Refocused at Lightweight, Ryan Quinn Makes Titan FC Debut on Friday Night

December 19, 2014
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Following his split from Bellator earlier this year, things have been a little more difficult for Ryan Quinn, but overall right now things are going well in his career.

Undefeated in his last three bouts, Quinn has been able to put his career back on track after a stretch that saw him lose two of three bouts.

Quinn credits his move down in weight as the biggest cause for his recent success.

“It’s been going well, but difficult in the sense that I’m not with Bellator anymore, so I’ve got to find my own fights,” Quinn told “It’s hard to do that with travelling and everything like that. It’s hard fighting on smaller shows.

“I’m at 155 pounds now. I had my first fight at the weight last year. I’ve won two fights this year, and I’m on a three-fight winning streak and am just looking to keep that going.”

For Quinn, the decision to move down in weight came as his opposition got tougher.

“It was a long time coming, but the worst possible thing could be happening to me at 170 pounds: I was winning,” Quinn joked. “I didn’t realize how high the level of competition was, you need every benefit you can, and I needed the size at 155 pounds.

“I feel more coordinated. I heal faster because I’m not carrying around as much weight. I’m a little quicker. I honestly don’t feel the difference in strength. I know that sounds weird, but I feel like I’m a better athlete at 155 pounds.”

Quinn (11-4-1) will look to pick up his fourth win in a row when he makes his Titan FC debut on Friday night against undefeated prospect Milan Zerjal (6-0) in Lowell, Miss.

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“I think I just need to fight my fight,” said Quinn of his match with Zerjal. “I’ve watched his videos a couple of times, but then left that to my coaches, because I just worry about me. If I fight just being me, I’ll win this fight.”

While Quinn is not sure where he could be headed should he defeat Zerjal, he is focused on staying busy in 2015 no matter where he ends up.

“MMA is so funny right now with what a record means these days,” said Quinn. “Being that this guy is undefeated, he’s getting looked at by top promotions like Titan, I think (a win) will be great for me.

“Who’s next? That’s all I’m looking forward to.”

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  • Maks

    Hey Ryan, do you realise now why top promotions were looking for Zerjal? 6-0 is nothing compared what Zerjal has to offer…