Report: Evans vs. Davis Booked for UFC on Fox 2

November 30, 2011
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Rashad Evans and Phil Davis UFC 133

Rashad Evans and Phil Davis

It appears that a light heavyweight battle between former UFC champion Rashad Evans and rising contender Phil Davis has been re-scheduled for UFC on Fox 2 on Jan. 28 in Chicago. The fight was reported by late Tuesday evening, citing anonymous sources.

The two were originally slated to headline UFC 133 in August, but and knee injury sidelined Davis. Evans went on to defeat Tito Ortiz at UFC 133, but was then put on the shelf with a hand injury that kept him out of a title fight with Jon Jones.

Now it appears that Evans and Davis will likely headline the UFC’s sophomore effort on Fox.

Evans (16-1-1), coming off of the victory over Ortiz, has a lot on the line. He needs a victory to keep his No. 1 contender status in tact. Evans been chasing Jones ever since his former teammate won the belt at UFC 128 in March.

Davis (9-0) faces the biggest challenge of his career, fighting a former champion. A victory over Evans would prove Davis’ place in the division, propelling him straight into title contention.

UFC on Fox 2 is slated for Jan. 28 at the United Center in Chicago.

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  • adice89

    I see Rashad winning this by choke. Is it me or does Phil Davis often looks really confused after he gets hit? As far as his punches and kicks. Rashad will have just a bit greater gameplan strategy going up against davis.

    • MrAdidas

      I also believe Evans will win this fight pretty one sided, b/c of Evans kicks, elbows, knees & striking. Davis has great wrestling, but so does Evans. I’m not sure what else Davis has if he’s unable to get Evans down & keep him down. Davis’s striking & kicking is nowhere near the quality of strikes & kicks Evans has. (IMHO)

      • jamesstenbeck

        When you have a 5″ size advantage, you always have a chance – and Davis actually will have a 5″ size advantage because in the real world Rashad is only 5’9″, not 5’11” – he was listed at 5’9″ on the UFC’s own web site during the airing of TUF 2, and the photos of him and Tito together in the run-ups to both of their fights clearly show that Tito, who is 6’2″, is more than 3″ bigger than Rashad.

    • jamesstenbeck

      Rashad hasn’t won by true submission yet – those two very early “submission” wins showing on his record having been tap-outs due to strikes – so what makes you think he’ll win this fight by submission?

  • Big things are in store for the winner of this fight. I’m assuming Henderson will face the winner of Jones – Machida and the winner of this fight gets the next shot after Henderson.

    Looks good on paper and hopefully it all goes as planned. The injury gremlin has derailed more than a few well laid plans though.

  • Poor Rashad been hanging round for a title shot for forever. The timing on this makes it very unlikely that he gets the winner of jones/machida.

    • jamesstenbeck

      LOL @ “the winner of jones/machida” – when everybody knows that Jones is gonna 10-8 Machida in the 1st round, and stanky-leg him in the 2nd.

  • Mario

    Rashad should win. But imagine if he lost? It would be a huge blow for sure, but hopefully he wins and remains 1# contender. He’s earned his place, but Hendo getting the winner of Jones/Machida makes more sense right now. Then, if Rashad still wins his fight with Davis, he could end up facing anyone. You never know what’s going to happen.

    Jones could lose to Machida, then Lyoto beats Hendo, and then rematches Rashad? (which would also play into Rashad Evans’ favor). I’m sure he’d want a rematch if offered. Especially if it’s for the title.


    Jones beats Machida, then goes on and losses to Hendo, then Rashad faces Dan for the title.

    And last but not least. Jones could end up smashing all of those guys, and finally face Rashad in what would be an epic grudge match for the ages. Would be huge!

    Hopefully these guys can all stay healthy come fight time. Any of these fights would be fantastic to watch.

    But then again – Phil Davis might have something to say about that. If he beats Rashad, that’ll scramble the entire mix, that’s for sure!


    • jamesstenbeck

      Are you kidding? A loss to Davis would be the best thing that ever happened to Rashad, for two reasons:

      First, it means he won’t fight Jones, who would not only utterly destroy him a la how Anderson Silva destroyed Forrest, but Rashad would never get over it afterwards, just like Jens Pulver never got over losing to BJ, Ken Shamrock never got over losing to Tito, I could go and on. Rashad would literally end up being a Kurt Warner in reverse – bagging groceries in two years!

      And second, if he loses to Davis I would be genuinely surprised if Rashad didn’t immediately move down to MW afterwards; after all, if he couldn’t beat Phil Davis at this stage of Davis’ development as a fighter, he would obviously have no shot at beating Hendo or Shogun or Machida in a rematch, let alone beat Jones, who he’d never get a chance to fight anyway. And what if Anderson Silva does lose to Chael Sonnen? In that case, Rashad would have as good a chance as anybody of winning the MW title if he moved down.

  • This is how I see it. Rashad will win this fight by TKO. Very one sided. Than I feel Jones vs Machida won’t be as great of a matchup as people think. I believe Jones comes into this fight more ready than ever and beats Machida easily. Machida will not be able to get passed the reach of Jones. Jones than faces Hendo(who I feel is overrated and hasn’t beaten anyone good other than Shogun, and if someone says “Well he beat Fedor” I’m going to laugh in your face.)Jones will absolutely destroy Dan Henderson. Than Rashad will get his shot if he doesn’t get injured by than. There isn’t a light heavyweight in the UFC who can beat Jon Jones right now. He is a massive beast.

    • trevorgough

      It is difficult to take anyone who doesn’t know the difference between then and than seriously – but I’ll give it a try.

