Revenge or Repeat? Brandon Vera vs. Thiago Silva 2 Set for UFC on FX 3

February 2, 2012
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Brandon Vera and Thiago Silva UFC 125

Brandon Vera and Thiago Silva at UFC 125

The big payback or the big beat down part two?

Well that question will be answered on May 15 when Brandon Vera gets a second shot at Thiago Silva at UFC on FX 3 when the two fighters meet on May 15 in Virginia.

UFC officials announced the new bout late Wednesday night.

Vera and Silva first met at UFC 125 on New Year’s Day in 2011 with Silva winning a lopsided decision.

The only problem is Silva tested positive for banned substances after the bout and the fight was subsequently changed to a no contest.

Now with his one year suspension lifted, Silva is free to return to work and what better way to welcome him back than a rematch with the man he faced back then.

Brandon Vera has been gunning for a rematch with Silva ever since the positive drug test happened, and now he’ll get his wish.

Vera was initially released from the UFC after the loss to Silva, but was given a second chance following the Brazilian’s positive drug test. Vera bounced back at UFC 137 winning a somewhat controversial decision over Eliot Marshall.

Now the California fighter will try to right a wrong when he faces Silva at UFC on FX 3 on May 15 in Fairfax, Virginia.

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  • Not exactly true…

    as I recall, Thiago popped for “urine specimen lacking appropriate human hormones”

    or something to that effect. Basically he took something to clean his piss and it produced a piss sample that didn’t qualify as normal human pee. Same thing happened to Kevin Randleman once upon a time.

    • phrankthetank

      Actually he submitted non human urine, but still, you’re right. He didn’t test positive for any banned substances.

      • “Non human urine”

        generally that means tampered with human piss.

        There are products available to clean pee for a drug test, in the process they also filter out stuff that belongs there, such as hormones. This was the case for Thiago, he admitted to taking something to make him piss clean since he knew he’d had a shot and it would still probably be in his system. The product he took triggered the non human urine result, which happens when these piss cleaning products filter both illicit substances (PED, etc) and normal things like hormones, which get filtered out as well.

        • phrankthetank

          He admitted to ordering a urine sample online. He used a hose in his trunks to fake the test

    • Thiago Silva and Kevin Randelman? 2 perfect poster boys for steroids. Positive test, negative test, inconclusive test?

  • Thought he admitted to taking steroid injections in his back. Am I wrong?

    • I think he did eventually admit it.

      The article stated that he tested for a banned substance. Technically that was not the case.

    • phrankthetank

      His statement said he was taking painkillers I think.

  • KBEsq

    I don’t quite know why, but I am excited about this fight. I’m not quite sure why they are doing it, but I’m excited. Silva embarrassed Vera the first time and I hope Vera can turn the tables for this fight. I want to see Vera do well, even though his last victory was less than impressive. Vera is a good fighter with good all around skill.

    I really wonder if the guy could make middleweight. I have been to a few MMA conventions, and met some other MMA guys just out and about. I’m an attorney and I work in Los Angeles, and I have actually seen Chuck Liddel in the downtown court twice. Let me tell you something. Chuck Liddel is HUGE. When I first met him, my first thought was 6’2” my ass. Maybe it was his huge shoulders, but the guy is enormous.

    My point with all this is that I have also met Vera, and his stature was very small. Smaller shoulders, and not nearly as tall. Heavyweight was a horrible place, but I wonder of LHW is just as bad a decision.

  • Technically he tested with urine inconsistent with human urine and then admitted to taking performance enhancing drugs. So yes, wording wise, I was incorrect but simplified yes he tested positive because he admitted to it haha.

  • Bob

    He admitted that he bought a product off the net and had that vile with him and poured it into the sample cup instead of his urine. Because of this the athletic commissions have changed the way the collection/ witnessing is done of the urine sample.

    “Let me hold that for you sir…”

  • As I remember it, his sample came back as “inconsistent with human urine”. Which means it was either an adulterated sample (meaning he mixed something in with his urine) or the whole sample was synthetic urine.

    He came clean with the commission and told them how he cheated, what banned substance he had taken and why he had taken it. He even told them what website he purchased the stuff from if I remember correctly.

    Kizer was mad because he didn’t admit guilt until after the “B” sample came back and wanted a longer suspension.

  • Get real people he was clearly juicing!

  • Lesnardo

    Yes, and juice meat includes eating horse meat and injecting animal hormones into your body.

    The first fight was hilarious. Silva looked like a wife beater.

  • Triggerman99

    Long story short; he got suspended for something, now he’s back.

    I don’t see this fight going much differently. I think Silva overpowers him again and cruises to a UD. That is, unless Vera goes back to his old ways and comes out guns blazing. Then, anything could happen….

  • phrankthetank

    Didn’t I call this for a fox event? Technically it’s FX, but close enough