Reebok Joins UFC in Support of Jon Jones Entering Drug Rehabilitation Program

January 7, 2015
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Much like his bosses at the UFC, Jon Jones’ new sponsor, Reebok, is standing behind him, issuing a statement of support after it was revealed that Jones tested positive for the cocaine metabolite benzoylecgonine in early December, but recently checked into a drug rehabilitation center.

Jon Jones Reebok“We commend Jon for taking the necessary steps to address this issue, and we will support him in any way we can,” Reebok announced in a statement on Tuesday. “The status of Jon’s relationship with Reebok has not changed.”

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UFC president Dana White’s message read much the same, saying, “I am proud of Jon Jones for making the decision to enter a drug treatment facility. I’m confident that he’ll emerge from this program like the champion he truly is.”

While the UFC said, “We support UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones’ decision to enter a drug treatment facility to address his recent issue. While we are disappointed in the failed test, we applaud him for making this decision to enter a drug treatment facility. Jon is a strong, courageous fighter inside the Octagon, and we expect him to fight this issue with the same poise and diligence. We commend him on his decision, and look forward to him emerging from this program a better man as a result.”

The fallout from the failed test and Jones revealing that he has entered a drug treatment program has been scattered. Many people, much like Reebok and the UFC, commended Jones for admitting he has a problem and voluntarily checking into a rehab program, while other harshly condemned the UFC and the Nevada Athletic Commission for not revealing the result prior to Jones’ recent bout with Daniel Cormier.

While it appears that Jones is unlikely to receive any punishment that alters the outcome of the fight with Cormier or effects his standing as champion, the Nevada Commission is likely to take a long hard look at why Jones was administered a test for recreational substances – which the World Anti-Doping Association standard doesn’t recognize as actionable when done during an out-of-competition period – and it and the promotion’s handling of the fallout from the test.

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  • jesoos

    Well obviously, since the UFC and Reebok just signed a major (uniform) deal.
    I feel embarrassed for the people dumb enough to fall for UFC’s bullsh!t. The UFC long ago stopped being a legitimate MMA organization.

    • jessos1

      Is this Bob Arum?

  • Kim

    People should take american chillpill! hes only human and its not like he has taken performance enhancing drugs..

    • stickthatupyanose

      Ah, I beg to differ. As posted above, that drug is performance enhancing. It acts as a stimulant, increases pain tolerance and suppresses the appetite.
      Sounds a dandy way to have more energy, experience less pain and not struggle with any pre-weigh in issues.
      Sounds like CHEATING to me!

      • Kim

        What? Have you ever tried coke? You must be f—ing joking me.. Unless he took it the day of the fight (witch was not the case here) it would not help him in anyway.. You would know that coke can provide a massive hangover and that’s not ideal when you are fighting to say the least.. Shut up and get your facts straight..

  • Neil

    This is a f—ing disgrace. The way the UFC have hardlined their punishment of other fighters with similar/various rule breaking, even stating in some cases that they’re being extra hard to make statements, to stand by this dude is unacceptable.

    Also the whole ‘rehab’ thing is transparently bullshit. He clearly doesn’t have a coke problem, otherwise we’d have known sooner and he wouldn’t be such a great athlete. Rehab is only to make him look good.

    This scenario is the worst thing the UFC have done, as far as I can see.

  • DanaBlack


    Reebok = Reputable Company
    UFC = Reputable Company

    Therefore, we should all support Jon Jones!!!!

    Or…..UFC = known to pull double standard stunts like this in the past. Reebok = desperate to get the UFC deal through and would not want to see their brand be tarnished in any way….

    This is a CIRCUS!!!! Insulting to MMA fans. They think we are little kids.

  • Sansome

    PR Circus. Rehab is for those who are in bad shape from drug abuse. This is just a way to make it all look cosy.

  • Sansome

    Check out Amphetamine (those who want to consider what this maybe all about). Cocaine is an Amphetamine. Educate oneself and don’t die in ignorance.

