Renan Barao Explains What Happened That Led To His UFC 177 Removal (Video)

August 31, 2014
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(Courtesy of Fox Sports)

Former UFC bantamweight champion Renan Barao spoke for the first time since being removed from the UFC 177 main event against current titleholder T.J. Dillashaw.

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  • George Sperry

    I don’t know what you can do to stop the huge weight cutting prior to fights. It’s dangerous but like steroids they do it and it would require massive monitoring to stop.

    • Mike mckinney

      If they cared to stop weight cutting they wouldn’t have male weight classes that are equal to the weight kids are in middle school.
      Yes people cut weight in the higher weight classes (even heavyweight) however it’s silly to have a weight class in which there are almost no athletes walking around at. Worst yet they plan on having smaller divisions than they already have.

    • TheCerealKiller

      Weigh them twice. Once the day before, like they already do, and again a few hours before the fight. If they were still dehydrating themselves hour before a fight, they wouldn’t be able to perform. That would stop it.

      • deepgrim

        i would like to see them weighed just before the fight too. better in the long run for everyone. Some fighters seriously hurting their insides with these cuts

        • Joe Dog

          The weight cuts are child’s play in comparison to the physical injuries and brain trauma sustained in competition.

          • deepgrim

            that is true too, but at least this is minimising a part of the damage the fighter can control themselves. Also if fighters are training closer to the weight they fight at it is easier to get late replacements for the events.

    • Yannick Messaoud

      They compete at weight they are not able to stay. If its natural weight is 160 pounds and after a fight he gets back to this weight then he needs before is next fight to drop to 136 pounds its really hard. Get the sauna, water techniques huge training schedule and the low carb diet and you got the worst. Most of the MMA fighters should fight close to there natural weight, say a fighter is 160 pounds then he should fight at 155 pounds, natural 200 pounds then 185 pounds but its still a good weight cut. Not sure why the UFC has no laws against this yet. Phil Baroni used to be 205 pounds then he went down to 170 pounds not sure if he did not drop to 155 at one point its just silly cause they cant seem to win close to there natural weight. I used to compete in tae kwon do when i was younger i was a natural 170 pounder, and competed at 163 pounds my teacher used to be a natural 130 pounder and yet tortured himself to get to 117 pounds that was just sick.

  • Timothy Malone

    For those that dont know the conversion, in the video Barao says he cuts “10 kilos”; that is a little over 20 pounds.

    • TheCerealKiller

      That’s 22 pounds, 14% of his body weight!

  • Joe Dog

    With age, these radical cuts will be more difficult.