Report: Chael Sonnen Gets Fight with Shogun Rua at UFC 161

June 3, 2013
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Chael Sonnen 042 UFC 117-478x270When the news broke that Antonio Rogerio Nogueira had suffered a back injury forcing him out of the scheduled rematch with Mauricio “Shogun” Rua at UFC 161, Chael Sonnen offered to step up as his replacement.

Sonnen took to Twitter to lobby for the bout late Sunday evening.

Brazilian website reported on Monday that Sonnen has indeed been named Nogueira’s replacement and will face Rua on the June 15 fight card.

The fight, however, is not confirmed.  According to content partner Yahoo! Sports’ Kevin Iole, the match-up is only in the discussion phase.

Iole spoke with UFC co-owner Lorenzo Fertitta who said the fight is not confirmed, but “we are having that discussion.”

Rua (21-7) is coming off a decision loss to Alexander Gustafsson on Dec. 8, 2012.

Sonnen (27-13-1) has lost back to back title fights in his last two outings, losing to middleweight titleholder Anderson Silva at UFC 148 and to light heavyweight champion Jon Jones on April 27.

UFC 161 takes place at the MTS Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada on June 15 and is headlined by a light heavyweight match-up between former champion Rashad Evans and Dan Henderson.

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  • Ksmma

    Aahhh haha! You’ve got to live a guy who’ll step up and fight anybody anytime.

    • Ian Price

      Yeah Rua ain’t no joke. This should be a good fight.

  • Anderson

    Thats enough Chael

    • Sean Sherk You’re Dead

      What’s enough?? of having a guy willing to fight anybody anytime?? Or you like guys like Shogun who are afraid to Fight Glover??

  • Chase Brian Beebe

    shogun has nothing to gain and everything to lose in this fight

    • The Best Eva

      Theres never anything wrong with fighting a guy coming off back to back title loses, Shogun hasn’t been great recently either.

      That said I like the match up and don’t want to see Chael pull off a cheesy win and get thrown in with Jones again because of his mouth.

      • Lucas Freire

        But everybody knows that he only got his TS at LHW because of his talking.
        As a MW he is a top contender.
        As a LHW? Who knows,he should be waged against some minor top15 guys first. Put him against some power wrestler of the division like Bader to see if he goes well against someone with the same aspects of fighting as him.

        • The Best Eva

          He got the title shot for having some balls to step in and help save the event that got canceled last year if you can recall, Jones declined and helped screw over some hard working fighters.

          Chael is good at selling fights, people shouldn’t be so quick to dismiss Chael the sport would get pretty boring if you didn’t have a few guys with egos through the roof.

          Also Chael has shown he can dominate other power wrestlers at least at middleweight (Okami), Chaels still a tough fight for anyone he’s not going anywhere yet.

          • Chase Brian Beebe

            7 months in anticipation for a one sided beat down we all knew was coming

          • The Best Eva

            Hey I enjoyed that as much as anyone else I’m just saying Jones should have fought him when it was on short notice.

          • Lucas Freire

            Okami is more like a grinder,a guy that’ll put you on the fence and tire you out…and then take you down.

            I talk about Bader exactly because he’s a power wrestler from the division above.

            I don’t think the sport really needs guys like Sonnen. Of course some ego wars are necessary,but from guys like Tito back in the day,who talked smack and actually had something to back it up.

            I know the sport evolved and the champions on MW and LHW are much more dominant,but I completely disagree with this idea that Sonnen is a #2 guy because he lost to the champions. He didn’t earn his way to the top and didn’t achieve anything up there.

            I understand that the sport nowadays is more of a business, but this business view should be used by the guys pulling the strings and not to justify anything. I won’t say a fighter is a good fighter because he talks smack and sell fights. lol
            And if this is how people evaluate how much Chael’s worth to the MMA…I think there is something wrong.

          • The Best Eva

            If Chael and Bader ever fought I doubt it would touch the mat, probably be a good slug fest. Okami’s been said to have crazy strength for a middleweight by the fighters maybe not Bader strength but still.

            Tito backed it up against Ken Shamrock and Guy Metzger.

