Anderson Silva Agrees to Defend Belt Against Chris Weidman at UFC 162

March 6, 2013
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Anderson Silva UFC 90After all the talk of Anderson Silva superfights died down a bit with Georges St-Pierre and Jon Jones both locked up in title fights, attention quickly shifted to who is next for the longtime UFC middleweight kingpin.

Following Michael Bisping’s loss to Vitor Belfort, talk centered on Chris Weidman as the likely next challenger for Silva’s belt, and it appears that talk has born fruit.

Long Island Newsday reporter Mark La Monica on Wednesday reported that UFC CEO Lorenzo Fertitta on Wednesday told Weidman that Silva had finally agreed to fight him on the promotion’s planned UFC 162 fight card on July 6. later confirmed with sources close to the fight that the deal is done.

Fertitta spoke to Weidman while the two were at the New York State Capitol in Albany, lobbying for the state to finally sanction mixed martial arts.

“Dream come true,” Weidman told Newsday. “Ever since I’ve been fighting, Anderson Silva has been the champion and I’ve been visualizing beating him. Now I have the opportunity. I have to make the most of it.”

Weidman is undefeated at 9-0 in his professional career, rolling through all five of his UFC opponents. His most recent victories include a knockout of Mark Munoz and unanimous decision victory over Demian Maia before the Brazilian jumped to the welterweight division.

The New Yorker has been widely considered the No. 1 contender to Silva’s title since last summer, and any fog about that lifted when Bisping lost to Belfort.

Silva (33-4) has never lost in the Octagon, winning all 16 of his UFC bouts. He has held the UFC middleweight championship since 2006, finishing all but two of his challengers.

Silva is the most dominant champion in UFC history, and regarded as the top pound-for-pound fighter in the world.

He has been on the precipice of signing a new eight or 10-fight UFC contract, but at 37 years of age, has been targeting only the biggest fights on the biggest stages. Silva has lobbied hard for a fight with Georges St-Pierre, while UFC president Dana White has pressed for a Silva vs. Jones match-up.

Silva’s camp initially didn’t want a fight with Weidman, but with the superfights out of the picture, at least momentarily, and Bisping dropping back down the ladder, the fight with Weidman makes the most sense.

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  • dan

    Good. Now Silva haters get to watch their next big hope get wrecked. So who will Silva be ducking after this?

    • Guest

      what are you smoking? lol

      • The weed of the truth

      • gordon

        Dude it’s true. I know using griffin as an argument is weak but he just lost the belt to rashad then got fed to Anderson. Not Anderson’s fault he can slap around a recent former champ at the moment

    • Lesnarenko

      after this? even before this, he refused to fight top LHWs.

      • dan

        Ummm, I’m more than sure he fought Griffin only 1 or 2 fights removed from his LHW win. Remember, Griffin was supposed to be a punishment for Silva for his fighting antics so lets not go there. How many former champs in weight classes above them have GSP, Jones, Bendo, Aldo, Cruz etc, fought?

        • Kris-tyahn

          1st of all Forrest was in no way a “punishment” for Silva, what world are u living in to think that? Bc it sure wasnt said by anyone with half a clue. Forrest beat a 1 dimensional Rampage, wow impressive. How did Rampage do after he lost to Forrest? Just as good as Forrest did after he won the title ….. Not much. Forrest got KTFO by Evans, hence he didnt defend the title, therefore not a “true” champ, though I disagree.

          Anyway, I think you got Forrest beating Silva for his antics, for Forrest being fed to a Lion bc the UFC and Silva needed a highlight reel KO, bc of his last 3 title disasters. Silva a quick & precise striker was going to lose to a big slow brawler?!? LOL okay, he got KTFO by Evans but was going to beat Silva?!? WHAT?!? Forrest was set up to get KOd & got paid for it. “Forrest was suppose to beat Silva for his antics”, after he was KTFO by Evans, who’s half the fighter/striker Silva, with a 3″ shorter reach Bahahahabaha – that’s a good one.

          As for Aldo, GSP & Jones not fighting above weight classes …. Aldo & Jones will and they like Silva fight guys much, much smaller than them. GSP does not, he’s actually a small/avg WW, but if he was to move up to MW, he’d be at a disadvantage like he is now in height, size & reach. Silva is still a big and long LHW & a HUGE MW. But if u give GSP the same type of BUMS silva fought at LHW, at MW & 1 dimensional like Silvas opponents, then not a problem. That means GSP would get to fight 1 dimensional strikers with NO grappling, bc Silva fought 1 dimensional strikers/brawlers with NO wrestling. Playing into Silvas strength, so give GSP the same type and see how he does, regardless of size bc GSP would destroy the same type of fighters Silvas has fought over the majority of his career.

