Rashad Evans Wants to Teach UFC Champ Jon Jones a Lesson

August 7, 2011
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Rashad Evans

Rashad Evans

If Rashad Evans had his choice, he’d opt to fight Jon Jones to get the UFC light heavyweight belt back. Of course, Jones has to get past Quinton “Rampage” Jackson at UFC 135 in September, but that’s who Evans wants to take the title from.

“I would prefer to get it from Jones because I would love to be the first one to beat him,” said Evans during the UFC 133 post-fight press conference. “And he’s so cocky. He’s so cocky. You think I’m cocky. He’s real cocky. He’s for real cocky. Like, I’m on camera, joking around cocky. He’s like, goes to sleep, praising himself cocky. That’s how cocky he is.

“I would love to teach him a lesson,” continued Evans. “If he makes it past Rampage then I get a chance to do that, but like I said, he has a tough fight ahead of him. If Rampage does his work, then he could actually do something. I think Rampage should come and train at my camp for this fight.”

It’s personal between Evans and Jones. The former teammates’ falling out played out in the media when Jones replaced Evans at UFC 128, winning the title from Mauricio “Shogun” Rua setting them on a collision course.

Following Evans’ UFC 133 win over Tito Ortiz, Jones tweeted, “Same stuff,” about Evans’ performance.

“That’s fine,” Evans said in reply to Jones’ tweet. “If it’s the same old stuff, that’s probably exactly why he didn’t want to fight me the first time. Jon knows how it went when we trained and he knows if I’m focused and I‘m strong and I’m healthy then he knows he has a fight on his hands.

“Jon’s a tough guy. Jon’s the champion, but I know what Jon’s weak at. He knows where I’m weak at, but we‘ll see who covers those weak areas up first,” said Evans. “He has a tough fight with Rampage. Rampage does move like Frankenstein. He’s not what he used to be in some areas, but I think if he does catch him he could put (Jones) to sleep.”

Evans has waited for title shots before, sitting on the sidelines waiting for scenarios to play themselves out. He’s done with that approach.

“I’m not going to wait by anymore. A fight’s a fight. I just want to fight, and I missed fighting so much that when it’s my time to fight, I’m going to fight. Of course, I’m going to make the smart decision, but at the same time I’m not going to be waiting to fight anymore,” he said.

“I’m 31 years old and I want to go out there and do some things. If I’m the best, I’m the best. I should be the best against fighting whoever I should fight,” he said.

“Dana (White) says it all the time to me, I’ve got to beat everybody anyways if I’m going to be the best. So it doesn’t matter how you stack them up. I’ll knock them down the same.”

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  • BigGuy

    I can’t wait until Jones knocks Retard Evans the fuck out!


      Rashad will definitely give Jon a serious run and might beat him. Jon’s biggest advantages on Rashad are reach and kicks; Idk if Jon is stronger than Rashad or not. Rashad’s chin has been tested by some of the hardest hitters in the LHW division and while he’s been rattled he’s returned fire and beaten every striker except Lyoto (who caught him with a pinpoint shot on the chin that would KO anyone). This current Rashad wouldn’t get caught like that for sure. Between Rashad and Jones,I think Rashad is the better pure wrestler but in MMA the takedowns are oftentimes set up by strikes so Jones’ kicks and reach will be vital in setting up his takedowns of Rashad. Nobody’s been able to pressure Jones or test his chin,so there are things we have yet to learn about the dazzling Jones.

      But no matter what? Rashad isn’t a retard,he deserves respect for his integrity and intellect and achievements and overcoming adversity,and he is in the Top 5 LHW on Earth.Period. People calling Rashad a “retard” are simply haters hatin…and he’ll trump them the same way he trumped those haters booing him and cheering Tito.

      For the record? Tito was a class act in this fight and gave a good accounting of himself. I think that Tito is top 12 or so LHW…prolly Top 10.He’s no joke. And Rashad destroyed him.

  • j-k-martin

    No love between these guys. If this fight happens the trash talk will be epic.

  • wonggfan

    Evans has definitely gone crazy. How does he expect to beat Jon Jones when he can’t even beat Lyoto?

    I think Evans should think about a match with Shogun/Forrest winner or a rematch with Lyoto before even thinking about Jon Jones.

    UFC has 5 LHW contenders lined up at one time..it is really annoying.

    • Umbreon

      Rashad has changed even since his fight with Machida.. just because you fags nut hug jones doesn’t mean he’s the best.. haters gonna hate Rashad will crush jones god loving ass

      • Joshyb

        “Umbreon” regardless of your strange name finally someone with sense! you are right Rashad is going to beat Jones and he is the most improved fighter in recent times, “Wonggfan” he never said other people haven’t improved so i think you was abit premature with your quite frankly embarassing insault “dicktard”, fair play to you Umbreo for the comment, because people are in love with Jone Jones on here, in England we call them “Glory seekers”, Ossssss

  • wonggfan

    @ Umbreon

    What?? Rashad has changed since Lyoto fight? Okay. But what about everyone else? So…magically, only Rashad has changed and everyone else hasn’t???

    Nice argument dicktard. You are a Rashad nuthugger.

  • lfpunkxx

    I hope he runs into Shogun soon cause we’ll probably see him unconscious on the mat again like we did with Machida. Rashad can’t handle real strikers with that joke of sloppy striking style he has. Damn wrestlers knock a guy out with a power shot and suddenly think they’re Anderson Silva.

  • BigGuy

    As disgusted as I might be to do this… I have to agree with wonggfan.

    Umbreon and Joshyb are too busy spanking it to photos of Retard Evans to be able to think clearly!

    • Joshyb

      Lol…..with a name like “BigGuy” are homesexual jokes really a good idea? I’m sure your a real big guy 😉
      P.S. You haven’t got any new photo’s of Rashad have you mate, i’m getting abit bored of mine…….

  • WGF_Daniel

    rashad has an advantage because he has been at this longer. he also has a very good style of mixing his strikes with takedowns which was seen against silva, Rampage, and Tito. Jones still finding his groove. Jones is tricky due to his huge reachh advantage and his wierd style. hes also a great wrestler. Both guys posses great skills. but id lean to rashad for the experince and his way he mixes his takedown and strikes. but his chin is a weak which was seen in lyoto fight obviously, but also against silva and rampage when he got dropped by them. jones is a bit of a mystery since u gotta get past his reach. no offfense to jones but Shogun didnt look llike the shogun we had seen be4 guy was tired by round 2 wen he went 5 rounds wit lyoto. jones would ave to keep rashad at bay with hhis reach in order to win.

  • natpaukar7

    I do not doubt that Rashad is a good fighter, he’s quick, strong and a good wrestler, and He is intelligent as a fighter (and as a fight promoter) however, I plain and simple do not think he can compete with Johnny Bones Jones, he’s too strong, a far superior wrestler, the mma kind of wrestling that counts…

    Look at wrestler and strong striker (though not nearly as fast or smart as evans) vs Jones…his name was ryan bader and he got neutralized…

    Jon Jones…slightly less of a beating than he put on shogun! please get back on here and comment after the fight (no matter what happens) those of you who believed otherwise especially…

    And who the hell considers tito a top 10 lhw? noooooooooo way…If he fought bader 9 more times he’d lose all 9…Tito is over and I don’t believe he was ever that good comparably

  • kidsysco

    I cannot believe anything I am reading from this article. None of these guys stand a chance against Bones. Not even close.