Referees & Judges Selected for UFC 141

December 12, 2011
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Lesnar and Overeem

The referees and judges have been selected for UFC 141: Lesnar vs Overeem.

In a hearing held on Monday by the Nevada State Athletic Commission, Executive Director Keith Kizer suggested referees Herb Dean, Mario Yamasaki and Yves Lavigne for the night’s duties.

Upon Kizer’s suggestion, Yamasaki was selected as the referee for the main event between Alistair Overeem and Brock Lesnar.

In addition to the referees, the judges that will score the fights on Dec 30 will be Adalaide Byrd, Patricia Morse-Jarman, Glenn Trowbridge, Tony Weeks, Doug Crosby and Sal D’Amato.

For the Overeem vs. Lesnar match-up the three judges approved were Jarman, Trowbridge and Crosby.

UFC 141: Lesnar vs Overeem takes place on Dec 30 in Las Vegas.

  • Earny

    Good, Dean won’t be refing the main event. God forbid someone gets hit, he would stop the fight.

    • MikeMc1983

      They don’t have to get hit silly. Someone just has to be in a position where they might get hit. If so, fight over.

  • tsszaltax

    One of your band wagon fighters must have lost a fight due to an amazing stoppage by Herb Dean. Unlike the majority of these fighters, Dean himself trains and competes in MMA. He’s in a far better place than any of the refs or even the die hard fans to call a stop. Even Dana White says he’s the best in the business. And if that means nothing to you, go watch the videos he has about how much he HATES refs and judges. For someone to hate em so much, he praises Dean up and down.

    • RonnieV

      I think Herb Dean is best in MMA, Big John is the only one close. If anyone complains about stoppages then they should be bitching about Mazzagati I just hope these referees study the fighters before they work a fight. Many fighters get stronger once they get clocked.

  • MikeMc1983

    I’m pretty sure all of the fighters train in mma. I’m not quite sure what a band wagon fighter is, so I don’t know if there was an amazing stop they got. I know I’ve heard Dana say herb is the best. I wasn’t aware that because he said so, that it means it’s true.
    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. If your one of the people that believe it’s better to stop 20 fights too early, then have one fight stopped too late. Than herb should be your guy, because that seems to be his ratio. (Dana is one of those guys.)

    • grahamharkin

      Could you please list 20 fights that Herb Dean has stopped too early? Please? I personally thought Hendo/Fedor was stopped too early, until I watched the replay, from a different angle, then I realised it was just.

      (By the way, you’ve mixed your “than” and “then”.)

      • SubtextMEG

        I would also like this list, I actually went to his seminar when he was in TO. Dude knows what he’s doing – and as it was stated earlier he trains and has fought MMA. He makes calls based on the fighters well-being not yours bro. You’d be hard pressed to find anyone better than him, Big John and Rosenthal are pretty good too though.

    • tsszaltax

      You’re pretty sure all fighters train in mma? Yea, me too……at least we agree on something!

  • sb

    See this is what’s hilarious. First of all, how can you even make a judgement from your couch as to whether it should be stopped or not? Are you right there to hear the audible from the fighter who just got sent into next week? Did you hear his jaw crack when he got hit? Did you him gurgle when a choke was being applied? Did you here the crack on his skull and his involuntary gasp right before he went down?
    What’s funny is that yes when the fight is stopped the fighter miraculously gains consciousnous and gets to his feet as if nothing happened. If fact most of time they didn’t even know what happened. What’s actually the truth is that if the ref were to allow the fight to continue then the fighter would get 5,6,7 or more blows to the head and we would see more and more fighters ending up with concussions and brain damage like the NFL.

    This sport is still on shaky ground and if we allow it to continue with backyard and street alley rules, then you can surely kiss it goodbye.

    btw its true that some fighters get stronger or more focused when they get hit but there’s a difference between getting hit and getting clocked. Clocked is when you fall to the ground and have 4 or 5 more unanswered blows to the head.

  • RubeKegal

    tsszaltax, on Dana’s nuts much?? “Even Dana said he’s the best” — yeah dumbass, cuz Dana hates Big John and doesn’t get along with Yamasaki who is phenomenal.

    Herb stopped – Fedor/Hendo early
    – He stopped Dodson/Dillashaw early
    – Calvacante’s RNC on Bobby Green at end of 2nd totally blown call
    – Missed Akira Corassani’s tap vs Dustin Neace

    ^^ those are only ones off the top of my head. If I researched it, I bet I can find alot more.

