Robbie Lawler and Johny Hendricks Controversial UFC 181 Scorecard

December 7, 2014
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The Ultimate Fighting Championship crowned a new welterweight titleholder at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas on Saturday as Robbie Lawler defeated Johny Hendricks by controversial split decision.  Take a look at the official scorecard.


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  • Concerned

    1+1 does not equal 3 and no way does it equal 4. How could Robbie have won? Hendricks took him down and out-struck him. Robbie is the champ but he did not win that fight and I was rooting for Lawler.

    • Kyle Allen

      I think this is a good thing for the sport if they are going to stop rewarding leg humpers. I understand wrestling is apart of mma but just holding a leg hiding your head isnt wrestling.

      • Smart judge

        It’s not a good thing credibility wise. Johny clearly won rounds 2,3,4 of this fight. To call it 49-46 Robbie is insane. So if you don’t reward a wrestler for pushing the pace you reward the other guy sitting against the fence resting with him. Haven’t bought a card in a while and probably won’t for a while again thanks to the utter rule book throw out on this fight.

        • Kyle Allen

          johnny himself thought he lost 4-5 and i myself thought robbie won 1-4-5

          • thunderthumbz

            well, when Hendricks was not sniffing Lawlers dick, he was t-ing off on him in rounds 2-4. Robbie didnt do shit in those rounds while Hendricks was landing on his face airport style. Lawler was frozen most of the rounds and still won…get better judges i say.

    • captain obvious

      ok then give the 10-9 to hendricks on the second on trowbridges card. WAH Lawler would have still won… No f—ing way

  • jewper

    lawler clearly beat hendricks, didnt you just read the scorecard?

    • thunderthumbz

      uh the score may not be right…dipshit

  • Shred

    Corrupt BS!!! What is this sport coming to? It’s looking more and more like the corruption that ruined boxing. Give it to Lawler so there can be a third fight to make more money. That’s the same BS that turned me off boxing. There is no way in hell Robby won that fight. He won the 5th. The first could have maybe gone either way, maybe. But that’s it. This BS will make me stop buying the fights.

    • cheflacsto

      Read the scorecard. Lawler won, I agree with the guy on top and Johnny even said it after the fight, I did nothing in the final round. His own corner told him before the 5th that he needed that round.


      Need a tissue, or a box of tissues?!? Stop buying PPV’s dude, though if it’s for the reason you wrote above, that’s pretty stupid. Hendricks lost rounds 1, 4 & 5. Joe Silva even said, you can’t win a fight with your head in between your opponents legs for 3 rounds, which is exactly what Hendricks did in the championship rounds (point fighting). b/c he was GASSED…. AGAIN!
      Hendricks can only KO people in the 1st round, or he wins or loses very close decisions. Hendricks gassed during the 3rd round of the Condit fight, lucky for Hendricks it wasn’t the main event, though I thought Condit won that fight, even with all the takedowns, b/c Hendricks didn’t do anything when he took Condit down, Condit did more damage/offense from his back, then Hendricks did in full guard. Hendricks was also gifted two wins vs. Koscheck & Mike Pierce (especially vs. Pierce).
      Lawler also won the 4th round, NOT Hendricks. Had Hendricks did more than just pin Lawler against the cage for half the fight, he probably would have won
      I’m glad the judges finally rewarded the guy preventing/stuffing the takedowns & not rewarding a guy who just laid his head in between Lawlers legs until the ref broke them up, several times. Had Hendricks tried to take him down or even kneed Lawler in the legs or even foot stomps, Hendricks may have won the fight.

  • CodyShu

    Ya I’m good with that decision. Hendricks was tryin to lay and prey lawler agaisnt the cage the whole last 2 rounds like pussy but I think that’s just cuz he got really hurt by those body kicks. Cuz that’s very uncharacteristic of johnny to do. Good decision.


      May have been the body shots, but I’d say the main reason was b/c Hendricks yet again, gassed after the 3rd, b/c of the major weight cut he does. Cutting 40-50 lbs and then expecting to fight at a high pace for 25 mins, is not going to happen. Hendricks gassed vs. Condit during the 3rd round, which saved him b/c there were no 4th or 5th rounds (know what I mean?). Hendricks gassed vs GSP even after GSP got concussed during the 1st round & took a beating in rounds 2 & 4, yet GSP was still fresher than him.
      The reason Hendricks won the 5th and deciding round in their 1st fight, was b/c Lawler was even more gassed than him and if I’m not mistaken that was Lawler’s first 5 round fight in a long, long time. While Hendricks went 5 rounds with GSP before their first fight. AS much as I loved seeing Lawler vs. Hendricks X2, I’d like to see Lawler vs. Rory again, and see what a 5 round fight between these two guys can produce. Lawler fought 2 more times before his rematch, let Hendricks have 1 more fight and if he wins, he gets the winner of LAwler vs. Rory!
      I remember Dana saying if GSP lost to Hendricks by a quick KO, GSP wasn’t guaranteed an immediate rematch, like WTF?!? The guy was Champ for 6 years & he wasn’t “guaranteed” a rematch had he lost to Hendricks?!? Regardless had Hendricks won the fight 50-0, how do you not give GSP a rematch? Yet Hendricks barely won the 1st fight, and didn’t even successfully defend his title once, but Dana’s thinking of giving him an instant rematch?!?

  • Scot R

    f. ufc judges. once in a while they got to do this type of robbery. Never watch any ufc fights ever.

  • Christopher

    lets be realistic. GSP pretty much won all his fights by wrestling, to say Hendricks doesn’t deserve it because he took him down 5-6 times is stupid and selfish. Didn’t Dana say you have to clearly win championship fights to take the belt away? this fight to me looked convincing that Hendricks controlled the fight and took him down so how isn’t he still the champ? it wasn’t that close of a fight to crown Lawler the champ.
    oh and btw, I’m not a fan of any of these 2 fighters but Hendricks should have still been the champ.