Robbie Lawler Wasn’t Actually Throwing a Flying Knee

January 8, 2012
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You wouldn’t know it by how it ended, but Robbie Lawler wasn’t actually throwing a flying knee when he knocked out Adlan Amagov.

Lawler, who is very well known as a knockout artist, was actually going for a different strike all together.

“I thought he was going to dip out to his right and throw his right hand, so I was actually trying to kick him in the face,” said Lawler after his win.

Obviously it worked out pretty well either way.

Here is the rest of what Robbie Lawler had to say after his victory in Strikeforce on Saturday:

  • Elou26

    That fight looked kinda of fixed.

    • MMAisAdrug

      i thought the same thing last night, that fight was fixed.

      • fitefan

        not a chance.
        You really think they fixed a low name fight of insignificance? where’s the money in that?
        It is clearly evident from the proper angle that the guy got blasted on the back of his head.

  • Mario

    HIGHLY doubt it dude!

    This ain’t boxing

  • fitefan

    You can only see the impact of the knee to the head from one angle. I thought he never touched him, but you could see how he laid out flat on the mat like he got hit.
    Then when they showed the replay from Lawlers right side, you can see he clipped the guy on the top of the head towards the back, and you can see the impact ripple down his neck. He was rattled for sure, and the two left hands clean to the side of the head was the finishing touch by Lawler.

  • MikeMc1983

    I’m not saying the fight was fixed in anyway, but you don’t need to fix a “big fight.” in fact you’d be much better off not messing with bigger fights.
    You can put as much money down on a small fight as you can a big one. In addition, the “smaller” a fight generally the less money they make. So generally the less money it would take to get the fighters in on a fix.

  • bigdog333187

    There is no way, in a fixed fight, you’d see the punches Lawler was landing to end the fight

  • Lawler is a good fighter. I don’t think he has to have his fights fixed or setup to win.