UPDATED: UFC President Dana White Confirms Jon Jones vs. Alexander Gustafsson for Fall 2013

June 13, 2013
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Jon Jones UFC 87UFC light heavyweight champion Jon “Bones” Jones is on the mend after suffering a dislocated toe at UFC 159, but it appears that his next fight is already set.

Jones will apparently face Alexander Gustafsson upon his return to the Octagon.

ESPN Deportes Radio anchor Renato Bermudez on Thursday tweeted that UFC president Dana White confirmed Jones vs. Gustafsson for this fall. The UFC’s official Spanish twitter account retweeted Bermudez’s report.

At a media scrum for UFC 161 on Thursday, White confirmed the plan is for Jones and Gustafsson to square off in Toronto in September. UFC 165 is slated for on Sept. 21 at Toronto’s Air Canada Centre. UFC UK officials tweeted the UFC 165 information.

Jones and Gustafsson have made no secret that they want to fight each other, engaging in a various Twitter exchanges in trying to make the fight happen.

“Its on @jonnybones cant wait to get in that cage with YOU!!!” wrote Gustafsson, several weeks ago.

“Fighting me is not good for your image @alexthemauler FYI,” Jones retorted.

Gustafsson then took aim at Jones’ recent challengers, Chael Sonnen and Vitor Belfort, both of whom moved up from fighting at middleweight for a shot at the 205-pound champion.

“@jonnybones if you think of what is good for your image, maybe you should continue to fight this 185ers??” said Gustafsson.

The two have been on a collision course for some time. Jones has destroyed everyone set before him, and Gustafsson represents the best of the new blood coming up in the division.

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  • Joe

    Funny how gus its referred to as the best of the new blood, and they speak as if Jones has been around forever. Jones its the champ, and has been almost unbelievably dominate, but he us the face of the new generation of mma

  • GiinoStenLund

    The Swedish Viking will knock this arrogant bitch out

  • adam

    Giino…wtf r u smokin bro?

    • GiinoStenLund

      Shut ur mouth watch and learn when Alex knocks this arrogant bitch out 😛

  • Collideoverme

    Not a fan of Bones, but he’s going to make very short work of Gustafsson.

    • earlsimmons

      ya if he shows up sober maybe ….but i dunno about that bro

  • b-soc

    RIP Gust. I think some people are forgetting about the list of people Jones has destroyed. Rampage, Shogun, Machida, Bader. He dominated Rashad. Everyone except Bader is a former world champion, and he’s only like 25. The mauler will get murdered. There is nobody even on the horizon that will touch this guy. Glover will get his turn at getting killed. I’m not much of a fan either, but I have to give the devil his due………….he’s a killer in the octagon.

    • If Phil Davis can get his striking up to par what would you think of that fight?

      • Joe

        Anyone that has been around MMA for any length of time has seen many people that were touted as unbeatable, and the end result is always the same. Royce, Bas, Coleman, Couture, Randleman, BJ, Hughes, Nog, Fedor, Mir, Frank Shamrock, Vitor, and many more were considered by almost everyone to be unbeatable at some point in their career, and no one feels that way about any of them now. The true test of a fighters greatness comes after he is thought to be unbeatable and loses, that’s when we see what he is made of, he is either a shell of the former fighter, or he adjust and comes back stronger than ever, not many people on that list above adjusted their game and made it back to the top.

        • Indeed my friend.

        • Gary Fredericks

          Great post!

        • p3ezy

          yes but a lot of the people you mention succumbed to age. jones is still young. add to the fact that gust has looked beatable while jones has been pretty dominant. as much as i like the swede, he doesnt have much of a chance against jones.

  • Baller31

    Love this matchup. I don’t really think Gustaffson will win, but I think he has the best chance of anyone so far….plus he’s probably the last interesting matchup for Jones at LH.

  • adice89

    alexander isnt knocking JBJ out. I really dont see how he can win. he isnt fast enough to deal with jones. Thats what will make the diffrence. alexander wouldnt of gotten past musausi henderson rashad or machida. This is just another ffight to boost Jons record. People need to look at fights stylisticaly and not just off records.

    • GiinoStenLund

      Well Alex got the best strikeking in lhw and proably top 10 in the ufc.

