Rodrigo Nogueira Expects Improved Stand-up from Fabricio Werdum, but Believes He is Still Better

June 8, 2013
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Rodrigo Nogueira vs Fabricio Werdum - PrideAntonio Rodrigo Nogueira and Fabricio Werdum square off in the UFC on Fuel TV 10 on Saturday in Brazil. It will be a rematch of their fight from seven years ago.

Nogueira defeated Werdum in their first match-up, believing that it was his stand-up skills that made the difference.

He expects Werdum to be much improved in his stand-up game this time around, but Nogueira said,”I believe my hands are still faster and heavier.”

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  • Timothy Malone

    Way too many people are counting out Nogueira in this fight

    • Lucas Freire

      I am one of them.
      I like Big Nog a lot, but I really think he’s not on the top of the food chain anymore.
      And Fabricio is.
      On a rematch with Overeem I’d put my money on Werdum. And other than that he has a win against Big Foot,who by now, along with Cormier, are the guys right behind Cigano and Velasquez

  • Baller31

    I have never been a huge Werdum fan, but his standup has looked great in his last two fights…almost like a different person. I was really surprised by his performance against Big Country.

  • It’s not that Big Nog is old, it’s the fact the his body has a lot of mileage on it. He’s been through some wars and has done a lot in this sport. Werdums striking has improved and he’s been looking sharp. He’s also no slouch on the ground. This could end up being a great fight if Big Nog can hang in and take some shots. Win or lose this is a great match up.

    • Lucas Freire

      You just pointed out the reason of why I think Werdum will be able to stand out. Much like Wand and other Pride legends, Big Nog is simply…worn out.

      • He’s had major surgery done, that’s what keeps me worried. I know he loves the fight game but it’s about time for him to hang it up.

    • Flock__of__Burgers

      Sharp against Mike Russow. Nog looked sharp against Schaub and Herman.

      • I am a very big fan of Nog so I don’t mean to take anything away from him when I say this but….. He had Schaub in his pocket the whole time. Schuab is young and athletic but Nog has so many years of martial arts and combat sports ahead of him, I knew he would win that with his boxing or on the ground. And Herman hasn’t really done much in the UFC. I am rooting for Nog, I would love to see him get this win because Werdum is a gret fighter and has been on a roll since his loss to The Reem.