Renan Barão is Likely Next for TJ Dillashaw; But What About Assuncao and Faber?

June 14, 2014
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Barao-Dillashaw-UFC-173-Media-Day-2Despite his domination of the former champ, current UFC bantamweight champion TJ Dillashaw is likely to face Renan Barão, the man he took the belt from, in an immediate rematch in his first defense of the belt.

UFC president Dana White, in his second media scrum in as many days in Vancouver, said that Dillashaw was rewarded with a new, more lucrative contract after knocking off Barão at UFC 173 in May. Although he ruled the fight from start to finish, he’ll likely have to do it all again.

“What we did was, we brought him into the office and ripped his contract up into tiny little pieces and made him a new one,” White said, but he wasn’t ready to move him away from the Brazilian, who hadn’t lost in 33 consecutive bouts prior to losing the title.

“It’s probably going to be a Barão rematch,” White answered when asked who is next for Dillashaw. “How do you not? The guy was undefeated all those years.

“I agree Barão got a five-round ass whooping and got finished, but how does it not make sense to give him a rematch? And who doesn’t want to see it?”

There are a few people that don’t want to see it. Or rather, they’d like to see other fights first.

Raphael Assuncao is surely one man that is rooting against a Dillashaw vs. Barão rematch.

Assuncao is undefeated since making the move to bantamweight in 2011. He’s won six consecutive bouts, including a split-decision victory over Dillashaw that earned Fight of the Night honors.

Another person that doesn’t think Barão should get an immediate rematch is Dillashaw’s coach, Duane “Bang” Ludwig.

Dillashaw rose to the greatest successes of his career under the tutelage of Ludwig, and has said he fully intends to continue working with Ludwig and his Bang Muay Thai system even though Ludwig is no longer the head coach at the Team Alpha Male gym in California.

Confronted with the idea of the rematch, Ludwig said, “TJ’s Bang Muay Thai is too strong for Barão.”

And like many other people, Assuncao was the first name to roll off Ludwig’s tongue when asked whom he felt deserved the title shot right now more than Barão. And if not Assuncao, Ludwig said that Dillashaw’s teammate and mentor Urijah Faber is deserving.

That’s not to say that Ludwig is stirring the pot between the longtime teammates, although both fighters have gone on record saying that while they don’t necessarily want to fight each other, under the right circumstances, they would.

Faber, however, is coming off of a second loss to Barão, which sandwiched four consecutive victories. So he isn’t likely to get a shot without first stringing together a few wins.

White wasn’t proposing the fight by any means, but backed the idea that Dillashaw vs. Faber wasn’t out of the realm of possibility at some point, in fact, it was quite the opposite.

“They’ll fight each other tomorrow,” he said. “Trust me, that fight is absolutely one of the other ones that could happen, too.”

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  • Seth

    “And who doesn’t want to see it?” Me. That makes NO SENSE. He was pretty much murdered by TJ. He picked him APART. Doing what he wanted and when he wanted. How that gives you a right to get a rematch right away?

    • Manuel Lopez

      I agree with you.

    • Maddawgmar

      Unless you really hate Barao, and want to see him get the shït kicked out of him again, no one wants to see this fight. Assuncao is the only logical choice. I’d like to see Barao take a little time off to get his head back, then possibly trying to fight Dom if he can be ready. Winner fights TJ/Assuncao winner.

      • Seth

        I wouldn’t want that even if I hated him. Why? Why would I wish to see him getting murdered again? Even then I wouldn’t wish him bad and I wouldn’t want to see him get hurt.

        I like Renan, but he’s not near another shot at the belt.

  • jimmy777


    The dude got his aZs kicked, whats with these rematches??? NO MORE IMMEDIATE REMATCH!!

  • Manuel Lopez

    Why would Faber be considered in another title shot? Give me a break!! Enough is enough!

    • Dragon Kid

      I know right. he’s had like three title shots already.

  • Austin, TX

    Thats the dumbest stupidest no sense makin assanine *ss logic I’ve ever heard. Why????? does he get a rematch after the *ss kicking???? Why???????? WHy doesn’t he have to go down and earn the rematch like everybody else? He was undeafeated all those years fighting nobodies until he made it to the big leagues that is, Dana. You’re playing favorites and running roughshod over other people because of your ax to grind about your precious Barao who you touted as the greatest who just got his little $ss thumped. Let him earn his rematch.

