Report: Dana White Says UFC Paid Wanderlei Silva Nearly $10 Million

September 27, 2014
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Just days before the Nevada Athletic Commission handed him a lifetime ban for evading a random drug test, Wanderlei Silva announced his retirement from combat sports via a video on YouTube. In the midst of his retirement announcement, he trashed his now-former employers, the UFC, saying they take advantage of fighters, overworking them and keeping all the money for themselves, not sharing any of the wealth with the athletes.

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“I feel that I don’t have a dignified stage where the athletes are respected. They are wearing down the athletes; they make them fight under any circumstances and any conditions,” said Silva. “They use us to make rivers of money. They don’t respect the athletes, they don’t take care of the athletes, and they don’t pay the athletes.

“Enough is enough. They don’t respect us as athletes. They don’t respect us at all.”

UFC president Dana White begs to differ.

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In an interview with Brazilian media outlet Combate following Friday’s UFC 178 weigh-ins, White said that Silva was paid nearly $10 million during his most recent UFC tenure.

“Wanderlei Silva fought six times in the last five years. If overwork is to fight once a year, so I do not know what to tell you,” said White (via Google Translate). “You know how much money Wanderlei won since he started fighting in the UFC? He earned $9.7 million. He says everyone is getting rich except the fighters; then what does he consider rich?”

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  • Alex

    Wasted money LOLLL

    • MikeMcK

      You don’t have to win fights to be worth the money. A guy like Nick diaz is evidence of that. (Who knows whether Nick really has a following that spends money.)
      With that said who knows if silva “paid for himself.” I think a couple of those fights he was a co main as well. I’m guessing the big money fight was him and Chuck. It was a hell of a fight too.

  • TheCerealKiller

    What say you Wanderlei? The average NFL player makes 1.9 mill a year according to Forbes. They play 20 games a year, including preseason. You have fought 48 pro fights. Considering that the UFC is nowhere near the money of the NFL, you’ve done pretty good for yourself.

  • Felipe

    Now all that Dana has to answer is, how much of that 9.7 did the UFC actually gave Wanderlei?

    • Alex

      Has to? To whom? To you? LOL

    • Rence

      Why would you think Dana would comment on how much someone working for him earned if he wasnt commenting on JUST what the UFC paid him? How would he even know what Wand made from endorsements and his gym etc?

      I know that Dana/UFC bashing is a popular past time, but if youre going to hold things against them, at least base them in fact, or at least logic…maybe?

  • Mike Pardue

    It’s funny how getting busted for cheating makes all your grapes turn sour…

  • james j

    Wandy probably does not have a dime to his name. No wonder he is mad. The Vegas slots got him