Rich Franklin on Wanderlei Silva: ‘It’s Like Fighting a Tornado’ (UFC 147 Video)

June 16, 2012
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Sixteen months outside of the Octagon and Rich Franklin is back… of course he’s being thrown immediately into a storm, rematching Wanderlei Silva in the UFC 147 main event on June 23 on Silva’s home turf in Brazil.

Franklin’s broken arm is healed, his shoulder is better than ever, but now he’ll risk it all against Silva.

“The best way to describe Wanderlei’s fighting style, it would be like fighting a tornado,” Franklin said in a recent UFC interview. “As long as you stay away from a tornado, you’re safe. But if you get too close to a tornado, it does damage.”

He’ll try to avoid that damage and inflict a little of his own at UFC 147.

Check out Rich Franklin’s UFC 147 pre-fight video interview, breaking down his match-up with “The Axe Murderer”…

  • dgs

    That seems like an accurate description. However Wanderlei’s wild, go for broke style leaves him vulnerable.

    Still, it’s always exciting to watch the man fight. I will always respect a fighter like Wanderlei who puts it all on the line and fights to win, rather than not to lose.

    May the best man win this rematch, but ultimately it’s us fans who will win watching it.