’m waiting for you..”

It appears, however, that Struve will be waiting quite a while if he waits for Nogueira.

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  • Supaman

    i think this would be a good farewell fight for both.

    Big Nog has taken enough punishment over his career and really has nothing left to really prove. He’s been one of the best heavyweights in MMA history. But he’s taken so much punishment over his career and is declining.

    Stefan Struve seemed like a promising prospect due to his great height, reach, while still having good movement, decent striking, and solid submissions. He’s shown heart in all of his fights and is never out of a fight until he’s KTFO. However, he too has taken way too much punishment over his career and even if he takes one more brutal KO, he’ll have issues for the rest of his life (eg. migraines, possibly early onset of dementia, etc.).

    I’d take Nog.

    • Truth

      agreed. Struve is about done. Even though he’s still in his late twenties, he’s had too many brutal KOs and even in a couple of his wins he took alot of punishment. Even though he’s so tall, he’s not strong / thick enough to maintain his reach advantage. The other heavyweights just go right into him ala Roy Nelson, Mark Hunt, Travis Browne…

  • Cereal Killer

    Tim Sylvia 2.0 doesn’t have a chin. I really wish he did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • The Best Eva

      I’d like to see your clown ass get hit by a heavyweight.

      • The Best Eva

        Wow you’re a major loser.

        • Cereal Killer

          You took the first personal cheap shot at me bro. I’d be willing to compare W2 forms to see who the real loser is.

          • The Best Eva

            You made a stupid comment and your obviously a dumb loser because you think you can take a punch better than a real fighter.

            and you deleted your immature little comment, grow a pair little boy.

  • Baller31

    Speaking of pointless fights I never want to see…

    • I agree. I don’t know what this fight would really do for either fighter right now. There has to be better match ups for both guys.

  • The Best Eva

    This would be alright but it won’t really help either guy.

    Nogs not the same anymore, Struve should be looking a little higher.

  • GiinoStenLund

    Its not worth to wait that long for a fight..

    Struve lost by a brutal ko like 2 month ago now he has to wait atleast 3+3 month so like 8month until the next fight in the octagon thats to sad..

    I think struve should fight somone like Nelson and use hes f****** distance for once

    • Agent119

      Already saw that fight. Nelson had no issues getting through and avoiding struves distance.

  • drkdisciple

    Loved Big Nog during the Pride days now its time for him to show a little pride and retire!