      And he would dominate Mousasi and proably Machida to.

      Dan henderson only use hes h bomb and Alex got a great chin but Alex would use hes range.

      Rashad has is hard to say but well Lil nog won over him haha

      • Served

        Gustafsson would beat Hendo most easily.

        Rashad would win if he uses his wrestling and is able to take him down.

        Mousasi v. Gustafsson would be the BEST match to watch, and probably the closest. Could go either way.

        Machida would beat Gustafsson easily.

        • GiinoStenLund

          You know what?

          Your a joke bro , Alex are the best striker in the lhw , Did u not see how easy Gustafsson beated shogun?

          Machida dose not have a chin like the the mauler and u say Machida would beat Gustafsson easliy?

          Wtf are u talking about?

          To be honest i wanted to see Machida-Gustafsson for the next titleshot but this joke Jbj want to get hes ass kicked as fast as possible

  • Milos Rackovic

    Gustafsson by far biggest threat to jones and the very first young fighter he is facing xcept jake o brien if u count him

    • Cuntlick

      He’s a good opponent cuz they are fairly similar in size. Can shut a lot of critics up

  • Christopher Gustin

    Jones is going to take him down and GNP him through the mat. I like Gus but Jones is going to take him down at will!

  • Tiddy28

    At least we now get to see the fight at LHW that most fans want to see.

  • Cereal Killer

    Love the fight, not going to make a prediction.

  • Edgar ontano

    Gustaffson has only beat 1 top 10 guy and that was an old shogun he lost to a ranked LHW and that was phil davis. they should of put him against machida.he’ll see the greatness of jones

  • eric

    easy win for jones tko stoppage ground n pound’

  • Supaman

    i kinda worry that it’s too soon for Gustafsson but he was able to dispatch Shogun rather easily. And while I think Machida would’ve beaten him… Gustafsson might as well fight Jones now b/c fighting anyone else in LHW division won’t really help him get ready to fight Jones.

    the problem for Gustafsson is that even though he’s about the same height as Jones… his reach is still about 8 inches LESS (Gustafsson = 76.5 Bones = 84.5).

    While, Gustafsson is a better technical striker than Bones and uses his reach even more effectively than Jones does… he won’t have a reach advantage to exploit.

    Problem for Gustafsson is he doesn’t have much of a wrestling background, which is Jones biggest strength. Plus, when Gustafsson gets taken down, he’s not as big a threat to submit from his back than say Vitor, Shogun, or Machida.

    I think this fight is virtually over as soon as Gustafsson gets taken down… if Jones for some reason tries to just stand w/ Gustafsson to maybe prove a point… then that’s Gustafsson’s only real shot to win.

    • Baller31

      I agree, but I’m hoping that Gustaffson has really been working on his wrestling and his takedown defense

  • adam

    Giino is a ballsack mauler!

  • solo

    I wasnt a big fan of JONES, and now im starting to like him and dont even know why is that. 🙂
    This fight can be tricky stand-up wise, but i think superior Jones will easily take him down and finish. Probably by submission.
    He is just imo on an whole another level of every fighter out there.

  • lilypadmma

    I thought Lyoto was getting “the next title shot” back when he KO’d Bader then again when he won a decision against Henderson?

  • Ashley Rodriguez

    Jones won’t lose a fight for five years minimum. Gustafson won’t get past the third round. Fact!!

    • Baller31

      Is that in his contract? The can’t lose for at least five years clause?? lol sure he won’t
      You want a real fact? Neither one makes it past the 5th round.

      • Ashley Rodriguez

        You actually think Jon jones will lose?

        • Baller31

          of course he will lose, eventually, as will Anderson Silva… someone better always comes along, or someone smarter who figures out how to win. Hughes looked invincible for a while, as did Ortiz, Fedor, Machida, etc.

  • Hugh Shakeshaft

    Gus will be tougher than Evans because Evans was not aggressive. He will be tougher than Lyoto because he will last longer. Bones will certainly have to eat a couple big shots from Gus, just like Shogun did. Bigger shots than he’s had to take thus far. I think Jones wins by submission or loses the decision because he tried to stand with Gus and got out-pointed. Gus fights like his life is on the line. Bones better take him very seriously.