Renan Barao Medical Issues Caused by a Simple Mistake, Wants to Tear Dillashaw’s Head Off

August 31, 2014
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Barao-Dillashaw-UFC-173-Media-Day-2Former UFC bantamweight champion Renan Barao was forced out of his planned rematch with TJ Dillashaw on Saturday’s UFC 177 fight card due to medical issues while cutting weight before Friday’s weigh-in in Sacramento, Calif.

After Barao fell out of the fight, the UFC enlisted newcomer Joe Soto to step in and challenge Dillashaw for the title.

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There was a lot of speculation about just what those medical issues were, leading Barao’s intended opponent, TJ Dillashaw, to declare that Barao was scared and didn’t really want another fight with him.

Barao took the airwaves on Saturday night to explain his side of the story, detailing to UFC broadcaster Joe Rogan on Fox Sports 1 just what happened.

I was dehydrating in the bathtub, I fainted, I hit my head,” said Barao. “I was taken to the hospital. I don’t remember anything before or after, I just remember waking up in the hospital.”

There were no significant injuries from falling and hitting his head, and the weight cutting he was doing didn’t cause any other issues, either, according to Barao.

“I was fine. My weight was around what I come in regularly for a fight week,” he said, noting that the process was nothing out of the ordinary.

“I was fine. Everything was going great the whole week. The whole thing was I hit my head in the bathtub, and that’s when it all went down.”

Rogan pressed Barao on the matter, finding it difficult to understand how things were going as they should if the procedure forced him to blackout.

Barao, however, didn’t believe the process was to blame, but a simple mistake that he made.

“I’ve had 35 fights cutting weight this method. It’s always been fine for me. I think the whole problem was that I got up too fast and blacked out.”

In Dillashaw’s eyes, it’s all an excuse, an excuse to not have to fight him again.

“He’s scared. He don’t want it,” exclaimed Dillashaw. “His coaches wanted it more than he did. It’s kind of funny, he’s never missed weight before.”

That didn’t sit well with Barao, who made mention of his disappointment that the fight wasn’t happening, while also taking aim at Dillashaw for the champion’s comments about him.

“I’m very sad to not be fighting tonight. I’m very disappointed not to be fighting. I want to come back and I want to face TJ. He’s been saying a lot of things and I want to come in here and I want to tear his head off,” exclaimed Barao.

“I want to come in there and I want him to have to eat everything he’s said about me.”

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  • DamianCross

    you already had 5 rounds to tear his head off. didn’t go so well.

    • George Sperry

      The reason they fight is because one NEVER knows what will happen. Just because it went one way the first time is no guarantee of the result the second time.
      It’s widely speculated Barao received a concussion in the first rd and fought the rest of the fight in a fog.
      I’m not sure how you can think he will get another one in the second fight.

      • DamianCross

        #AndersonLost #Iwassick #MotivatedBJ #Beeftaretare #Chuckthumbedhiseye

        • George Sperry

          I have NO idea what that means.

        • yourmother

          #’s are for fukin losers

      • Joe

        If he got a in the first and fought the rest of the fight in a fog then his corner should be fired as they put him in a situation to potentially get career ending/lifelong damage.

        • George Sperry

          Not sure how the corner would necessarily KNOW he had a concussion and yes it is dangerous to get further damage to someone concussed, but I can’t imagine someone giving up their belt on the suspicion of concussion.
          Fighting is brutal and so are fighters.

      • Gianni Lee

        Chuck Liddell could fight Tito 10 times, and would whoop him 10 times. The TRUTH is, the guy who wins (the first time) is typically the guy who would win if they fought again.

  • Steve555

    Big words from someone who already ha his ass handed to him. If he indeed wants to “tear his head off” then he had his chance and he and his team should have began the weight cutting earlier. H and his team alone are to blame for their failure. Mean time Soto put in a hell of a performance for one days notice. Suck on that Barao.

  • brad king

    Dillishaw “frankie edgared” him and he had no answers! Barao is no Aldo for sure. After beating up 3rd string brazilian club fighters for most of his career His 30 fight win streak is very suspicious.Maybe Dillishaw would be on a 40 fight win streak if he fought the opponents Barao did.

  • Robby Clark

    Well he’s gona have a tough couple fights before he’s allowed to fight Dillishaw again.. Dropping out of a main event fight before weigh-ins doesn’t look good no matter who’s fault it is