    • tsszaltax

      LOL….Before you make such a ridiculous statement you should understand the purpose of the original statement. The statement meant that if someone such as Dana White, who cant stand refs and judges, can say someone is so good at what he does, thats a heck of a compliment. And you can critisize Dana White all you want, obviously the dude knows the fight game. Deny that, and you’re just a hater.

      Oh, and by the way, apparently Im not the only one that thinks Dean is the best, look at the poll. But I guess that means nothing in your books either because internet people dont know what they’re talking about.

  • RubeKegal

    Big John and Yamasaki are the best in the biz hands down.

  • RubeKegal

    Also, you dont think he liked the fact Dean stopped Fedor/Hendo? OF COURSE HE DOES!!!!

  • Earny

    So because Dana White said something, that makes it a fact?

    The only reason White even said that is he was hating on Big John at the time. Everything White does/says is for a reason that benefits himself. Maybe one day he can complete a sentence without letting an explective fly. He should have fired himself when he fired Miguel Torres. White is a bigger disgrace to MMA than Torres anyway.

  • Obarmarama

    I used to like Herb Dean, but the guy is a victim of his own hype. He knows he has fans, and is highly overrated in my opinion. Every time I see him in a high profile fight, my enthusiasm drops because I know he will step in too early. Firstly, Dana is full of ****, talks crap most of the time and is no authority in mma, so please don’t quote him. He’s like the ******bag rich kid at school, and if you listen to what he has to say about the FOX fight (a huge disappointment, and badly done- just admit it) Fedor, all the times he says that he “cares about fighter safety” and agrees with a ref, firing Torres but keeping Rashad and Forrest. This guy is not a class act, and he is insincere and fake. Dean does have a tendancy to stop fights early these days and it sucks. I don’t want to see fighters get hurt, but this is a fighting sport with elite athletes. They train for 3-6 months intensively for each fight, put everything they have into that training camp for one night, and it must suck for a fighter for the ref to stop it when they could have continued. Fedor was stunned against Hendo, but he is an elite athlete and has been rocked and recovered before. He was not lying there unconscious or in a foetal position. The guy has been dropped on his head before for christ’s sake, and of course Dana is gonna love Herb Dean for that. Saying Herb trains mma means absoultely nothing in my books. I know a lot of ******* who train mma. Training MMA is a whole world apart from fighting mma, and another universe apart from being an elite level mma fighter. Nobody wants to see a fighter take unecessary blows, but it really ruins the sport when fights are stopped too early. I son’t watch mma to see blood, or a dude get pounded on. i watch it to see skill, and courage under adversity. When a fighter gets hurt and comes back to win. Cheik Kongo’s incredible victory against Pat Berry would never have been witnessed if Herb was reffing that fight.

    • tsszaltax

      Lets start at the top of this wall of nonsense. “Dana White is no authority in mma”…K, he’s only the president of the largest MMA company there has EVER been, and is credited for making the sport as big as it is today. Good call with that statement! LOL…”He is insincere and fake”…really? How insincere and fake was he when Rampage was looking at time because of his nonsense and he went out there personally to see to it he was okay? Or making it a personal goal to get ALL these fighters the insurance plan they needed? I can go on and on about things he’s done for other people. The fact is, the man is a higher authority then you or anyone reading this will EVER be, and being a friend, AND boss simply doesnt work. “Fedor was stunned but he was an elite athlete…..”….Fedor himself didnt even cry about the stoppage, and he laid on the ground for several minutes after he stopped the fight so he obviously was a little more then stunned….it doesnt take someone to be unconscious to stop a fight, and if you knew anything about MMA, you’d know that. “Saying Herb trains mma means nothing in my books”….well, who are you? I didnt say he “only” trains in mma, he also FIGHTS mma, which by your own definition, is a whole different universe. So sounds to me the guy has all angles covered. What skills do you have to see from your couch or local bar whats too early? See the earlier comments sb made, he nailed it. Oh, and by the way, you too should look at the poll, looks like myself and Dana White arent the only ones that think Dean is the best in the business.

      • Obarmarama

        Firstly, “Oh, and by the way, you too should look at the poll, looks like myself and Dana White arent the only ones that think Dean is the best in the business.” Who takes part in polls? Are you seriously using that as an argument? 12 year olds, pussies, and noobs vote in polls; certainly not any real intelligent fans/ fighters.

