Report: Fedor Reveals Retirement Plans

May 18, 2012
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After much speculation, Fedor Emelianenko is calling it a career.

Following his June 21 bout against Pedro Rizzo in St. Petersburg, Russia, Fedor will hang up his gloves for the final time.

“June 21 will be the last fight of my career,” Fedor said, according to

Fedor ruled the Japanese mixed martial arts scene, dominating many of the best heavyweights in the world during his tenure under the Pride banner.

He defeated the likes of Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic, Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, Mark Coleman, Kevin Randleman, Semmy Schilt, and others, while many were at or near the peak of their respective careers.

After Pride was purchased by the owners of the UFC and eventually shuttered, Fedor moved on, first to the fledgling Affliction promotion, then on to Strikeforce, where he stuttered to a 1-3 record during his two-year stint there.

Once regarded as the top heavyweight fighter on the planet, Fedor was strongly pursued by the UFC, but the MMA juggernaut and Fedor’s management, M-1 Global, could never see eye-to-eye.

Fedor has fought twice since exiting Strikeforce, winning a decision over Jeff Monson and knocking out Satoshi Ishii.

He will close out his career against Pedro Rizzo on June 21 on his home turf.

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    Much Love and Respect!

  • Thank God!!

  • dgs

    Smart move, his time has come and gone.

  • dennyperiard

    YAY an over rated pride *** who his only real accomplishment is beating cro cop and big nog the rest were allready out of prime ufc rejects then got lucky and lost to lower tiered not even top 15 heavyweights….. such a **** fighter.

  • mich1fan

    Not even a top 5 all time HW, let alone best ever, or P4P best ever. That is such a joke.

  • Good fighter back in the day but his legacy is tarnished. He had an opportunity to fight the best in the world in the biggest promotion in the world but instead opted to take easier / more favorable matches all while squeezing the funds and life out of any promotion who signed him. What a waste.

  • TKD

    M-1 Global is the joke of the century!

  • The good news is without Fedor now M-1 should die a slow and painful death. His management deserves it for robbing us fans of many great fights that Fedor could have been involved in.

    • adam1848

      I agree 100%. Fedor was completely loyal to his management, and they threw him under the bus trying to make themselves relevant in the MMA world. He could have come to the UFC and beat guys like Couture and gone down as a legend. Now he’ll always just be that guy who never really proved himself. I have tremendous respect for Fedor and what he did for the sport, but M-1 can go to hell.

  • chuckalugk

    Fedor is one of the all time greats, regardless of what you UFC fanboys think.

    • Fedor might have been good back in the day but his last (and really only) meaningful wins were back in 2005 / 2004 when he bead Cro Cop and Nogueira. He hasn’t done anything meaningful in the past 7 years. The guy (aided by the goons at M – 1) is nothing but smoke and mirrors.

  • No mather what the dick head say the keyboard warriors who never had the balls to get out there and train, and actually get in the cage say, i have enormous respect for all MMA fighters having trained in MMA for a very long time and knowing all the hard work they put in.

    Fedor was not over rated, he was the best and he beat the best when they where in there prime.

    He deserve is title of legend, it is always sad to see one of our favorite MMA fighter retire, he had an excellent run. All the best to him with is future plans.

    • You can try to paint a rosy picture on it if you want but at the end of the day he took the easy route and fought bums and has beens rather than stepping up and facing the best.

      Tainted legacy.

  • Santz

    5 years ago, we would have been like, “Noooo” because of the possibility of seeing some great potential fights with some top tier competition, but I don’t think many of us really care about this news anymore…lol!

  • RubeKegal

    Denny mich and short are the same fools who will bow to Nogueira.

    -Kicked the sh*t out of Nogueira twice
    -Beat Arona and Babalu when they were both 2 of the best.
    -He sent Brett Rogers and Matt Lindland’s careers spiraling downward.
    -He armbarred a Prime Coleman twice
    -Crushed Sylvia in 0:36, Couture couldn’t finish Sylvia and Nog was getting his ass kicked by Sylvia until the submission.
    – Beat Mirko when Mirko was Mirko
    – Highlight reel KO over Arlovski

    Lost to Werdum

    Questionable stoppage with Dan Henderson(Herb Dean is in Dana’s pocket) & questionable stoppage vs Bigfoot Silva.

    All that aside,


    4 losses to credible guys

    Anderson Silva’s 4 losses?

    Luiz Azeredo
    Daiju Takase
    Ryo Chonan
    Yushin Okami

    33-4 vs 31-4 and people jack off Anderson all day, but Fedor is a bum? GET REAL!

    • DrkDisciple

      Don’t agree with you often but that was well said (written).

    • Danjitsu

      Nice post Rube, though you are never going to convince the noobs who got into the sport post Pride of the merits of Fedor when they want to belive so badly that anything that happened in the sport prior to their discovery of it was inconsequential. They missed the golden years of MMA and the career of the man who ruled the sport when fighters were exceptional people – not dime a dozen tatted up wrestlers who train for decision victories that litter the scene now. Their being late to the party means that the party must have sucked before they got there – no amount of facts or logic will change that. They missed the boat. Their loss – let them have their sour grapes.

