Recently Retired Fighter Brian Stann Takes Over Joe Rogan’s Duties at UFC 163

July 24, 2013

Brian-Stann-UFC-130-pre-pressRecently retired UFC fighter Brian Stann is already edging his way into the broadcast booth, taking over color commentary duties for Joe Rogan at UFC 163: Aldo vs. Korean Zombie.

UFC Tonight on Tuesday announced Stann taking Rogan’s position at the upcoming show slated for Aug. 3 in Rio de Janeiro.

It’s for one night only, not a permanent displacement.

UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo puts his belt and 15-fight winning streak on the line against Chan Sung Jung, aka the Korean Zombie, in the night’s main event at HSBC Arena.

Stann recently announced his retirement from fighting to continue his pursuits in broadcasting.

He’s a staple as a commentator and analyst on various UFC related programs on the Fox Networks and recently landed a position as part of the ACC football broadcast team on Fox Sports South.

Stann’s last fight was knockout loss at the hands of Wanderlei Silva at UFC on Fuel TV 8 on March 3 in Japan.

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  1. I dont like this. For me, its not the same without Mike & Joe.

    • I like Joe as well but if the team ever has to change I prefer former fighters do it as they offer the best insights. Might as well get some practice for some of them.

      Can you imagine how awful it would be if it was Mike and Jon Anik lol

      • Yea, i agree. I like Bonnar. I listened to him before on WEC one time, he was good.
        But Mike and Jon together, heeeeell no!

  2. Rogan is very good. Stann is coming along fine as an announcer

  3. I can’t stand Joe Rogan. His insights are off, he plays favorites. And sometimes disrespects the fighter in after fight interviews. I still cant forget how he totally disrespected Danny Castillo at 141. Kid had just fought a month earlier, took a short notice fight, and Joe Rogan had the nerve to call his decision controversial, when he dug down deep to win that fight. I want Frank Mir in his spot. Mir is a great announcer.

    • I definitely don’t agree with you there. If anything i think Rogan is being overly positive of a fighters chance, even if he is a serious underdog. And regarding the post fight interviews, i beleive Rogan asks what we all are thinking. He is straight the point without all of the typical professional announcer bs, unlike someone like Jon Anik, or any other generic personality from other professional sports.

    • I would rather watch a mma fight with Tom green announcing it than frank Mir.

  4. Just as long as its not Bill “burrp” Wallace again.

  5. I like Joe as an announcer. hes a lot more knowledgable than a lot of other MMA announcers. I agree his favortism can be more easily spotted than others, but its apparently in other sports. Its hard to be a fan of a sport and not pick favorites.

  6. Stann will be good. I like listening to him, mir is also a good announcer.

  7. I’ll take ANY former fighter over some woman that has never fought! The sideline women reports kill the Football feeling.

    • Agreed about preferring a former fighter, but now that I think about it I’ll take any other stand up comic or gameshow host over Rogan as well.

      • You do know Rogan is a black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu right? It’s not like they just hired him based on his TV personality.

        • doesn’t he also have a black belt in tkd.

  8. Joe is a gifted color commentator, a guy I personnally find saying the same things I’m thinking during a fight. I don’t think Stann will fill his shoes, but will cover a different niche the UFC is going after. Stann brings an air of legitimacy to the commentary that a 40 something year old pot smoker just can’t. I’m not anti dope but I have first hand knowledge of friends who’s lives have been delayed considerably by it. The UFC doesn’t need to tacitly condone weed when it can tacitly condone national service and drug free living. In short, the UFC is growing up and I think it’s for the better. I’ll miss Joe just like I fondly look back on my days as a 19 year old smoking weed with my buddies. But I’m a dad now and I have to pee in a cup to provide for my family. That’s being a man. The UFC should realize it is shaping men across our country and that can be for better or for worse depending on their decisions.

    • Your right joe doesn’t have anything going for him. He is just a UFC commentator, stand up comedian, has one of the most successful podcasts in the world (multiple times a week), and has a new tv show coming out next week. Weed doesn’t make you a loser, but a lot of losers smoke weed.

      • Joe is far more accomplished than I will ever be. He’s a great commentator. I personally find the guy fun to listen to. Weed doesn’t make you a loser, certainly not, but it’s more insidious to one’s emotional development than people understand. I hope Joe continues to do color for the UFC, but still, Stann and Rogan are two completely different men who have done very different things with their lives.

    • Peeing in a cup is being a man?

      • I’m glad I don’t have a dad that smokes weed. Maybe that’s okay with you, but I won’t be a weed smoking dad either.

    • Being a man is being able to provide for your family without fear of having to piss in a cup…my 2 cents

    • Why don’t you pull your panties out of your crevasse and enjoy the mans work.

      Its a personal choice like choosing to have a beer with dinner, but If people who smoke pot bother you that much then throw away all your CDs and delete everything except ted nugent on your MP3 player, because someone involved in its production certainly smoked some dope. Lots of dope smokers in the professional mma and boxing world as well.

      Its like this: I hate vick so i dont watch any eagles games. If people who smoke dope bother you that much then boycott or get up and do something proactive about it rather than make lame comments online.

      • Half my friends smoke dope. You’re missing my point. Nothing above expresses a disdain for dope smokers. I personally think Cheech and Chong are funny as hell. My point is that UFC creates a culture and contributes to American culture. It’s self evident that the UFC is slowly changing its face with Stann substituting for Joe. That said I hope Joe continues to commentate for the UFC. I don’t have an angle either way here. I’m just pointing out the symbolism both men provide and it’s quite a contrast.

        • What if Joe is sick or having surgery? I think people are thinking to much of this.

          • True. It is possible I’m over-thinking it. I certainly hope he continues to do color since he’s so good at it.

  9. If Joe Rogan is saying what you are thinking, you need to think a lot harder.

  10. Literally music to my ears, can’t hear Rogans screeching voice anymore.

  11. It seems its only temporary as Joe Rogan is filming a new show. If the team ever does change I like Mir and Florian as partners with Mike. They offer insight only fighters can give, theyre both intelligent people and they are both very well spoken.