Robbie Lawler Feels He Could’ve Beaten Johny Hendricks if He Had Just Punched More

March 16, 2014
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Robbie Lawler UFC 167 Post_9430Robbie Lawler wanted to finish Johny Hendricks at UFC 171, but he couldn’t quite get to that point.

The fighter commonly known as “Ruthless” wasn’t as merciless as he wanted to be, admitting at the post-fight press conference that he didn’t throw his punches in the volume he had hoped for.

“The thing is, when you leave it up to the judges, those things happen,” Lawler said of his unanimous-decision loss to Hendricks. “I just didn’t do enough tonight, they thought, and I need to go back to work, obviously work on some things. Maybe work on throwing some more punches.”

Lawler traded punches with Hendricks for 25 minutes, going the distance, and winning two out of five rounds before Hendricks was announced the winner. The third and fourth rounds were the ones where Lawler shined the most, rocking his opponent multiple times in the 10-minute stretch.

Although he lost the first two rounds on all the judges’ scorecards, Lawler kept the fight on the feet, stopping all takedown attempts by Hendricks in the first 10 minutes. His takedown defense was something that told Lawler he fought with a good game plan.

“I thought I fought a pretty good fight, defended some takedowns,” he said. “It was a helluva fight and he brought it and he was in shape and he got the victory.”

But it wasn’t enough, Lawler explained. If he had just thrown more of what he’s used to throwing, things might have ended up differently on Saturday night in Dallas. And maybe he could have gotten the finish if he just raised the volume of strikes he was sending Hendricks’ way.

But a loss is a loss and it’s back to the drawing board, Lawler said.

“I should have done more in the fight, thrown more punches, thrown more kicks, and took him out,” he said. “I didn’t do it tonight and he fought a helluva fight.

“I wanted to stop him. I was looking to finish and I didn’t.”

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  • drkdisciple

    Usually Rogaine makes 1 major stupid comment per ppv yesterdays was “Lawler might be even more dangerous then GSP”


      Yeah ok well you seem like way more of an expert than Rogan. You even almost spelled his name right. I bet you wouldn’t say anything stupid if thousands of people listened to you talk for several hours. Which fighter is better is not at all subjective either so I’m sure he could be scientifically proven to be wrong and it’s definitely worth arguing over.

      • drkdisciple

        I like spelling his name like the shampoo, “Rogaine” it is! Thanks for that lengthy explanation on what is subjective or not and what is scientifically proven or not. Its nice to deal with someone that does not have an opinion and knows that “Rogaine” is Rogan……. Sooooo Coooool

        • carsti07 .

          but still did Lawler better against Hendrix than GSP, or did GSP really hurt Hendrix like Lawler?

          • Kris-tyahn

            Doesn’t mean he’s more dangerous, just means Lawler has more power & thats IT! also, GSP was doomed from the 1st round & still won after being concussed in the 1st round. Was Lawler concussed after eating
            4-5 savage elbows to the head?!? Lawler has more power & is more “dangerous” on the feet in regards to strikes. GSP better fighter, better kicker, better ground game etc.

          • carsti07 .

            Many people thought Hendrix won, and clearly GSP could not hurt Hendrix, so yes Lawler was more dangerous AGAINST Hendrix in my eyes because Hendrix was never been hurt like that as he told everybody at the post conference, but you know it better than himself.

        • drkdisciplesux

          Apparently, you do not know the definition of “dangerous”. GSP is not a dangerous fighter. You can bet you’ll be safely cuddled for 25 minutes when fighting him.

          • drkdisciple

            Apparently you are very good at creating multiple ID’s on this site.

    • Timothy Cook

      He was more dangerous than GSP he almost took johnny out and he busted up his face. Gsp never had johnny in any danger.

      • drkdisciple

        With all that said GSP still won. B4 you reply I will say that I agree with you Hendricks won that fight.

        • Frank Lawler

          The only way to fix the ufc is to change the 10 point must system to what pride had which was based on effective striking and damage done over the whole fight with the yellow card that is given to fighters that like to stall or lay and pray…the yellow card is given at the refs discretion and forces the fighter to fight. Plus every time one is given out the fighter losses 10% of his purse. No one wants to see a boring fight and fighters don’t want to lose $

  • shakejunt

    robbie gained a bunch of fans last night. very competitive fight, humble guy, class act.

