Rehab Time on Injured Hand Forced Rashad Evans Out of Potential UFC 140 Bout with Jon Jones

October 5, 2011
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Rashad Evans

Rashad Evans really, really wanted to fight Jon Jones in December.

Rumors began surfacing on Wednesday that the UFC were trying to put together a December fight at UFC 140 between light heavyweight champion Jon Jones and challenger Rashad Evans, but UFC president Dana White quickly threw water on the story stating that Evans still had pins in his hand from an injury suffered in his fight with Tito Ortiz.

Sources speaking to verified that Evans actually had the pins removed from his hand on Wednesday, but the former light heavyweight champion will have to undergo about three weeks of physical therapy before he’s allowed to return to full training.

Evans is scheduled to appear at this weekend’s UFC Fan Expo in Houston, and will not begin his treatment until next week.

By the time the treatment ends, Evans would only be about four weeks out from his scheduled bout with Jon Jones, also not knowing if physical therapy would go well or if he wouldn’t suffer any setbacks during that time period.

According to sources, Evans was chomping at the bit to accept a fight with Jones in December, but the hand injury and his doctor’s advice simply outweighed his desire.

For now however, Evans will rehab his hand and wait for the call from the UFC to book his fight with Jon Jones.

It just won’t be on Dec. 10 at UFC 140.

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  • How did this rumor get started anyway? It seemed to gain steam quickly and almost every MMA website was reporting that the fight was pretty much a done deal and would likely be signed, sealed and delivered by the end of the day yesterday. Then Dana came out and shot it down and seemed pretty fired up about all the false reports. He went as far as saying “Don’t listen to these HACK shit websites!! Jones vs Evans is not true.” and “Just did a 2 hour press conf at 11 this am and told ALL the media that Jones vs Evans would NOT happen @140. Then HACKS say it is.”

    Strong words from Mr White.

  • MMAWeekly deserves some credit. When I first read about this fight it was on Sherdog where they reported it as a done deal (their update completely wiped away the original post). I come to my preferred news source here and they were saying it might or might not happen so I was confused. Then White comes out and shoots it down. Score one for you guys for not jumping the gun.

  • PappaK

    Just means the Jones-Evans fight will likely be part of the big New Year’s or Super Bowl card. Cooool.

    • PappaK

      LOL… oops, guess not. What a shame.