Robert Drysdale Suspended and Fined for TUF 19 Finale Drug Test Fail

October 27, 2014
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Robert Drysdale on Monday finally had his official sanction handed down by the Nevada Athletic Commission.

For his fight against Keith Berish at The Ultimate Fighter 19 Finale on July 6, Drysdale’s testosterone-to-epitestosterone ratio was 12-to-1, according to NAC Chair Francisco Aguilar, which is well above the state’s limit of 6-to-1. An elevated T/E ratio can be indicative of exogenous testosterone use.

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Drysdale explained that he had been on a legal testosterone replacement therapy regimen in the past, but had stopped the treatment well before the fight. He was given little quarter by the commission, which discontinued issuing therapeutic use exemptions for TRT in February.

Drysdale was issued a one-year suspension retroactive to the date of the fight, and fined 33-percent of his $16,000 fight purse, which amounts to $5,280. He submitted Berish in the opening round of their fight, but the result of the bout was changed to a no contest.

This is the second time that Drysdale has tested for an elevated T/E ratio. When he attempted to gain a license to fight Cody Donovan at UFC 167, Drysdale’s out-of-competition drug test showed a 19.4-to-1 ratio, thus he was refused a license.

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  • BobWetsdale

    Drysdale deserves the Wanderlei Silva treatment; banned for life. The silly bastard took advice from Frank Mur and Forrest Griffin, just doesn’t learn his goddamn lesson, tainted his entire BJJ legacy (you know, because he’s abusing PEDs and has done most of his adult life) and will continue to pull out of fights a week out because he’s screwed up his cycles and doesn’t want a 4th strike on his record. Newsflash Bob, when you pull out at the last minute we all know why. Convoluted stories don’t fool anyone who’s ever heard of you. Plus, he looks like a Mogwai.

  • Seth

    Comission made fools out of themselves…again. They suspsended him because “An elevated T/E ratio can be indicative of exogenous testosterone use.”

    “An elevated T/E ratio can be indicative of exogenous testosterone use.” can also mean his E was lowered. Or his T could be lowered. Or both could be lowered. It doesn’t mean he took something. Unless he was proven that he took something that was illegal, they shouldn’t suspend him. Sounds like awesome case for fighter to drag AC to the court and win.

    • dumbiedumbdumb

      apparently reading his admission was not enough for you lol

      • Seth

        You mean this “Drysdale explained that he had been on a legal testosterone replacement
        therapy regimen in the past, but had stopped the treatment well before
        the fight.” <– So what he took something which was legal back then? They suspended him because he was taking legal stuff and stopped it at some point in the past?

        • Nate “THE CHEAT” Marquardt

          You obviously haven’t a clue what you are talking about. I suppose you are going to tell us next that Sonnen wasn’t juiced to the gills in the first A Silva fight.

          Drysdale is a blatant cheat and he deserved at least a 2 year ban if not more. 2 failed tests with only 1 fight in the UFC.

          • Seth

            Then please, tell me where Drysdale admitted that for this fight he was using something. Because in this article they said only that he had elavated T/E ratio, which doesn’t mean he took something illegal. Higher T/E Ratio could easily mean his T was normal and his E was lower for some reason. Higher T/E ratio doesn’t mean someone took something illegal, so please show me where Drysdale said he took something, because this article obviously doesn’t have that information.

          • Nate “THE CHEAT” Marquardt

            Oh i see because he isn’t man enough to admit he’s a cheat then it must not be true. Drysdale at 12 to 1 ratio which is 12 times the testosterone of the average male. EVERYONE knows he’s a steroid abuser and he will forever be known as a cheat. That has to be an all time record in the UFC ( ONE FIGHT ) and already been busted cheating TWICE. Also he not only a cheat he;s a liar. just go back and listen to his interviews where he basically says he did nothing wrong and he refuses to accept any responsibility. IMO Drysdale is easily one of the most hated fighters in all MMA and BJJ world. His top 2 students Frank Mir and Forrest Griffen were (ARE) both juice heads/TRT users. Ask any doctor and they will tell you its a total joke that any 30 year old needs TRT UNLESS they abused steroids. Mir packed on 30 lbs of muscle after he got beat up by Brock. JUICE HEADS all of them

          • Seth

            Once again, elevated T/E Ratio does NOT mean his T was up. It could easily means that his T was normal and his E was lowered. You say everyone knows he’s a cheater? Well, I don’t know, so that already makes your statement questionable. How can you say with 100% accuracy that he took something, when tests didn’t show anything illegal in him? And that’s my point – people are jumping all over him now, but we don’t even know if he broke the rules. Im not saying he didn’t use something, neither Im saying he did. What Im saying is just elevated T/E ratio DOES NOT mean he broke the rules. That is just warning that something may be wrong and we should look into it.

  • Nate “THE CHEAT” Marquardt

    Can’t believe the UFC hasn’t fired this OBVIOUS STEROID CHEATER. Every BJJ accomplishment Drysdale ever was involved in is now VOID. The man is a disgrace. Not to mention he is the biggest arragant pr’ick on the planet. Fans need to call B.S and tell the UFC to run this 2 x BUSTED CHEATER out of the sport of MMA. Its also OBVIOUS the BJJ world is full of JUICERS

    • valakos

      who cares