Robbie Lawler vs. Johny Hendricks III ‘Makes Sense’ to Dana White

January 2, 2015
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UFC President Dana White on Thursday confirmed what Rory MacDonald wanted to avoid. The welterweight standout has to wait his turn.

During a scrum at the UFC 182 media functions in Las Vegas, White said that a trilogy fight between 170-pound champion Robbie Lawler and former champ Johny Hendricks is being planned likely for later this year.

“Robbie and Rory just fought,” White said. “We just feel like the trilogy makes sense.”

Lawler and Hendricks fought a rematch for the UFC welterweight title at UFC 181, and Lawler exacted his revenge from his previous loss to Hendricks by earning a split decision over his opponent to earn the belt.

MacDonald had been considered the No. 1 contender and assumed he was next in line after Lawler’s win. But in the days that followed UFC 181, he received the bad news that he would have to wait it out a bit longer so that a rubber match can take place between the new champ and former titleholder.

In receiving the news, MacDonald took it in stride.

“It’s all good,” the fighter recently told UFC Tonight. “I’m just gonna light up whoever is next.”

White did not reveal a date and venue for the Lawler-Hendricks bout, but is expected to do so in the coming months.

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  • Shredder

    Great! Now Hendricks can hug Lawler’s nuts for 5 more rounds!

    • Hugh Shakeshaft

      Lawler’s nuts are going to wear a bald spot in the back of Hendrick’s head if they keep having rematches.

      • Cptmats

        Have you noticed how much hair Hendricks has lost since fighting Lawler twice ? His hair line has receded about four inches.

        • Rob

          Roids will do that in a hurry …
          Just saying’ . . .

          • Cptmats

            so will rubbing your head on Lawler’s nuts for 25 minutes….
            Just Saying…

  • battle ready

    Will I watch this fight? Definitely. But this time I won’t be neutral and will be rooting for Robbie. The way Hendricks fought with his head between Robbie’s legs lost me forever as a fan.

  • Rodrigo_Silva

    I’d have rather they set up Lawler vs Rory, and have Hendricks fight another contender. For Hendricks it’s 3 back to back vs Lawler, at least Robbie had a couple of fights in between.

    Hendricks was on a roll til he started fighting for the belt and now he looks a shadow of his former self. Let him get a bit of momentum and work his way back, making a rubber match more exciting. He’s 1-2 in title fights, how come he deserves another shot? The last fight wasn’t even that good.

    • James Williams

      Hmm. I’m a lawler fan, but I have to admit Hendricks dominated the standup. I was shocked at how passive Robbie was. He was a walking punching bag for three rounds. I don’t think Hendricks is washed up, but you are right that he should have had another fight first.

      • Rob

        Tough being the champ and always fighting the best . . .
        I’m a GSP fan so I have no sympathy for Hendricks. Not as easy at it looked is it Johnny? GSP fought the very best and at one time won 40 straight rounds. Hendricks – not so much. He is good at whining and being disrespectful though.

  • Seth

    Nicky Diaz’s title shot made sense too. I wouldn’t make the whole new article about it, just because “it makes sense to him”. A lot of weird things make sense to him, that’s not a news.

  • Wolf Ticket

    > “Robbie and Rory just fought,” White said
    Of all the arguments he could make, he chose this one?

    • Rob


    • eddieo

      Robbie and Johny just fought…. TWICE.

    • shakeshifter

      Dana is so out of touch its embarrassing …..he is deciding what fights we want to see…this will be Hendricks 4th title shot in a row…..

  • Hugh Shakeshaft

    Dana just served up a steaming turd and called it the best option.

  • cheflacsto

    This blows, watch a good 5 round fight for people to be on both sides of the fence again, and then what, Lawler, Hendricks IV. Give me a break. Maybe they should just fight each other until someone knocks the other guy out. If Johnny wins a split decision do they fight again?

  • Jesoos

    Rory vs Lawler 2 makes sense! Lawler vs Hendricks 3, would probably come in the future anyway.

    • Rob

      This is what I’m thinking. Why have back to back to back fights. So they can have eventually have 8 rematches. We’ve seen this act. It will come down to the wire in a slug and hold fest. Who cares? Rory offers something different. He is more of a martial artist. Lets mix it up and quit blowing the wad on Hendricks vs Lawler.

  • Darin

    “Robbie and Rory just fought”, says Dana. No, Robbie and JOHNY just fought, dumbass. Nobody wants this. A trilogy doesn’t work when you just throw all the fights at us at once.

    How about Conor Mcgregor vs. Lawler, cuz it just makes sense.

    • Rob

      And Rory was 23.
      And it was a split decision loss.
      I suspect he knows Rory can out-point either guy. That’s what he is afraid of: Rory controlling the fight. He thinks all the fight fans so unsophisticated that all they can appreciate are brawlers. Okay, what about the success Money Mayweather has then? Regardless, I think Rory can stop both guys.

  • bob_dawg

    Makes sense ,who is he kidding? Both Lawler and MacDonald have fought three times each since they’re fight …Hendricks has lost two of his last three …being GSP and Lawler ….Dana always says he isnt the match maker but is always getting involved …what next a Conor Mcgregor title fight ? give Mcgregor to Edgar or Mendes first …

    • shakejunt

      yes, that is what’s next.

  • Rob

    The Ali-Frazer trilogies were not back to back to back. This is dumb. I’ve seen this dance. I want to see what Rory can do. He was only 23 when he lost a split to Lawler. It’s an interesting style match-up.

    • eddieo

      I heard Cain and JD are going to fight for the 19th time too!

  • eddieo

    This is ridiculous, Dana and all his rematches and trilogies. What next?. let me guess, Cain’s going to take on JD for the 16th time? Dana is shoving these fights down our throats to make quick cash, not god for the sport overall. These guys just fought twice… ENOUGH! Fight again in another year and a half after they both win another 4 or five fights.

  • eddieo

    Dana: “Robbie and Rory just fought”. LOL, Hey Dana, Robbie and Hendricks just fought…. TWICE!

  • eddieo

    Hey Dana, a tag team match between the Diaz brothers and Cain and Brock “just makes sense” too, lets do it!

  • shakejunt

    everyone is crying, it’s pretty sad. the reason rory vs lawler rematch isn’t happening now is because their first fight was boring. just shut up and watch the fights, i doubt joe silva and sean shelby need help from armchair matchmakers.

    • bob_dawg

      Just remember …the guy in the armchair buys the ppv ,if he isnt happy with the card he doesnt pay meaning less revenue for the company …

      • shakejunt

        not every fight is gonna be the one you wanna see. i don’t like that dc got the shot after taking the easy road and i don’t like that conor is getting the same path, but i’m not gonna complain about it and i’m still gonna watch. i feel like fans have gotten spoiled.

        • Bob_Dawg

          Everyone is complaining because Hendricks rubbed the back of his head on Lawlers ballsack all night ….no one wants to pay 50 or 60 dollars to see the same thing again …Hendricks needs to get in with someone different to prove he still has what it takes to get a title shot ….

          • shakejunt

            i don’t disagree with you, but it’s better than the frankie edgar era.

  • Richard

    I think the judges were not watching the same fight I saw…yes, Hendricks did a poor job in the clinches but there was only one red face from punches in that fight and it was not his…