Ring Girl Brittney Palmer Returning to the UFC

November 10, 2011
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Brittney Palmer at UFC 129

UFC fans can rejoice because ring girl Brittney Palmer is on her way back to Octagon duties.

Late Wednesday night, UFC President Dana White took to Twitter to ask fans if they wanted to see the popular former ring girl back with the promotion.

“Should we bring back Brittney Palmer?” White wrote. “Vote now and let me know!”

It didn’t take long apparently for fans to voice their opinions about the popular lady, who started her career with Zuffa while being the featured ring girl with the WEC.

“Done! The votes have been counted and Brittney Palmer is back!” White confirmed.

Palmer has yet to comment on her return to the UFC after exiting the promotion a few months ago. She split with the UFC after she decided to move to Los Angeles and attend art school, and pursue her dreams in California.

Well, now it looks like she’ll be able to live her dreams and continue to invade the dreams of UFC fans who love seeing her at every event.

  • Bob

    They need to bring back Logan as well. That way they will have at least one ring girl with real tits!

  • BigGuy

    She is certainly hot. They all look pretty good to me.


    So what. im not a fan, her boobs dont jiggle. I hate fake boobies!

    I miss Logan and Natasha. Chandella Powell IS THE ONLY CURRENT RING GIRL with a booty and real boobies. I would be happy if they replaced Britney and Arianny.

  • I miss Rahcel Leah she was always my favorite after the plboy issue… I loved her even more

  • MikeMc1983

    Don’t like fake boobs? Hmm okay. Just look at it this way. You like watching movies right? You know they’re fake right? Just because theyre fake doesn’t mean they can’t be fun.
    I can understand preferring real boobs, but geesh. Stop taking everything so serious, and play with some fake titties. No two are the same anyhow. 😉