Robbie Lawler and Rory MacDonald Fight Set for UFC 167 in Las Vegas

August 21, 2013
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Robbie LawlerIn Robbie Lawler’s last four fights in the now-defunct Strikeforce organization, he went a disappointing 1-3.  When the former Miletich brawler got the call to come over to the UFC after the promotion’s closure, many were surprised that “Ruthless” would be getting a second run in the Octagon.

Lawler was once a staple of the UFC welterweight division, having competed seven times from 2002-2004. The returning UFC slugger – who went up to middleweight, but is back at welterweight – recently shocked the MMA community when he knocked out Josh Koscheck at UFC 157 in February, his first fight for the promotion in nearly a decade.

With a win over Bobby Voelker at UFC on Fox 8 in July, fans were clamoring in anticipation of who the resurgent 31-year-old would be fighting next.

And now we have the answer.

It was announced Tuesday on UFC Tonight that Lawler would square off against the division’s perennial number one contender, and Georges St-Pierre protégé, Rory MacDonald on Nov. 16 at UFC 167: St-Pierre vs. Hendricks in Las Vegas.

The 24-year-old Canadian has long been a fighter to watch in the 170-pound division.  His only loss came at the hands of Carlos Condit at UFC 115 in a fight MacDonald was winning handily until the final minutes.  Currently riding a six-fight win streak over some of the world’s stiffest competition, “Ares” is a fighter that most see as the heir-apparent to his sometimes-training partner, friend and divisional ruler “GSP.”

Most recently, MacDonald met slugger Jake Ellenberger at UFC on Fox 8 in an uninspiring performance that had the world debating whether he had earned a shot at welterweight gold.

The answer is: apparently not.

MacDonald now  finds himself fighting on the undercard in support of his mentor against a heavy-handed veteran who is looking to establish himself as a viable threat once again.

If Lawler can get past the “new breed” prospect in MacDonald in front of the packed house at the MGM Grand Garden Arean in November, then he may be fighting for a UFC belt; something that four years ago, truly would have been unfathomable.

With a shot at St-Pierre looming for MacDonald – both teammates insist they will not fight each other – if he can put away Lawler in the fall, the MMA world will be teased with a fight that neither mentor or protégé may be able to refuse.

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  • G

    Lawler fought at WW in his first tour in UFC, and foughr Voelker in July not Larkin.

  • DirtySue

    holy crap it’s not hard to do a little fact finding, wtf…

  • onehitwonder

    Lawler could loose every fight and I’d still pay to watch him. he gets in there to fight ! he doesn’t puss around in fear of loosing a decision. Hope you win Robbie!!

  • Ron Wheeler

    BIG jump up in competition for Lawler. Rather odd matchup – I’d expect most people would rate this as an easy win for MacDonald so won’t do much for his credentials.

    • Lawler is a veteran and has improved over time. As a young kid he was dangerous and now grown up he’s made some real professional changes. Who else can you think of for Rory to fight? Lawler is on an impressive win streak since returning to the UFC.

      • Ping

        Ron you have no idea what you’re talking about. Lawler will absolutely destroy MacDonald. Macdonald’s best wins are over an over the hill, undersized BJ Penn, and Jake Ellenberger who didn’t do a single thing in the fight, and Macdonald hit him with enough jab’s to get the nod. Lawler wins this fight by KO

        • Lawler has the wrestling as well. And since moving to ATT he showed his new kickboxing skills with that beautiful headkick. Rory will have to work this fight. I don’t want to say either guy will wreck the other but I do think this will be a great fight.

          • The guest of guests

            Really hope Robbie wins this. Not saying anything about Rory’s past or potential but I do believe he is a tad bit overrated. Regardless, if he enforces his wrestling/GnP he may just pull this one out. If Lawler practices that sprawl in prep and can keep this on the feet, I don’t see Rory re-enacting the Ellenberger fight because Lawler is a bit more aggressive than Ellenberger with power to back it up.

          • The guest of guests

            This all being said, if it goes to decision it’s Rory via takedowns set up through striking. If it’s stopped, it’s Lawler.

          • Nice username, and I agree. Should be a good fight though and make up for Rory’s last performance win or lose.

          • johnathan eisworth

            rewatch rory vs bj penn, not overrated in the slightest. he will destroy lawler utterly.

          • onehitwonder

            BJ should have retired long before the Rory fight, Rory was bigger, stronger, faster and had longer reach, Penn was great back in the day but he shouldn’t have taken that fight. Robbie will take Rory out of the comfort zone in this fight. the only way i see Robbie loosing is if he gets caught coming in.

          • onehitwonder

            i see a much less reckless Robbie now in days, more dangerous, I’ll pay to see this one!!

          • Lawler really only has one loss at WW. The rest are at MW. The guy has the experience and now has the maturity to go in there and perform. Rory is still dangerous though being young and talented but I’ve watched Robbie to long to bet against him.

  • Hugh Shakeshaft

    Good call Dana. McDonald sure as hell doesn’t deserve a title shot. He should have to fight Condit again too. As for the refusal to fight GSP, or DC’s refusal to fight Cain, that should be written into the UFC contract: a fighter must be willing to fight any other fighter, period.


    I Would of rather seen:: Mc Donald vs Maia
    Lawler vs Saffiedine
    & Shields vs Matt Brown

    • onehitwonder

      Brown would destroy Shields, does Shields even have a jab?

  • BobGyro

    just a great fight to make very even.