          BTW: Why do people need to move up I. Weight classes?!? Silva can do it so easily bc he fights at a weight division below his original weight class. Silva walks around at HW 225-230lbs, while GSP walks @ 185-190lbs. The weight is FACT, GSP stated it at the press conference after he beat Condit. 30-40lbs difference, not much ….. Wink wink

        • jeremy

          Dude the Bendo nickname doesn’t work. it sound dumb as hell. Hendo works Bendo doesn’t. you guys have to stop with that s***. makes you sounds dumb.

    • Ian Price

      I’ll agree with you, some of his fights have been 10:1 or even 15:1 underdog fights, but Weidman is no slouch. think Sonnen + more punching power, or think Hendo + sick BJJ. Anderson should be something like -350, -400 favorite, but no more.

    • Silva’s gonna be ducking some punches that’s what and Weidman’s gonna be living the dream of being KTFO’d by The Spider.

    • kbroesq

      Exactly what I was thinking. Of course those same losers who say Silva was ducking Weidman will probably now say that Silva is fighting Weidman to get away from a fight with Jones. Honestly, there’s literally nothing Silva can do to keep some people from trash talking. It makes no difference what he does, he’s going to get bashed by people.

      I mean people in this comment thread are literally moving on from insulting him about Weidman to insulting him for not fighting ‘top LHW’s’ Are you kidding me? No other contemporary champion has even gone other weight divisions to fight other guys. Silva does, and he gets insulted for not fighting top LHWs. Give me a f*&$(#& break. He can’t win.

  • bajafox

    Good, now all the Weidman nut huggers can STFU about it already.

    • dan

      Oh, you havent heard? Weidman huggers are already talking about his long layoff. He cried to everyone but Santa Clause for this fight so no excuses, nuthuggers. Now enjoy watching Weidman get the baby fat smacked off his face

      • bajafox

        Making excuses already!? lololol

    • kbroesq

      They’re not going to shut up. What you don’t realize is that they aren’t Weidman ‘nuthuggerz.’ They’re Silva haters. There’s a difference. Look at the comments above. They’re already moving on to a new way to bash Silva.

      • bajafox

        Damn good point!

        • shakejunt

          or maybe they just see potential in someone who was doing bjj for only a year and made adcc.

          can’t someone like silva and still be excited about a new contender?

          • bajafox

            Personally I was hoping Weidman would get the next shot for that exact reason. I was just getting sick and tired of his fanboys whining about it on this site

          • kbroesq

            Heck, I’m excited about Weidman fighting Silva. I think it’s the most compelling and intriguing fight since Sonnen, and before that, since Henderson. But I never see a comment that just indicates someone’s excitement about Weidman; it’s always accompanied by some bash on Silva.

  • Supaman

    Weidman is still untested. Only reason he’s climbed up so far is that Andy already knocked out all the top contenders for him. Weidman’s top 2 wins are Maia and Munoz. Maia isn’t even MW anymore and Munoz biggest win is Maia as well.

    I’m not bashing Weidman or saying he sucks but he should’ve fought at LEAST 1 other contender. Weidman should be fighting Okami to really see where he is.

    Everyone is just tired or rematches and wants to see someone new fight Andy. Weidman does have a style that could cause Andy problems but I think Andy will be smart and use his range well to pick Weidman apart before Weidman can get inside.

    • Ian Price

      I agree with what you said, but I don’t think Okami would beat Weidman. I don’t think anyone at 185 except maybe Vitor or Chael can keep up with Weidman. I hope Weidman wins in July, but those hopes have been smashed so many times before….

  • guyzer

    another young buck who doesnt know enough to give it more time before trying to knock the kind of his throne. 9 wins, although impressive, isnt enough for one to think he can dethrone silva. Not to mention none of his 9 wins are against top level competition…so im sure silva will serve him some humble pie.

  • Armond Harris

    I’m a GSP nut hugger and I heard that Anderson walks around @ 250-260 lbs.

    • will

      Wow your either a troll or naive…I’ll go with moron

      • Armond Harris

        Sarcasm is really hard to pick up on online.

    • Bobby69

      You cannot possibly believe that lol

      • Armond Harris

        Sarcasm my friend, sarcasm.

    • Kris-tyahn

      A nut hugger is NO doubt, along with a pillow biter! I “heard” Silva only wants to take easier fights ….. Ohhh wait a second, that’s fact, bc that’s what Silva said in an interview. WOW now that’s manly and gutsy, to want to fight a much smaller fighter, bc it would be easier is what ALL TRUE champs say and want to do, bc only “fake” champs would want to challenge themselves and take on fights people think you can’t/won’t win!

