Ringside MMA 12 Results: Paul Daley Keeps UFC Dream Alive

October 22, 2011
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Paul Daley at Strike/ Elite XC

Paul Daley at Strike/ Elite XC

Leading up to Friday night’s victory over Luigi Fioravanti at Ringside MMA 12, Paul Daley told MMAWeekly.com that, despite being exiled by UFC president Dana White, he wanted to try and make his way back to the UFC.

“I feel like, purely based on fighting, I feel like I’ve proven myself as a fighter even though I’ve taken those two loses from (Nick) Diaz and (Tyron) Woodley,” he said.

“Everybody knows I’m not proud of what happened,” Daley said of the cheap shot he landed on Josh Koscheck after their fight, the incident that signaled his firing.

“I’m maturing as a fighter, as a person, and I’m quite open to sitting down and discussing things with whoever it needs to be discussed with in order to compete within the UFC.”

White has been a man to never say never, but he said Daley would “never come back” after the Koscheck incident.

Whether or not the UFC boss changes his mind, Daley took another step towards keeping his name relevant to having such a conversation by scoring a unanimous decision victory over Fioravanti in Montreal.

Ringside MMA 12 Results:
Paul Daley def. Luigi Fioravanti via Unanimous Decision
Mitch Gagnon def. David Harris via Submission (Guillotine Choke), R1
Daron Cruickshank def. Mike Ricci via Unanimous Decision
Alex Garcia def. Matt MacGrath via KO, R1
Jason Saggo def. Kevin Morin via TKO (Strikes), R3
Brett Portieous def. Tommy Cote via Split Decision
Francis Charbonneau def. Christ Franck via Unanimous Decision
Keven Tremblay def. Maxime Fecteau via Split Decision
Olivier Aubin-Mercier def. Guy Poulin via Submission (Rear Naked Choke), R1
Vladimir Starcencov def. Craig Hudson via TKO (Strikes), R1

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  • rdonham

    How can you be a UFC fighter if you cannot make weight? He’s fighting in the wrong division.

  • rdonham

    Half the time he doesnt make weight and barely made it this time.

  • sirreadsalot10

    I already laid out what I think the conditions for his return to the UFC should be. Here they are again for any who missed them.

    1. He can never again refer to himself in the third person.
    2. He should write and publish a thousand word essay on sportsmanship.
    3. He should present a power point presentation on why british fighters are such douche bags and submit his 27 step plan to correct the british blight on MMA.
    4. He should have something better to brag about than losing to Nick Diaz.
    5. He should make such a heartfelt speech about rehabilitated douche bags that in a fit of sympathy the MLB commissioner admits Pete Rose into the hall of fame.
    6. Hell freezes over or Dana White’s hair grows back; whichever comes first.