  • Sansome
  • snapdad

    dana white is proud of jon jones entering rehab? if this was a lesser known fighter, he would have been given his walking papers. and im sure jon is not an addict, he just made ANOTHER poor decision, and entering rehab is just a way to make jon/ufc look good. this guy has brought nothing but negative attention to the sport. jon jones is a scumbag and so is dana for backing him.

    • dana white

      hey! I resemble that remark

  • Darin

    So, Dana is proud of Teflon Jon and Reebok commends him… Are you f-ing kidding me??? Look, let’s cut the bull$hit. Jones did not go to rehab because he has a drug problem. He went to rehab because he suddenly has a PR problem. Rehab is the perfect place to hide out and avoid the media, also a good way to pretend he is a victim of an illness rather than just being full of s#it.

    Just to review, Jon Jones has:

    – Crashed his Bentley while driving drunk
    – Threw a punch at another fighter at a presser
    – At the NAC hearing for the aforementioned brawl, he implied that he has already been severely punished for the action by losing the Nike sponsorship. This is a lie as he had already parted ways with Nike voluntarily.
    – He tests positive for a drug that is illegal in all 50 states unlike weed.

    He also happens to be a cheap, eye gouging fighter.

    Many other fighters have been canned for one offense, in some cases just from allegations (in domestic abuse cases) and not convictions. Yet it seems the more Jones does wrong, the more support he gets, at least from those that can cash in on him. Perhaps Dana should enter rehab for his addiction to Jone$, or maybe just see a shrink so he can figure out why he’s such a hypocritical slime ball.

  • Anonamous

    The fact that Jones tested positive is not what upsets me. It’s the
    attempt of the UFC and the athletic commission to cover it up. They
    really think people are stupid by trying to spin it around or make
    excuses for him. With no real mega star in the UFC, Jones is their only
    cash cow. Sucks for the rest of the fighters especially Cormier. That
    fight should have been a no contest. No one takes shots like the one’s
    Cormier gave Jones; and just shrugs them off without being on something.

    • Travis Dylan

      They didn’t “attempt” to cover it up. They covered it up, hence why we didn’t find out about it until after the PPV, after the UFC had their money, and the Navada Athletic Commission had taken their cut. Once everyone’s pockets were lined, they let it out. The test was done on December 4th. Everyone knew a month before the fight. They buried it for an entire month. Now Jon’s gonna play the victim: “I have a problem. Please keep me in your prayers. I promise you, I will overcome this and come out stronger,” and it will all be swept under the rug.

      • stickthatupyanose

        Exactly. What a screaming co-incidence this came out AFTER the fight. After all the $ rolled in, what a slap in the face for fans and PPV’s.

        What I would be interested to know what medium was used for the test and I’m assuming it was urine at this point. I’m under the impression that urine sample will pick up recent use as in 1-3 days, blood tests 40 mins to 48 hours, but hair sample will trace use back as far as three months.

        If the side effects of cocaine metabolite benzoylecgonine is effectively a stimulant, appetite suppressant AND with the added “benefit” of increasing pain tolerance. Gee, sounds a lot like bald faced CHEATING to me.
        It beggars belief that there are those who still get warm and fuzzy “Oh how wonderful Jon- Jon is courageously getting help” (after he pockets his money and hangs on to his belt, good to see his priorities are right….lol)
        It probably would have come off sincere if he came out BEFORE the fight and forfeited his belt/money.

  • Never in my entire life have I thought less of the UFC and the athletic commission than I do after reading all of these bulls–t lies, excuses and double standards. Dana White has said some stupid things and the commission has made some terrible decisions–this is an all time low for both. It’s a kick in the teeth to MMA fans everywhere.

    • JonBonus

      Yeah you right!

  • David Joiny

    Good move. Respect to Jones.

  • ry123

    so Phelps gets crucified and loses all his sponsors for weed and Jones does coke and gets to keep his sponsors and gets “full support” from his employers …Ok got it. Also lets not forget the MMA fighters who have suspended and fined ridiculous amounts for weed.

    Talk about privileged…Dana is worse than Jones for allowing him to get away with this scott free(rehab isn’t punishment and he probably doesn’t even need it). Don’t forget Jones crashed his car driving drunk awhile back too. Apparently you only make the sport look bad if you aren’t a big draw or cash cow.