            Chaels never was #2 but thats going to happen all the time now because of injuries and bad fight bookings.

          • Sir_Roy

            Took the words out of my mouth.


      • Chase Brian Beebe

        chael sonnen is not and never has been in the title picture at this weight class. Beating him won’t get him closer to a title shot beating little Nog would have.

        • The Best Eva

          Not really and I’m not even nut hugging Chael just pointing out the Obvious.

          • Chase Brian Beebe

            you’re not pointing out s***

    • Sir_Roy

      He has a paycheck to gain. And he really needs to take them when he can get them. Plus, ball’s in his court now to renegotiate his contract and more mula from this.

      Regardless, how many more fights do you really think Shogun’s got in him? Based on performances alone, he would be forcibly retired now if not for his household name and star power. He’s a fight or two away, win lose or draw, from Dana doing to him what he did with Forrest IMHO. I think his awesome fight with Dan Henderson still carries steam (he lost, but it still reinvigorated his career). But that steam is running thin.

      He needs to take this fight.

      • Chase Brian Beebe

        Thats the stupidest thing i’ve ever heard. Shoguns a multi millionaire and his house has been paid off for years now. He’s got his own real estate business and his own academy in curitiba. He’s not one of those broke ufc fighters making 16k per fight.

        • Sir_Roy

          Cool how aware you are of Shogun’s financial situation. Never intimated he wasn’t “well off” (especially by Brazil’s standards of living). But well off enough to shrug off another million dollar payday? Not hardly (with promotions, bonuses et. al). Few are THAT well off. How much revenue in US dollars do you reckon his academy brings in for him in Brazil bud? Or even real estate for that matter? How well are you versed in the economy that far south of the border? Not splendidly well I imagine.

          One’s lifestyle evolves with the size of ones paycheck bud. Shogun enjoys greatly the monetary advantages a main event fight bestows without doubt. He requires it to maintain and sustain the quality of life I’m fairly sure he’s accustomed to at this point. No nest egg is ever too big. That said, I was in no way intimating he was struggling to make ends meet. But the kind of money he makes in a fight like this translates very, very well in Brazil and hard to pass up for any man.

          And only grade school kids kick off with “that’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard” crap. Seriously.

  • julian moran

    3 loss in a row for Sonnen, 4 in a row if you count the Bisping fight.

    • Cereal Killer

      2 losses in a row. Anderson and Bones. Before that, he beat Stann & Bisping.

  • Baller31

    Let the hype begin….

    • Ian Price

      Not enough time! Fight’s just 2 weeks away…

  • christopher Breuer

    Shogun is going to hammerfist Chael to sleep, but I hope Chael is still going to be on the Jim Rome’s smackoff week to defend his smack talk title. Love it!

  • Rob

    I was on the fence regarding 161 but now I’ll be watching for sure. Rashad and Hendo is interesting but Chael pushed it over the top.

    That’s what Chael can still bring to events: more eyeballs.

    I hope he does well. I hope it is an exciting fight.

  • Mark McDowall

    Another completely pointless fight starring Chael Sonnen. If he looses can we all agree to sign a “please make Chael Sonnen retire because were tired of watching him talk his way in to fights and loose” petition.

    • Ashley Rodriguez

      I think the word is “lose” not “loose.” Anyway, aside from your grammatical ineptitude, your right that sonnen talked his way into the Bones fight, but he deserved the Silva rematch. As a Silva fan I was utterly nervous after the dominating first round of their rematch bout. Who knows what may have happened if chael hadn’t thrown that despicable backhand.

      • Baller31

        Well said…i agree he deserved both Silva fights…did not deserve the Jones fight…but I see nothing wrong with matching him up against Rua…it’s doesn’t have title ramifications, and he is essentially saving the card.

      • Ninjaman

        It should be “you’re right” not “your right”. Before unnecessarily insulting someone about their “grammatical ineptitude” maybe you should make the effort to ensure your grammar is perfect.

        • Ashley Rodriguez

          If you are unable to spell lose then you deserve to be insulted.