      You say Hendo is overrated and would get destroyed by Jones. Clearly – you are either a UFC newbie who has not followed MMA for longer than about 18 months – or you just don’t know MMA. Period.

      Hendo is the BEST Amerian MMA fighter in the history of the sport. Period. His resume dwarfs that of pretty much EVERY UFC fighter (he hasn’t beaten anyone? Vitor. Wandy when Wandy was at his APEX. Big Nogs when he wasn’t punch drunk. Fedor (and the fact that you don’t know Fedor was a great fighter proves you don’t know MMA). Franklin (underrated because he got destroyed by Silva twice). Sobral. And on and on.

      Hendo overrated. Hahaha. You probably think that Couture was great. In spite of the fact that Hendo’s resume DWARFS Couture’s. Period.

      Either learn about MMA (and the difference between then and than) or stop posting your drivel.


      The Man.

      PS – As for Hendo v. Jones – all Hendo has to do is connect ONCE and Jones is going down. Not saying Hendo wins – but to say he doesn’t have a shot is … laughable.

      • mma24069

        Ill agree benblevens doesn’t know jack. I doubt rashad wins by tko, I doubt its one sided. Anyone who think rashad is going to outclass Davis is nutz. Yes, rashads stand up is better. No, Rashad has no where near the same wrestling skill as Davis. I think this fight turns into a boring wrestling match. Im from lansing, I grew up watching Rashad wrestle at state, that being said since he joined the ufc and pulled all the bs he has, I hope he loses and goes back to workin security up at the hospital.

        • jamesstenbeck

          But what “bs” has Rashad pulled, exactly? Not just standing there and letting guys twice his size KTFO him?

          Granted, Rashad should meet the fans halfway by moving down to 185 – and 170 is actually far from out of the question for Rashad, who wrestled at the same weight class as long-time WW contender Josh Koscheck did when they were both seniors in college (one year apart). With Mike Dolce – who has claimed with a straight face that he can get Roy Nelson down to 185! – guiding him, Rashad could definitely make 185, and probably make 170.

          And hey, Rashad has gotten an awful lot out of what he has: A mediocre collegiate wrestling career – he was 48-34 at MSU, the same record the Golden State Warriors once finished with in a season in which they didn’t even make the playoffs! – and a body type that is all wrong for MMA (at least at the weight he has been fighting at up until now).

      • longtime fan

        just a tidbit of info. Hendo lost to both Nogs, but still he fought them good. And big nog was a heavyweight still when they fought. But I cant even remember the last time hendo didnt fight someone that wasnt really good. So benblevins is just ignorant to the fact that hes ignorant.

    • longtime fan

      wow benblevins, your obviously ignorant to mma. Dan henderson has been around for awhile and has beat some really good fighters. you may want to google dan henderson. Also if you havnt noticed he has been getting better with age. And if you laugh in someones face for saying fedor is a good fighter then everyone gets to laugh in your face. Regardless of his three losses, and if hes not as good as he once was, hes still a great fighter, and for all you nay sayers of fedor, you still watch his fights and cant deny how exciting they are whether he won or lost.

    • jamesstenbeck

      While I don’t share benblevins’ disdain for Hendo, I do believe that Jon Jones is “thrice-greatest” – the greatest there is now, the greatest there ever has been up to this point, and the greatest there ever will be.

      Jones will hold that belt for double-digit years, barring injury – and given his penchant for quick turnarounds, he could literally defend the title 50 times in a row.

      When his career is all said and done, Jon Jones will be seen as the Joe Louis of the 21st Century – or maybe even its Joe DiMaggio.

  • kanienkeha009

    Considering this upcoming bout with Lyoto will be Jones 4th of the year he might be taking some time off after. Which would put Hendo 2nd in line for a title shot. I think the UFC will settle the Jones vs Evans feud and give Rashad his shot in April or May

  • T Spoon

    I’d like to see a Jones vs Evans fight, but seeing Jones fight Hendo would be much more better. The sooner the better for Hendo, he isn’t getting any younger.

    • jamesstenbeck

      I wouldn’t be surprised if certain people “upstairs” at Zuffa are actually rooting for Phil Davis to beat Rashad because they fear a repeat of something like what happened with Babalu and David Heath at UFC 74 if Jon Jones and Rashad ever do fight.

      That would be a public-relations calamity for the UFC, and for MMA as a whole.

  • Wow, this is a lot of speculation!! I personally could care less about Rashad Evans. The man is a whiner and a drama queen. I say let Rashad fight Shogun next and then Ryan Bader and then Jason Brilz and let’s put Rashad off to wait some more for his title shot. Screw him!!

    • Hawk

      I couldn’t agree more with you!

    • jamesstenbeck

      If Rashad loses to Phil Davis – and I actually think he’s going to – he’ll probably move down to 185; and maybe people won’t hate him so much then because he will stand and trade a lot more often, and finish fights a lot more often.

      But if Rashad isn’t willing to go down to 185: You’ve heard of “Suck For Luck;” well Rashad might be better off doing a “Suck For Rebney” by losing his next 3 or 4 fights after that so he can get cut and snapped up by Bellator, whose reigning LHW champion couldn’t even beat Travis Wiuff!

  • shakejunt

    I can only imagine how big of an underdog Phil Davis will be on the betting lines, but sounds like a decent wager to me.

    • jamesstenbeck

      Any time you get an MMA fighter with a significant height and reach advantage as an underdog, it’s as attractive a wager as getting a home team as an underdog in the NFL.

  • jamesstenbeck

    Obviously Davis has been working on improving his stand-up all this time, so he can put his definitive size and reach advantage to best use and exploit Rashad’s proven glass jaw.

    Davis by KO, Round 2. You heard it here first.