Georges St-Pierre vs. Johny Hendricks at UFC 167 to Serve as 20th Anniversary Show

June 19, 2013
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Georges St-Pierre UFC 129-478x270UFC president Dana White recently stated that Georges St-Pierre would next defend his belt against Johny Hendricks, and that the bout would likely take place in Las Vegas.

TVA Sports on Tuesday reported the St-Pierre vs. Hendricks would take place on Nov. 16 in Las Vegas. UFC Tonight confirmed the report, noting that the event, likely to be dubbed UFC 167, would also serve as the UFC’s 20thanniversary show.

St-Pierre has not fought in Las Vegas since he faced Thiago Alves in the co-main event of the promotion’s massively successful UFC 100 event.

No venue has been revealed for UFC 167, but it will likely take place at either the MGM Grand Garden Arena or the Mandalay Bay Events Center, the promotion’s two staple venues in its hometown.

The fight has been a long time coming for Hendricks, whose last four victories include Carlos Condit, Martin Kampmann, Josh Koscheck, and Jon Fitch. The Kampmann and Fitch victories were both first-round knockouts.

White initially held out hope that the promotion’s 20th anniversary event could be held at Madison Square Garden in New York City, but professional mixed martial arts has yet to receive sanctioning in the state.

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  • Lawdog1521

    Cause nothing screams 20 years of excitement like a 5 round decision.

    • Sir_Roy

      And yet, for some strange reason, GSP keeps raking in the highest PPV income in the game. Hm. Guess that screams just how much your opinion seems to matter in the overall MMA arena.

      You prefer quick, first round stoppages to 5 round clinics in technique I suppose? Yup, that 30 second KO sure gave me my money’s worth! Lol.

      • Lawdog1521

        I prefer someone that tries to finish the fight.

        As to GSP being so popular, it’s because they market the hell out of him and he’s white.

        • Sir_Roy

          Race card. How typical. GSP is popular because he’s white. Nice.

          Not for nothing, but being French Canadian actually works well against him with his fellow Canadians outside of Quebec by the way.

  • Rs

    I agree… Gsp is boring… A champ should end a fight… Shouldnt be taking it the distance for some silly ’round record’ that he has… Gsp… 20 year yawn

    • Sir_Roy

      So, finishing a fight for you is the only exciting thing about the fight game is what your diatribe essentially boils down to. You’re “one of them” fans. Right then.

      • shakejunt

        the chance of a finish is what makes a fight exciting. that said, a decision doesn’t always mean it was boring.

        there’s always a lot of intrigue leading into a gsp fight, but it’s never about “oh, what is he gonna do this time?” it’s always about either bad blood or about if the challenger will be able to put him away.

  • Gary Gilbert

    GSP’s wins are by decision. That’s true. But they are dominate wins. He has made almost every opponent look like a beginner. If you think about it; At that level of competition ;more should go to decision. These guys are the best of the best. Nobody should get caught in a submission. And anybody can get a 1 punch KO. Doesn’t make them the better fighter.

    • Sir_Roy

      Exactly. We have to consider GSP’s level of competition before we bemoan the decisions. Hendrick’s is such a big, bad finisher though in comparison right? I mean, he sure finished Condit when GSP could not, er, wait a minute … he finished Koscheck though that’s for sure. Hm.

      Both those decisions are heavily disputed. Add two more championship rounds, and I think it’s safe to say Hendricks was well on his way to gassing and losing.

      He caught Kampmann – GSP has yet to fight Kampmann so it’s hard to compare. And yes, he finished a Fitch who was on the downward slope of his career (which can now not be overly disputed) unlike GSP who fought Fitch when he was undefeated and at his pinnacle.

      Point is, haters will hate and the gripes are not altogether justifiable when considering the caliber of fighter GSP has brought to decision, and in the dominant, indisputable, fashion with which he did so. Hendricks ain’t got nothing on GSP based on past performances.

      • Hugh Shakeshaft

        You’re always writing with a GSP nut hugger undertone. GSP barely beat Condit. I would not call that victory dominant. If Condit can begin to stuff takedowns, he will become the champ.

        • BobLemons

          Aside from that kick, GSP did dominate Condit. Though I do agree that Condit will be a force when he works his wrestling. I think he beat Hendricks, and with his last two fights lost against wrestling, he damn sure better be training wrestling right now and not much else.

        • Sir_Roy

          Because there are so many stupid, uneducated and terribly thought out comments with regards GSP that they warrant the heavy handedness.

          He doesn’t finish so his fights are unexciting. All he does is lay and pray. That’s complete bullsh!t.

          While I’ve been highly outspoken with regards certain of his fights being boring and very lackluster (Hardy, Shields & Diaz are right up there), I’m tired of the dumbass blanket comments that circulate reeking of little save complete retardation.

          And I’m a HUGE Condit fan, but aside from GSP getting caught flush with a kick, Condit straight up lost every single round of that fight dude. If you cannot see that, then we’ve little more to say to one another.

