Ray Sefo Defends Rousimar Palhares’ Submission Hold at WSOF 9

March 30, 2014
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Steve Carl vs Rousimar PalharesAlthough the social media world was in uproar over the length of time Rousimar Palhares held onto a submission of Steve Carl, World Series of Fighting President Ray Sefo said he has no problem with it.

In fact, Sefo said on Saturday that if one thinks the submission was held for too long, then they should be committed.

“Absolutely not,” Sefo responded to MMAWeekly.com by text message when asked if Palhares held the submission for an unreasonable amount of time. “Whoever thinks that is crazy!!”

Palhares locked on an inverted heel hook in the first round to earn the WSOF welterweight title. In doing so, Carl tapped to the hold, but Palhares did not let go. It wasn’t until referee Yves Lavigne pulled Palhares off his opponent that the hold was released.

Almost immediately after the submission, Twitter was abuzz with people saying Palhares held the lock for too long.

The fighter sparked controversy in the past for holding onto submissions long after his opponents give up. As a result of holding onto a heel hook of Mike Pierce at a UFC fight last October, Palhares received a life ban from the UFC for unsportsmanlike conduct.

Sefo said in December that he would not put up with any of Palhares’ habits once the fighter competed in the WSOF.

“I will not tolerate any of that nonsense that happened before,” Sefo told MMAWeekly.com last year. ”I’m pretty sure if he does it here, he won’t have somewhere else to go.”

For his first WSOF title defense, Palhares will face Jon Fitch next, likely in summer.

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  • Visitor

    Why would he face Fitch after the guy who choked him out (Burkman) had such an impressive performance on the same card?

  • Ross Trent

    The “writer” who wrote this is clearly trying to put his own spin on it. “Carl tapped to the hold, but Palhares did not let go.” You’re not supposed to, dummy. You release when the ref steps in.

  • TheCerealKiller

    I told you all, Paul Harris the new WSOF champ!!!!

  • InTheColosseumTonight

    He should have a great fight against Burkma…Fitch..Wahhh? Burkman. It was a typo right? WTF

  • InTheColosseumTonight

    Also Ray Sefo should be called Ray Sexo… Hes a good looking comish. The world series of fighting needs to change thier name as well, its terrible, it makes me think of poker not baseball or fights. Also I am glad to see good competition and fighters that would hold thier own against the UFC. With a comentary crew that is second only to Mike and Joe(it makes a diffence on tv) I hope the WSOF kicks ass in 2014, even if I hate NBC. which I do. buuuut, cheers WSOF, now lets change your stupid f–king terrible name to something not as bad.

  • snapdad

    I’ve never seen a problem with what palhares does. I think when caught up in the heat of the moment, you’re not going to do everything textbook. look at Royce gracie, he held holds much longer, and resisted refs much more. but he’s considered a legend. its just d. white bias. look at will chope’s situation, he is banned from ufc for a domestic dispute that happened 5 yrs ago because dana “will not tolerate that” but jon jones gets a dwi, but that is acceptable. also that guy from TUF is banned for some racist post he made, but chael can disrespect an entire country, but that’s promoting a fight. dana is a —.

    • Supaman

      lol Royce isn’t white… but the game was also alot different then and now.

      Also, there was one fight where Palhares let go of the hold right away, and the ref said he didn’t stop it, so he had to continue… It also happened w/ his striking against Dan Miller i believe (where he had Miller hurt and then thought Herb Dean stopped it but didn’t) -this revived his killer instinct to not let go or stop until he KNOWS he got the win.

      This also happened to Royce Gracie vs. Ken Shamrock. Shamrock tapped and Gracie let go but ref didn’t see the initial tap and Shamrock was gonna continue as if he didn’t tap and Gracie was like no no.. u tapped, u know u did, and Shamrock was like damn, yeah.

  • diazfan209

    It looks like Palhares only lets go once the referee used all his might to pry off the death grip.

    But, it happened in a matter of seconds so it’s impossible to tell if he intentionally does hold on a little longer or if it’s just a bi-product of his intensity.

    Considering he embraced his opponent afterward, I’d be more inclined to think it’s just pure intensity..

  • RubeKegal

    Hopefully the WSOF folds quickly. With a shithead like Sefo running the show, who knows how bad it can get.

  • mmanative

    Burkman just does not want his leg ripped off that’s y he’s like finch can fight him first and if finch wins he can fight him again

  • jeremy mohn

    there was nothing wrong with palhares holding on to long ! Never has been really !maybe twice he was guilty but if he was one of Dana whites money makers he would have just been fined ! UFC is getting boring and weak