          • Sir_Roy

            And if you’re unable to distinguish between possessive form and the use of the verb “to be” does that entail that you too deserve to be insulted? And perhaps a little ridiculed for knocking someone’s grammar in a sentence containing silly grade school errors as well? (Rhetorical question really, if you were wondering). If you’re going to be arrogant, expect the world to be all too happy to jump down your throat when you slip up. Funny how that works.

          • Ashley Rodriguez

            Did you get your undergrad in English? I am impressed with your grammatical prowess and biting wit. It must have been many pleasurable hours that paid off with extensive life rewards to be able to shun my shanty rumblings with such precision. Hats off!

          • Sir_Roy

            You need an undergrad in English now to unravel the mysteries of grade school grammar? Or are you simply bemoaning the quality of education received in your neck of the woods (or lack thereof)? If the latter, you have my sympathies.

            And thanks for acknowledging my admittedly impressive prowess. Though, I do sense a smidgen of sarcasm … I’m just perceptive that way.

            And hat’s off to you as well. What’s the saying again … what goes around comes around?

          • Ashley Rodriguez

            I could never have majored in English due to my aversion of tedious and mundane exercises of futility. I compensated for this aversion by supplementing university approved overpriced anthologies of world literature and tuition costs with late charges at public libraries and overpriced smoothies at Barnes n nobles while I divulged in classic literature. Was that a run on sentence? Shucks!! I wish my permanent memory base retained Miss Remmingtons 8th grade grammar lessons.

          • Sir_Roy

            *Ahem* Miss Remmington’s you mean …

            But yeah, you got a chuckle out of me. Kudos.

  • f ufc

    This will be a 1st round obliteration by the former #1 205lber in the world…I’m tired of boring sonnen and his talking. Rua KO 1st. P.S. no way sonnen takes him down for 3 rounds to win a decision…no way!

  • Lawdog1521

    What’s with all the Chael hate? Would you guys rather not have a fight at all? He’s stepping up to fill a spot. So he runs his mouth. I’d be more upset Rogan will run his mouth about his Shogun man crush like he always does for Rua.

    • Sean Sherk You’re Dead

      Finally a guy who’s smart enough to realise that he steps up to save an event that is pretty weak

  • Cereal Killer

    Love this fight! Glad it’s happen! Chael just lost 2 in a row, but those were the 2 best champs of all MMA history.(argue if you want) Shogun is 5-5 since joining the UFC, and out of those 5 Machida is the only quality win. I’ll still take Chael on 2 weeks notice.

  • This is what fighting is all about. Dedicating your life to the sport and being willing to step up at anytime to fight, even in a different weight class. Chael might not have the best record but he’s a world class athlete and veteran mma fighter who is always willing to fight, that should at least be the one thing everyone should like about the guy.

    • And this isn’t about title contention or getting up in the rankings this is about fighting because the guy loves to train and fight!

  • drkdisciple

    Two guys on bad streaks. Dana should make it a loser leave town match to motivate both of them.

  • Fuzzy

    I would have severe reservations posting this title without confirmation that the fight will actually happen…especially since the fight is now off…

  • Baller31

    So Sonnen is having trouble getting a visa to enter Canada…and now the most intriguing fight on the card is no more…wtf

  • Orville

    Looks like this fight has been called off.!

  • solo

    Shogun Rua tweeted that there is no bout With Chael Sonnen Due To Travel Issues. OMG? Is it really true?
    I would hate that.

  • Robert Veley

    This fight isn’t going to happen according to sherdog. Chael couldn’t obtain a passport into Canada. Shogun also confirmed via twitter. That suck was looking forward to shogun getting back on track.

    • Sir_Roy

      What the hell is Chael doing without a passport? That’s stupid. Sonnen’s traveled outside of the States in the past 5 years … A fighter fighting within a multinational organization like the UFC, without an up to date passport defies reason.

      • Baller31

        He has a passport…is having trouble getting issue a work visa by Canadian officials

        • Sir_Roy

          Makes a lot more sense. Thanks.

  • solo

    THE FIGHT WONT HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hugh Shakeshaft