    • MikeMc1983

      Wait a minute. I wasn’t going to respond to your silly debate, but did you say the losses to hendo & Bigfoot were questionable?
      You do realize that when a guy gets knocked out and he goes limp and face plants to the canvas, that if impacting said canvas wakes you back up. You still lose the fight.
      And then the Bigfoot fight. Didnt a doctor stop that fight because fedor had swelling on his face that seemed to actually be larger than his head, and which caused him to not be able to see out of one of his eyes?
      I could be wrong, but I think it went like that.

      Since I’m here. The Sylvia that fedor fought wasn’t the same as when he was in the UFC. Same with andrei.
      I don’t understand the logic of saying randy couldn’t finish Sylvia but fedor did fast anyhow.
      You then try and knock Anderson, who finished hendo. With about 40lbs less.

      I’m not positive but were those fights Anderson lost not a long while ago? If so I think that would just kind of mean he got better. Fedor seems to have gotten less than.

      I’m not a fedor hater. He was what he was. I just didn’t get your weird arguement with yourself. (no one else brought up Anderson)

      As a side note. The people thanking fedor for what he’s done for the sport… What did he do for it?
      I know he won in it. I would think that with him not being around top guys later in his career he might have held the sport back.

      • gary

        fedor did alot for the sport. promoters make it pleasing to watch and deliver it but without a solid product to deliver nobody cares. in short after you rip off the nice wrapper the product has to deliver. the guy delivered along with alot of other guys who delivered.

      • RubeKegal

        What i’m saying is people bow to Anderson and Fedor’s winning percentage is better and against much higher quality opposition.

        2) If you don’t think Fedor/Hendo was stopped too early, then you clearly are a Fedor hater. Let me make this clear. my 5 fav fighters are Hughes, Sherk, Pulver, Hendo and Lytle. I was rooting for Hendo as much as anyone and Fedor was NOT out by any means.

        3) He made MMA more interesting…im sure the majority of people tuned in to see him lose because he was so dominant. when Fujita had him rocked, the arena was going nuts, and he then pulls off the armbar….When Randleman suplexed Fedor on his neck, the arena was going nuts and again Fedor pulls off the submission. He helped redefine the sport.

        BTW, you are wrong about the Fedor/Silva fight…he had swelling but it wasn’t nearly what you describe. You have a phenomenal skill of embellishing greatly, but it was a bad stoppage.

        • MikeMc1983

          Yes it was obvious I was exaggerating about the swelling. I thought that quite obvious. With that said I don’t think fans should be in a position to question a doctors stoppage because we want to see a fight continue. Fedor admitted he couldn’t see out the eye. The rules are the rules. I don’t like many of them but that’s the game.

          I like fedor, always have. I’ve watched every fight of his I could get access to. I will watch every fight in his future.
          I like to watch great athletes do great things in every sport. I really don’t even understand the concept of watching a fight to watch someone lose.

          People jump on the Anderson bandwagon because it’s more recent. Silvas loses we’re a long time ago. Fedor lost recently. You can say it was vs. better competition but that’s only kind of true. Fedor was also a bit earlier in what is still a quickly evolving sport. Fedor fought bigger names. There were a lot less names, so they all seem bigger.
          To me the discussion is a bit silly. I think the p4p stuff is silly. People can put Dominick Cruz as high as they like. If gained weight he’d get throttled by every class above him. He’s the size of lesnar’s model wife.
          Fedor and Anderson are both incredibly good.

          To the other guy. If fighting and winning a lot mean he’s done a lot for the sport then I would agree. To me it takes much more than that if I were to use that phrase. But your standards are your standards. As an example I don’t say Peyton manning did a lot for the nfl.
          Yes he had to show up and perform. But tons of guys do that, win or lose.

          Ps. I like fedor, but going limo and face planting after you get hit in the head occures because you went out. I will grant you it happens where refs don’t stop it when a guy wakes up quickly. But that doesn’t make fedor vs. hendo a quick stop. It makes those others bad continuances.

  • gary

    so i invite you all to watch the cormier vs monson fight and see how cormier looked when locking up with monson. then watch the fedor vs monson fight and see how fedor was tossing him around and knocking him down at will. styles make fights but id say monson was weathering the storm alot easier with cormier than with fedor even though he lost both. dont bother to comment because ive watched both rescently and am not interested in a debate. just humour me and watch both back to back. there is a big difference. so guess we will just have to see how cormier does in the ufc. all the greats slide at the end, everyone loses, all the greats lose some, except marciano lol. jones will lose a few, he will get old. someone will catch anderson sooner or later. point is give the man his due, he is a legend, a pioneer that has brought much entertainment and interest. to respect the individuals determination to compete at the highest level for years is not a disrespect to anyones beloved dana white or the ufc brand. its just the sign of a true mma fan… im a fan of the sport therefore im a fan of fighters who show up to fight regardless of whether they are the best or the flavor of the month or whatever, im a fan in the truest sense of the word. the man deserves his due for doing what most wish they could for over ten years period!

  • hollafront1314

    smallest hw with the biggest heart.. alwayz fun to watch him go against giants.