Ray Sefo Taking Temporary Leave as Company President to Fight at WSOF 4

July 16, 2013
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SefoMinSoo119HERO0705World Series of Fighting president Ray Sefo is doing something most high-level fight promoters don’t do. He’s going to return to active competition and fight on his promotion’s upcoming fight card.

Sefo will square off with Dave Huckaba in a three-round heavyweight bout at World Series of Fighting 4 on Aug. 10 at the Citizens Bank Arena in Ontario, Calif.

In preparation for the bout, Sefo is taking a temporary leave of absence from his duties as company president.

“I’m looking forward to another chance to step into the cage, but before I do, I felt taking a temporary leave from my executive duties was the right thing to do,” Sefo said. “I’m fortunate to have an outstanding team at World Series of Fighting, which I know will handle our operations while I’m gone. And after my fight, I’ll step back into my role as World Series of Fighting president.”

Sefo has been fighting for nearly two decades, and boasts 99 combat sports appearances when you combine is experiences in kickboxing, boxing, and mixed martial arts. He is a six-time Muay Thai world champion and an eight-time K-1 World Grand Prix participant.

He’s only fought three times under MMA rules, but he is also a longtime trainer at former UFC champion Randy Couture’s Xtreme Couture gym in Las Vegas.

Competing in fight number 100 is a personal goal that Sefo set some years ago, and now he’ll get the opportunity to accomplish that goal fighting for his own promotion.

“Even though I took on an executive role at World Series of Fighting, I never actually retired from active competition,” Sefo said. “About three years ago, I set a personal goal of reaching the century mark, 100 fights, and then calling it quits. Now I’m excited to say I have a chance to do that.

“But I knew I couldn’t be the president of World Series of Fighting and fight for the company at the same time. To try and do so would have been a disservice to all of our fighters and my team at WSOF, not to mention me as an athlete and to all of the fans who will be watching me in action again.

“I’m fortunate to work with an outstanding group at World Series of Fighting, and I have total confidence their work will allow the success we’ve enjoyed so far to continue on Aug. 10.”

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  • Haha

    Something douchebag dana white will never do! He uses his mouth for fighting.

    • Cam

      Totally agree, Ray is a true warrior

  • South.NZ.MMA

    Dana White place a rematch between Mark hunt and Rey sefo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Mcgiggity

      That would be awesome

  • robc

    Perhaps you forgot the fact that Dana trained and was ready to fight Tito Ortiz in a boxing match. Ultimately it was Tito that backed out, not Dana… He was quite ready to get in a ring and punch someone. Next time do some research before posting stupidity. Also Dana is not a retired fighter. He boxed at an amateur level but that was many moons ago. Perhaps Bjorn Rebny should hop in the ring too? Moron…

    • Rudy

      How does Dana taste?

  • unimportant

    congrats to Ray. and big credit to him for doing the responsibly and fair thing by dropping his duties until the fight is over. i think Sefo is a class act and as a fighter he is tenacious and tough as nails. Im glad to see him hit a personal goal here. Hoping he can end it with a win. For all us old guys its good to see the older guy win a few.