          • Hugh Shakeshaft

            Unlike any of the other champions, at the end of GSP fights I cannot help but be left with the feeling that he works the UFC scoring rules to his advantage. His takedowns keep him ahead on points despite the fact that often times he does little damage, especially in the case of Condit. Cain, Jones, Silva, Aldo, even Bendo don’t rely so heavily on takedowns and consistently out strike their opponents on their feet. The frustrating reality is that no opponent can finish him or out-wrestle him. Still I wish GSP fought like Cain. Cain or DC could use GSP’s fight strategy. They choose not to though because they fight with heart. Same with Bones, the man fights with a level of inspiration that merits the title he holds, unlike Evans who’s rationality keeps him relegated to the perennial contender. I compare GSP to the likes of Evans, gifted but lacking passion. After all this time, GSP’s highlight reel is both short and boring.

          • Lucas Freire

            It’s funny that you say that because GSP outstriked almost all his opponents. He’s just the purest depiction of Mixed Martial Arts. Some champs rely on striking, some on takedowns and GnP, but GSP fights wherever it’s comfortable for him and he is able to choose where the fight’ll go. And Cain sure is just like GSP, the difference is he weighs over 260.

          • Sir_Roy

            Took the response right out of, um, my keyboard.

          • Cptmats

            “His takedowns keep him ahead on points despite the fact that often times he does little damage, especially in the case of Condit. ”

            I guess you didn’t notice that by the time the first round ended Condit looked like he just went through a windshield !

        • Cptmats

          GSP Dominated Conidt standing and on the ground every single round !

      • Baller31

        I agree with your points. But I do believe GSP is a great enough fighter that he could finish more fights. Dan Hardy, for instance. That should have been a one rounder. He plays it safe, but is still dominant.

        • Sir_Roy

          I agree that he’s had lackluster fights. I would never dispute this. Hardy is right up there. There are few fans more disappointed when this happens than me (Diaz fight was anticlimactic and a huge letdown for me personally). And I agree that he could take more chances to finish … but who’s to argue with the strategy of a man as successful as GSP? At the end of the day, it’s his bank account and his career he’s putting on the line risking a sweep, a reversal or a counter strike needlessly when he’s well ahead on the judges scorecard. What’s the adage … hate the game not the player?

          Maybe there are certain rules in need of adjustment. Who knows.

        • Cptmats

          I agree with that George just plays too safe ! He used to go for broke in three round fights and had an 80% finish rate.

      • Darin

        Hendricks didn’t finish Condit, but Condit damn near finished GSP.

        • Sir_Roy

          Hendricks flat out lost against Condit by most estimations. He won on take downs alone which is a judging issue that many feel needs to be addressed (myself included). Outside of the first round, Condit had Hendricks beat on the feet and had him in constant danger in the ground game. Hendricks was forced to let Condit up as often as he was forced to take him down – because he was getting out worked. His strategy was based on the fact he was getting his arse handed to him pure and simple.

          GSP had Condit beat standing, and on the mat 99% of the five round war. He got caught once with an awesomely unorthodox kick out of nowhere (Condit is bada$$), soaked some gnp (which is where the majority of the damage came from), then came back and won that round too.

          Was a great fight though, and Condit did have GSP in danger without doubt.

          • Sean Sherk You’re Dead

            He also flat out lost to Koscheck in my opinion..

        • Cptmats

          Condit did not come anywhere close to finishing GSP ! George wasn’t even rock by the kick ! He almost caught his balance and didn’t even fall !

  • Chase Brian Beebe

    This is not the proper way to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the UFC. This is Vegas GSP won’t be protected by his screaming Canadian fans. The Vegas fans won’t hesitate to boo GSP if he stalls, which he will.

  • MMA

    GSP better pray he’s able to take and keep Hendrick’s down…. this will be his toughest fight hands down.

    • BobLemons

      I totally disagree. This fight will stay standing, I see Hendricks hunting for the KO while GSP jabs his was out of danger to a UD win. This will be just like his fight with Koscheck.

      • MMA

        I don’t see it like that… Hendricks and Koscheck do have their comparisons but they way each of them strike is completely different. Hendricks moves forward and closes distance and lands so well, while Koscheck just wings his haymakers. An example is the Condit fight where Condit had the height and reach yet Hendricks kept on closing that distance and getting Carlos, but Carlos has a great chin and was able to withstand his bombs. I don’t see GSP being able to take the shots that Carlos or Koscheck took in their fights.

        • Sir_Roy

          Neither Koscheck nor Carlos (though Carlos is a heck of a lot better than Kos) have the foot work, coupled with reach, speed and explosiveness on the feet and in transitions as GSP does though.

          I too see Hendricks lunging in the first round, going for broke, and throwing bombs much like he did with Carlos. And that’s why the first round is where GSP will transition and take Hendricks down a few times for his troubles. Unlike Carlos, he doesn’t have to soak them or ride them out … he’ll take the fight where the “bombs” aren’t … on the mat until Hendricks cools his jets.

          Hendricks will tire in the championship rounds. As such, I think that’s where GSP can indeed finish him. I’m calling submission in the 4th for GSP.