      BTW: How many champs in any combative sport has a bigger stronger champ ever called out a smaller fighter, then want that fighter to move up for the 1st time in his career & fight him?!? Only one, the apparent “GOAT”

      • Lucas Freire

        Can’t you put your logic on other perspective?
        So AS can’t fight a much smaller GSP,but GSP can fight a much smaller BJ penn?
        So AS can’t fight a much smaller GSP,but Jones can fight a MUCH smaller AS?
        You’re a hater,and that’s all. Jones is a “fair” challenge? Jones is 20 pounds heavier,could easily fight at HW with the weight of guys like Cigano/Cain. He is bigger,stronger and have a reach way above anyone else who is not Slenderman. But if what you want is to bash Silva,who makes everyone on his division look like amateurs,then it’s okay!
        Divisions are there to separate fighters(duh),and on a p4p argument there’ll always be controversy but you can’t deny how accomplished Anderson Silva is.

      • kbroesq

        Yeah, because Silva has been fighting the easier opponents his whole career. Oh wait – actually, he’s never turned down a fight and actually went to another weight division to fight other guys (something no contemporary champ has done).

        By the way, and before I say this, I just want to say that I love GSP, but I love the irony of all your Silva hate comments, when your picture is of a guy who just demanded to fight Nick Diaz, who just lost to Condit, who just lost to GSP. I don’t normally engage in “MMA Math” but Condit and Diaz offer the same type of style that provides no problem for GSP.

        I can’t imaging how many keyboards you would break typing insults if Silva ever demanded a fight under similar circumstances. You obviously hate Silva for some other reason that you’re not disclosing.

  • tipsyhippy

    hahahahahahaha poor chris, he dont sound so fuhqn smug now the fight is on. good luck cw your guna need it

  • Rory

    Seems lots of people like to play the old I know more than you do, and your opinion means s*** , which makes you a moron or an idiot or nuthugger! on here!!. I think I’ll just enjoy this fight and let the match makers do what they do! Also looking forward to the great matchups on 158!

  • UFC Politics Suck

    Weidman is coming off of a long layoff AND a lot of personal crisis. I don’t think coming back to a fight with Anderson Silva under those conditions is the best idea, but I appreciate fighters who take great challenges when they come.

  • uncle

    I love how dumb people think CW has been to the mountain
    top like the spider people talk about Weidman like he is
    Bruce Lee no more then just building him up to get him
    knocked out

  • Adam Bianski

    Can we at least have Silva run a marathon and knock out a guy like hector lombard first. That way this fight would be somewhat fare.

    • Charlie Bronson

      First off learn how to spell FAIR, u are a perfect example of how our educational institutions have failed. Second your u make no sense… I guess it’s back to the trailor park with you

  • Asa

    finally he agreed, lol was made too. ppl hate chris cause hes only foughf five fights in the ufc but silva fought ony once and beat leban woooo to get his title shot, and look how great he ended up being! 5 wins in the ufc requires great skill and def makes u a top contender. and ppl say hes beaten only bums lol ufc bums r pretty beastly. damian was a top mw when he fought, so good he got a title shot, and munoz was the num one contender so u beat the man u r the man. he beat num 1 contender so he is num 1 contender, now just time to kill the king and take.the throne.

    • jeremy

      Munoz was NOT the number one man lol he was up there but was not the clear cut number 1 contender. and with your logic then silva should fight Mir or another top HW and with no rounds.. they did it in the past so why not now?! your logic sucks and is stupid

      • Asa

        y would he fight mir or any hw? i never said anything about him fighting outside the mw! your dumb lol. all i said is weidman deserves his shot after 5 straight wins in the ufc, since silva only beat 1 guy lol.

  • Joseph Abajian

    Might be too soon for Chris to fight Anderson, one more fight for Chris would of been a better move. Hopefully Silva doesn’t embarrass him like almost everyone he fought.

  • MMAniac

    Anderson Silva is the best FIGHTER in the history of Fighting. ie. Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, etc. and all you haters can continue to hate because he wouldnt be great if you didnt hate( yes it rhymes). anyways. i think instead of Sonnen getting Jones, it should have been Chael Sonnen vs Chris Weidman and if Weidman won then, THEN he would truly be a top contender.

  • nuff sed dan…lol b care ful wat u wish for …is ez to visualize beatting anderson

  • Weman

    Weidman fans can finally see their home boy get his beat down and shut up. Weidman has no chance!!!!

  • joeshmoe2000

    Anderson Silva is right out of the freaking Matrix. Once he gets into the ring, gauges his opponents he then finishes them off. Unless Weidman pulls a Chael Sonnen he won’t stand a chance. The only thing that has proven to be Silva’s achilles’ heel is a good wrestler who can manage to even take him down. Silva learned from the first fight with Chael Sonnen and in the second yeah Chael took him down in the first round but then Silva executed the “don’t get taken down” plan and put a serious hurt on Chael with that knee to his chest. Weidman will suffer the exact same fate.