        Secondly, “K, he’s only the president of the largest MMA company there has EVER been, and is credited for making the sport as big as it is today. Good call with that statement! LOL” I think that RubeKegal answered that adequately. That makes him tghe opposite of an authority on mma. He’s only going to say things that are good for business, because he is about the mooonnneeey. Sure, he was a fan, and he took the sport to where it is by “using the Fertida Brother’s Millions”, but the guy is an idiot, he has played his role, and it’s time to hand over to somebody else. Just listening to him justify why Forrest’s “Rape is the new Missionary position” comment just highlights how immature and moronic this guy is. He is not professional, and MMA would be served by having somebody intelligent who can be mature and professional in times of trouble. Can you believe that he is sitting there saying “What Miguel did was unforgivable. But Forrest (a big cashcow for the UFC) he was flicking through some channels and saw rape, missionary position, then rape, and thought he’d put a comment on twitter. If anything it was critiquing rape, which is why we fined his ass and made him donate money to a rape charity, because he brings teh ufc money, urrm I mean he was switching channels”. Dana is an idiot rich kid, and don’t say he is an authority on mma, it makes you look stupider than you are (if that’s at all possible). It’s like saying that Don King is an authority on boxing. “Personal Goal”? are you seriously joking when you say that Dana White did that insurance thing of his own back? He has pressure from all sorts of groups and unions to treat fighters fairly, and he sees it as a huge pain in the ass given that fighters pull out of fights to have injuries treated on insurance. He needs to get New York, but they hate his ass, although this is a significant step towards legalisation in that state (it was being veto’d by workers unions citing that Dana doesn’t treat fighters fairly, pay them as much as they should be paid, and as opposed to boxing, Football, etc, fighters are not insured by the company) so that’s why he did it, not out of the goodness of his own heart. And thanks to Fertitta’s money, the UFC is a huge company making millions of dollars, and fighters should get treated right. Rampage was a huge star, and they had given him a ton of money to sign with UFC. Please, if that was Miguel Torres, or somebody without mass appeal, Dana would have done his “That guy will never fight in the UFC again” spiel. You are clearly a newbie, or an armchair fat guy who watches Fox News and believes everything they say. Form your own opinion man. You were wrong about Fedor too. He questioned the stoppage, and that speaks volumes given the humble man that he is. I believe he stood up right away, and when interviewed in the ring, said “Not to take anything away from Dan Henderson, but I felt they stopped the fight a little early”.

  • RubeKegal

    tss, you are showing your “retardisms”. Thats right, Dana is NOT an authority in MMA, he owns the biggest company and says things that put the most $ in his pocket.

    He said Rampage beat Machida..anyone who watched that fight knows its flat out BS, and Dana doesn’t like Machida’s style as it causes non-exciting fights.

    He fires Miguel Torres for his “Surprise Van” comment, but Forrest and Rashad can get away with their horrific statements.

    The guy is a douchebag AT BEST and is in no way a judger of fights or in any line to do anything but stay behind the scenes and keep his mouth shut.

    Dean is NOT the best in the business, Big John and Yamasaki are clearly better.

  • tsszaltax

    Blah blah blah…..both of your words mean as much to me as mine is to you. You can talk about fat arm chair internet people all you want but the fact is you are no more to me as I am to you. So spout your insults all you want, they mean nothing. For the both of you to sit there and say how “stupid” and how much of an idiot Dana White is just show you’re haters. You’re favorite fighters have probably got handled by one of the “cash cows” and are bitter. The only thing…the ONLY THING any of us can go off of in a flame war (which regardless how intelligent you try to make yourself sound, this is EXACTLY what it is), is numbers of the people involved. Regardless what you think of the people that probably voted on the poll, looks like Im with the majority. Go on and talk about how little you care about what others say, and how stupid internet people are but keep in mind, that’s all you are to me. /done, but I promise you’ll continue to flame me because you cant fight it. Watch, he will post again 😉

  • RubeKegal

    I don’t care what the internet poll says. 50% of fans who watch MMA don’t know how to think for themselves. Whenever Dana or Rogan says something, there is a huge contingent who hits the internet to support the theory even if its blatantly false.

    Did Rampage beat Machida? F*CK NO!!! but since Dana said it, all the retards on Sherdog were trying to pull out there calculators and come up with theory’s like “Well Rampage did hammerfists Lyoto’s thigh about 15 times while underneath side control.

    Another reason you can go take your poll and shove it up your poopchute is this: When is the last time you heard someone say, “Terrible stoppage by Big John!” or “Yamasaki did the wrong thing there!” It doesn’t happen, because they are the best in the business.

    Like I said, people don’t know how to think for themselves and if MMAWEEKLY publishes an article tomorrow about how Dana White thinks Mario Yamasaki is the best referee, I would bet my left testicle that Yamasaki would be atop your precious poll.