  • Filthy Ramirez

    Lawler is a class act, and hopefully he did gain some fans tonight. The dude flat brings it every time, win or lose. I think the case can be made for a rematch before anyone else gets a shot at the belt.

  • julian moran

    A top 5 world welter weight bum..

  • jimmy777


  • jimmy777

    Woodly looks like he can trade with hendricks, should be the next fight

    • Meatfist

      Trade for 30 seconds. Woodly came out great, and was totally gassed when Condit messed up his knee.

  • Timothy Malone

    Probably like 75 percent of fighters that lose decisions could have won if they had “just punched more.” Punching more is a good strategy.

    • RoBeRtOe

      Are you Seth Rogan’s little brother?

  • MuayThaiFood

    You truly are an idiot.

  • Frank Lawler

    Its funny how there are no pictures of johnys face anywhere it looked to me that he might have a fractured eye socket …your an idiot Horace where are the post fight pictures you mean to tell me that a straight left By johny is the only hightlight in that fight. Give me a break people you are blind you can make a 8 min highlight film on the punches my bro landed on his face And the 8 takedowns he defended…. most of johnys punches landed on arms and shoulders I was sitting in section in section 14 Row A Seat 1 next to Matt Hughes Forrest Griffin and Phil Davis….where Mr Davis who only has 1 loss hasn’t gotten a title shot but he must be a good luck charm because every one he’s beat up has gotten a title shot. Plain and simple Johny got beat up. where are the highlights of his bloodied face. All you so called fans that think they know what their talking about. Arm chair fighters these are professional fighters they are ranked in the world these are the best of the best that you see in the ufc not the only fighters in the world…I’ve been reading for 14 years the stupidity that comes out of you peoples finger tips. Its disgusting that you even think you have the nerve to call someone a bum or an average fighter. When you have absolutely no idea what it means to be a professional athlete. Let alone an athlete to begin with. You probably aren’t even good at what you do in your own life.

  • mmalive

    horace, YOU ARE A CLOWN and LOSER!!! Your comments make no SENSE. You love to shoot your mouth off with all kinds of BS with any of the guys on here. It must be nice to hide behind a computer and make those foolish comments. Get a real life mand and stop WASTING POSTING space here.

    Back to subject. The fight was close and could have went either way. Robby did have Johnny hurt but did not finish. Judges see thing differently if decision. When you KO, TKO, SUB there is NO QUESTION of outcome.

    • Meatfist

      You talk as though you could beat him, horace

      • mmalive

        horace, you will get KOed EASY GUY!!! First punch from Lawler and it is LIGHTS OUT for you.

      • carsti07 .

        trolls like you will never learn…

    • carsti07 .

      After his last performance, I really can´t understand why Lawler should be a bum?
      I think he was good anywhere!

      • mmalive

        Do not listen to this LOSER and CLOWN horace. He lives in his own world and expects sensible MMA fans to believe his dumb assertions of MMA fighters. HA HA HA.

  • mmalive

    horace, your BS is getting is REAL funny and you actually believe it. You live in your own little world and expect real sensible MMA fans to believe your BS? HA HA HA.

    Shields was on same card. He got DISMANTLED by Lombard. Lawler is higher ranked than Shields. Try putting Shields against Lawler. He will be SMASHED!!!

    • mmalive

      True, but that was back in Strikeforce from YEARS AGO. Shields will get KOed EASY this time around by Lawler. Shields is WAY OVER RATED. Out classed by Lombard EASY!!!

  • mmalive

    Why would Robby fight Nick Diaz? Diaz IS RETIRED. He just came out to shoot off his mouth ala Sonnen STYLE to get title shot. Nick must be SMOKING too much weed. You lost to St Pierre and Condit. Interm and former welterweight champs The list below is of of fighters for Robbie: New Champ, Condit, Lombard, Ellenburger, Brown, Meia, Mcdonald.

    On the subject of Shields. He beat Robby back when Robby did not take MMA seriously. Robby will put the LIGHTS OUT on Shields. Shields will go NIGHT NIGHT in striking match with Robby.

    horace, your assertions are a JOKE and DISGRACE to the MMA community. Think before you make any statements because you insult intelligence of REAL MMA fans UNLIKE YOURSELF.