Report: War Machine Attempts Suicide in Clark County Jail Cell

October 19, 2014
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Former UFC and Bellator fighter Jon Koppenhaver, otherwise known as War Machine, attempted suicide in his Las Vegas jail cell on Wednesday, according to a report from

An unnamed corrections officer reportedly found the troubled fighter with a piece of linen tied around his neck. The other end of the fabric was tied to one of legs of the bed inside the cell. Koppenhaver’s face was purple when the corrections officer discovered him, according to the report.

War Machine was secured and placed in an isolation cell and is reportedly on suicide watch. Upon further inspection of the cell, a suicide note written by Koppenhaver was found, according to the report.

On Aug. 15, War Machine was arrested on multiple charges, including the assault and attempted murder of his former girlfriend, adult film star Christy Mack, and her friend, Corey Thomas. He was apprehended in California and extradited to Las Vegas.

According to a report from the Las Vegas Review-Journal, War Machine’s lawyer, Brandon Sua, told a Las Vegas judge on Wednesday that they are seeking a plea deal with prosecutors.

Las Vegas Justice of the Peace Melanie Tobiasson postponed a Friday hearing wherein Mack and Thomas were prepared to testify, giving War Machine’s attorneys a month to review the allegations.

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  • Piotr

    It’s all part of his act. He’s tried this before to get sympathy. Not buying it.

  • TheCerealKiller

    Let me send you instructions on how to do it right.

    • taylor2008

      He may not understand it….send a vid.

  • Gianni Lee

    He does Alpha Male s—.

  • Darin

    I’m guessing the suicide note went something like:

    Yo, f— this bro! It’s like….f— you! You in my face? F— that!

    – War Machine

  • ruemetal

    Bah…it’s OK dude-keep trying until you succeed!!! You are a pathetic waste of life who garners no sympathy. Death is definitely the best alternative for you!

  • Scoobykater

    LOL, what a puss. Couldn’t take those cock-meat sammiches, eh?

  • Joe Dog

    Gravity might help. Next time, try turning the cell upside down.

  • bkyguy78

    Damn. Dude is about as good at killing himself as he is in fighting…

    • shakejunt

      you realize he made it to a promotion that only the top like 1% make it to and even got a win, right?

      • earlsimmons

        top 1% huh? you have any data to back that up or just spouting garbage cuz i dont believe that for a minute. lots of trash fight in the UFC.

      • Eric Pope

        Rofl top 1% you do realise there is a lot of fighters on their rosters, to fill the lame cards they put on in foreign countries. Lmao let me guess too Dana is a couple shows away from making it bigger then soccer

      • Eric

        You realize, so did Gabe Rudiger

      • Gary Fredericks

        Top 1% in marketing potential, NOT fighting skill. The UFC likes to make a buck off of repressed homosexual fanboys as well as people that like MMA. Why else have some of the clowns in their that they do?

  • Hugh Shakeshaft

    War Machine is a load that should have been swallowed. Better luck next time.

  • MuayThaiFood

    At least he didn’t tie the other end to his own leg.

  • Eric Pope

    If in fact he has mental issues, I do have sympathy. But most likely,this woman beating thug P.O.S is a coward, f him feed to him cows or pigs

    • JDMMA

      “If in fact”???? His “LEGAL” name is Warmachine anyone with an IQ of 60 can tell you, he has mental issue…. you must have sh!t for brain

    • UFC FAN

      Eric, Dont we all have issues! stop being such an asshole/bitch! dont worry little buddy you ll get laid one day!

      • Eric Pope

        Why am I asshole,bitch? Explain yourself. And only guys that don’t get laid use that grade 8 come back


    WAR MAchine!! love you bro dont you ever give up!!! im a drunk ass canadian boy reading this article and im MUTHA f—ing telling you not to give up!! giving up is for the weak!!! it truly is! i promise you BRO it WILL get better. grind it out bro, things will get better, I promise!! love you kid!! War Machine
    for reason!

    • Eric Pope

      Lmao u r the biggest loser and an embarrassing to Canadians. Typical d bag with shat tattoos

  • valakos

    i can see how is a credible source of information – regardless of this, if its true, this guys life can’t get any worse