Report: Georges St-Pierre vs. Jake Shields Set for UFC 129 in Toronto

January 2, 2011
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One of the worst kept secrets in MMA has been the desire to have UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre headline UFC 129 and defend his title against Jake Shields at the Rogers Centre in Toronto.

UFC fighters Jake Shields and Georges St-Pierre

Jake Shields and Georges St-Pierre

It looks like that fight is coming to fruition.

Kevin Iole of Yahoo!! Sports – an content partner – early Sunday morning reported that UFC president Dana White said the fight is set for the April 30 event in Toronto.

The bout between St-Pierre and the former Strikeforce middleweight champion will headline the UFC 129 fight card. A bout first reported by and subsequently confirmed by will pit former UFC champions Randy Couture and Lyoto Machida in what is expected to be the co-main event of the evening.

St-Pierre is fresh off of a win over Josh Koscheck at UFC 124 in Montreal. Shields enters the bout after his Octagon debut, where he defeated Martin Kampmann.

UFC 129 will mark the first time that St-Pierre has been able to fight back-to-back in his home country since taking up residence in the Octagon.

  • MrAdidas

    WOW – only 1 title fight for the “biggest” UFC event EVER?!? nice try UFC but I will not be spending 4 to $5 000 for 1 title fight. This is a VERY VERY WEAK attempt from the UFC to try & make this TO event the biggest thing since slice bread. Dont believe the hype, if they wanted UFC 129 to be the biggest EVENT EVER, they’d have 2 or 3 title fights with 2 or 3 “big” fights with #1 contendership. Yeah GSP Vs Shields is a great main event, but Couture Vs Lyoto as co-main event?!? Thats it?!? OLD man/Couture Vs a guy/Lyoto who lost his last “3” fights – 2 to Rua but Rua got robbed the 1st time around & then KTFO by Rua the 2nd fight & then lost to Rampage (who will never be LHW Champ again). The UFC better add some BIG NAME fighters or this UFC will not be as “BIG” as the UFC expects/thinks. Dont get me wrong, I’d love to watch Couture Vs Lyoto, BUT as co-main event at a possible 50 000 person event?!? UGHHH I dont think so DANA, Sanx but NO Sanx!!! VERY DISAPPOINTED/Unsatisfied!!!

  • The_Power

    @ MrAdidas You are entitled to your opinion but You cant automatically assume that there will be only one title fight. The card is not finalized yet and so what if there is only one? Why would the event not be good just cause there is only one title fight? Are you an MMA fan or not? Fighting for a gold belt is not what makes a fight or an event good or not.

    When Dana is taking about a big card it seems to me that he is putting popular fighters on the card. GSP, Shields, Couture and even Machida are popular fighters/ Ya there was rumors about two title fights but recent events may have prevented thta from going down.

  • MrAdidas

    The_Power – I know I am entitled to my own opinion & when was the last time the UFC had a title fight before the co-main event, while the co-main event WAS NOT a title fight?!? NEVER! So I can assume but its also FACT that there will not be another title fight added – UNLESS Couture Vs Lyoto is no longer co-main event! I’m a HUGE MMA fan, I went to UFC 83 – 100 & UFC 124. I dont care if prior fights (Cain Vs Dos Santos) was canceled, that means get another title fight. I’d like to know how you are an MMA/UFC fan & not know that with the co-main event beinf filled by Couture & Lyoto, that you think there will be a title fight before that fight?!? That makes no sense for many reasons but especially for the reason that its NEVER been done b4 & it will never be done, it would make no sense. You need to think b4 you speak dude, MAin EVENT & Co_Main event are the 2 biggest fights of the night, yet you think they will have a title fight b4 the co-main event, while having a 3 rounder as the co-main event & then a title fight after that?!? WOW!!! As I said, the only way theres another title fight, is if they take Couture Vs Lyoto off of the co-main event which was never done b4 (except for an injury or a cancelled fight). If this is going to be the “BIGGEST” UFC event ever, they better back all that hype up with a MINIMUM of 2 title fights, my god UFC 100 had 2 title fights & that was sold out with 12 000 people. They expect to have 45 000 to 60 000 people at this event, they better have 2 title fights minimum, but that will not happen bc the 2 main fights are set!!!

    • The_Power

      Of course i know a title fight can not be before a co main event. I will clarify what i meant. The card is not finalized yet. Which means new fights can be added and also it means that the order of fights can be changed. That’s all im saying. But it looks like Couture vs Machida is a done deal for co main event. Unless Jose Aldo is ready to go by then but they have to find an opponent for him. and although it’s possible i doubt Edgar vs Maynard 3 will go down on this date.