    • Seth

      Because Dana and UFC knows people will buy that anyway as it was sold as one of the biggest upsets ever. It was an upset, but it wasn’t big. UFC wants to sell it as Barao’s “first bad night in 10 years”, but that’s ridiculous.

  • Dragon Kid

    faber deserving of a title shot? he just had one not that long ago. makes sense to have a barao rematch since the first was an unexpected upset nobody saw coming. winner of the the rematch should fight assuncao.

    • Seth

      Are you blind, insane or high? How the F he deserves a title shot after getting the s%$# beat out of him for 5 rounds? And it wasn’t unexpected, if you kept your eye on TJ before and saw how much he improved – you knew he has a shot against Renan. If you think that Renan deserves a rematch right away, then I guess you didn’t mind Pat B***h Curran getting rematch too and wouldn’t mind seeing ex-wannabes like Wandarlei fighting for the belt.

      Educate yourself first, before you speak about something you have no idea about. Being beat up and pretty much bullied for 25 minutes does NOT earn you a title fight in the UFC. It may be the case in Bellator, but not here, son.

      • Dragon Kid

        Dillashaw is still unknown to many fans so most assume he’d lose to Barao until they saw what happened. He was the underdog in that fight was he not? It’s not just what you think. Barao gets the title shot because it makes sense business & moneywise. He was the champ the last two years & hadn’t been defeated since what, 2005? Winner of the fight takes on Assuncao next or whoever the next challenger is. Go educate yourself about business & smart marketing. I didn’t hear anyone complain when Anderson got a rematch with Weidman after he KO’ed his ass in their first fight.

        • Austin, TX

          true but Weidman agreed to it beforehand and was even the one that suggested it. and it was a strange fight in some peoples eyes. (not me.) Barao fight was totally different man. it was just a title fight where one guy got thumped and then tko’d. no auto rematch bs. its like saying the Celtics should rematch the Lakers after the series or something, or the Heat and the Spurs. like it never happened the first time. no new season no new playoffs. just auto rematch. like it didn’t just happen.

          • Dragon Kid

            By making TJ face the former champ, it will test him to see if the first fight was a fluke or he’s the real deal and for UFC to build him up as a fighter coz Dillashaw isn’t exactly a well known guy still. By having him face Assuncao again so soon wont generate much interest main event wise for a ppv card.

          • Seth

            Giving a title shot to someone who just got MURDERED in a title fight makes even less sense. If you are ready to pay for bs like that, you are just another puppet, ready to pay for whatever Dana says. I like DW, agree with majority of what he says – but not this time. Assuncao was meant to fight Barao, but injury kept him out of it – he EARNED his title shot. Now its time for Renan to do same thing.

          • Dragon Kid

            Dillashaw vs Assuncao won’t attract many ppl to watch the fight. Makes sense to do Dillashaw vs Barao II. The former just isn’t an money attraction fight until the rematch happens first.

          • Seth

            So yes. You are stupid. Let’s become fn Viacom and push back rightfull contenders, just because we need to have certain fighter as a champion. Sorry, it works only on Spike TV. So go and watch them, as in your definition their decisions “make sense”. But here its simple – he lost the belt, he has to make his way up. UNLESS TJ says he wants that fight. It’s the only way it can be justified.

          • Dragon Kid

            Yes you’re stupid as you know nothing about marketing fighters or a fight card. The rematch is happening whether you like it or not. You crying about it won’t change. Nobody’s forcing you to watch the fight. Go watch Bellator if you’re gonna lose sleep over this, punk.

          • Seth

            Idiot, Im not taking about marketing fights – as that’s obvious, duh. Im just saying it makes NO SENSE to give a LOSER who just get MURDERED for 5 ROUNDS another title shot out of nowhere. Learn to read, dummy.

          • Dragon Kid

            Well duh obviously you dunno much about name value or marketing either. It makes no sense to put two guys on a main event when nobody knows who they are. That’s why Barao is on there so they’re able to build up TJ more. God, how bloody slow are you ….

  • Nowayjose

    If it had been a flash ko or a quick sub, I would understand. Even a close decision would warrant an immediate rematch. But a five round beating capped off with a finish? Give it up Dana nobody wants this rematch. Put your foot in your mouth for once and let your proclaimed “greatest pound for pound” earn the shot that he in no way deserves. This rematch would be like giving shogun an immediate rematch after jones demoed him. Get a life