Rico DiSciullo Going for the Finish at CES 46

October 26, 2017

Following a seven month layoff, bantamweight Rico DiSciullo’s unanimous decision victory over Matt Lozano at CES 43 in April was a tough, but rewarding, way to get back into fighting.

According to DiSciullo, Lozano was just the right opponent to get back on track with following his first loss in his previous bout seven months earlier.

“It was a good fight to have,” DiSciullo told MMAWeekly.com. “He was a pretty well-rounded, tough, kid. He was scrappy and it made for a good fight. The fans loved it.

“I want to be in there with a guy who is going to be exciting and test me, and that’s pretty much what went down. I felt I did pretty well, good output, and did what I had to do to win.”

Four years into his pro MMA career, DiSciullo is by no means finished developing his style. So it is when he returns to the gym he’s constantly seeking to improve himself.

“After fights, the big thing is instead of going back into the gym and grinding away like I was in a camp and focused on a specific opponent, I got back in a little looser and just have fun and work on things I wouldn’t necessarily work on,” said DiSciullo. “This way I kind of catch some random stuff and it helps me learn new things.”

DiSciullo (7-1) will look to pick up his second win of 2017 when he faces Justin King (6-5) in a CES 46 main card 135-pound bout on Friday in Lincoln, R.I.

“For me, I always go out there, feel out my opponent, and do my best to put it on him and try to get the finish,” DiSciullo said. “(King is) a scrappy wrestler, has a NCAA background, so I think it’s going to make for a lot of explosive exchanges and scrambles.

“I’ve got to be smart, pick my shots, not over-extend on things, and just set things up and go with the flow. I can’t be over-thinking things. I’ve got to be loose and let it go.”

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Not one to excessively plan things out, DiSciullo is open to whatever comes next, whether that means one more fight in 2017 or waiting until next year to return to action.

“If something presents itself at the right time, I’ll take a look at it,” said DiSciullo. “I try not even think about anything past this fight. I don’t like to look too far ahead. I like to focus on my next fight and take care of business.

“I definitely want to be more active. I had a couple fights fall through this year, so I’d love to get in at least four fights next year. We’ll see what happens.”

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