          • Hugh Shakeshaft

            Agreed. This is exactly how the fight will go. Hendricks is a much easier fight than Condit for GSP.

          • Sir_Roy

            If GSP is smart, and we know he is, he’ll make this fight as much a BJJ match as possible. I think this is the first fighter Georges is going in with (aside from Hardy) who he can comfortably work his submission game on (Condit, Diaz, Shields even Alves … all are extremely talented BJJ practitioners, Hendricks is not). And then, Hardy had outstanding cardio compared to Hendricks and I think it will show in rounds 4 and 5. If Hendricks gets tired, that’s when mistakes happen. But who knows, Hendricks is sure to be preparing his gas tank for a 5 round war. In fact, I’m sure conditioning is tops on his list after Carlos gave him a taste of what he’ll be up against.

      • Cptmats

        I see GSP finishing this fight ! Unlike Georges last seven or eight opponents Hendricks does not have the Cardio to go five hard rounds !

    • Cptmats

      LOL I think this will be his easiest fight since Serra !

  • Tony


    Just an outside observation, I think Rs has a point as well as you. Hear is another way to look at things, is there a difference in destroying someone in seconds vs. dragging a fight to full length? (3 or 5 rounds) To most, this would appear as ability vs. inability. And just so you know, your comment to Lawdog 1521 about “how much his opinion counts in the overall MMA arena”….where is this arena you mentioned?? And who is considered the “over-all”, not sure who your talking about. It cant be a meaningless news site where opinions are given, or the arenas where the fights are. I’m in sales, your response to Rs (after the response to Gilbert) is that of a used car salesman that cant control his responses with a customer who does not see things his way. It comes across as amateurish at best, thought you should know how your making yourself appear. Last but not least, because you enjoy the long drawn out matches that GSP produces, “the technicality” of the fight, maybe SOMEONE else wants to spend $55 on a KO or Submission. Again, a used car salesman character flaw…don’t let yourself be sooooo see through. Just an opinion Sir_Roy

    • Sir_Roy

      Hey Tony, thanks for your input as to how I “appear”. The fun thing about online columns is we can all freely voice our opinions without having to “care” how we come across. Its anonymous and there are none present who have a direct impact on my life – at all whatsoever. Least of all yourself. No wife to please, no boss to impress here.

      In layman’s terms, I couldn’t give a rats arse how I come across in your eyes. With all do respect.

      Your concern with a pseudo image tells me you are indeed a salesman. I’m not, and so I’m not concerned how me pandering my opinion appears to the masses perusing them. I for one can only fathom the arrogance implicit in a man who actually believes his opinion on how I “come off” should carry weight.

      Fact is, my opinion was no more vehement or painfully transparent in its source or execution, than those denouncing GSP as “boring” in the fashion with which they did so. My opinion simply differs and I clearly delineated how and why.


      • Lady with rabies

        Really dude…doesn’t matter how many people Hendricks knocked ouy and GSP not. I’ll give u a name to remember, Thiago pitbull Alves… The pitbull was Knocking out everybody that GSP didn’t…he was an animal and I thought he wil knock GSP….where’s Pitbull now?

        • Sir_Roy

          I think you’re barking up the wrong tree with Pitbull (pun intended). I’ve been advocating GSP’s dominant performances over Hendrick’s KO power all over the place in here. Not sure why you’re coming at me with this comparison.

    • Cptmats

      Sry But Sir_Roy was dead on !

      The “arena” is the world of mma and the “over all” is the masses amongst mma fans and he was dead on ! You’ may not like watching George’s fights, but the UFC doen’t really care because their PPV numbers are always highest when GSP fights.

  • Maven

    The timing of this fight is perfect, and it’s appropriate to be in Vegas, so that GSP is not in his 3rd straight championship fight in Montreal. Some people feel that Hendricks was fortunate to get the judges’ nod against Koschek and Condit. Personally I loved his reckless style against Carlos. He got the W. Sometimes you have to be lucky to be good. His KOs were not lucky at all. That was pure power properly directed. I think the key will be for Johny to be a bit more disciplined, and to create or wait for the proper opening, with GSP obviously having to stay away from that left hand of Johny’s. Although he’s a two time national champ, Johny may end up on his arse a fair bit once he steps in the cape with GSP.

  • Sean Sherk You’re Dead

    So many Just Bleed fans out here, so what he doesn’t finish, His boxing is brilliant and his MMA Wrestling is damn near perfect.. I don’t really like him, but people got to admit that he’s the most complete fighter in the world.. That said i want some new blood at the top.
    But he beats Hendricks anywhere the fight goes, and if Hendricks gasses he might very well submit him in the 4th or 5th

    • Cptmats

      Exactly !

  • Hendricks has 5 ko/tkos of his 11 fights in the UFC. He had a tough fight with Condit. A very close fight with Josh Koscheck and a loss to Rick Story. GSP always out wrestles the best wrestlers he’s faced. If he Hendricks can’t KO him by the third round, I don’t see him winning this fight. GSP’s conditioning will wear him down. Still can be an exciting fight though. Every time GSP fights people say he’s going to get KO’d. It happened once in his career. Let it go.