Rashad Evans vs. Chael Sonnen Official for UFC 167 Co-Main Event

September 5, 2013
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Evans-Sonnen-Titles-Fox-2-460x270The oft-speculated bout between Rashad Evans and Chael Sonnen is now official.

The fight will assume the UFC 167 co-main event slot in support of the headlining bout between UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre and challenger Johnny Hendricks.

Chael Sonnen revealed the news on Wednesday’s UFC Fight Night 28 pre-fight show on Fox Sports 1.

“The most well dressed man, future Hall of Famer, former world champion Rashad Evans; he will be fighting on Nov. 16 against the man with the biggest arms, the greatest charms and does all the harm. You simply know him as Chael P,” Sonnen rhymed.

Sonnen had been targeting a fight with Wanderlei Silva for UFC 167, but when that fight didn’t materialize, he shifted his focus to Evans, whom he considers a friend and works with at the broadcasting table at FS1.

Sonnen started a little banter with Evans on Twitter with the two eventually agreeing that they wanted to fight each other, especially if it were in the UFC 167 co-main event. UFC 167 serves as the promotion’s 20th Anniversary fight card, so it has some special significance beyond being a St-Pierre headlined event.

That Twitter banter, however, may have been a little added promotion for the fight, since Evans revealed a little different tale when recounting on Fox Sports 1 how the fight came together.

“We were sitting at the desk and Chael got a text from Dana wanting to put the fight together,” explained Evans. “At first, we were against the idea, but we talked about it and we came to the decision, the both of us, it was the best thing for us and the best thing for the fans. So we decided to do it.”

The fight makes sense, especially considering that UFC 167 did not have a marquee co-main event match-up booked yet. Evans is coming off of a victory over Dan Henderson after back-to-back losses to Rogerio Nogueira and Jon Jones. Sonnen is in much the same boat, recently defeating Shogun Rua after losing to Jones and Anderson Silva.

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  • bajafox

    This could very well be the most boring co-main and main event ever in PPV history. If Rashad shows up to try and grind out a unanimous, along with GSleePy following that, I could be in a coma before the night is over.

    • lowlb

      That’s funny dude. Perhaps a Julie Andrews movie that evening. I recommend The Sound of Music or maybe Sleepless in Seattle..

    • taylor2008

      put down the crack pipe and step away. chael and evans ALWAYS bring it when they fight.

      • bajafox

        Apparently you can’t read. I said it has the potential to be boring because of Rashad and GSP. Not once did I mention Chael.

        • Ian Price

          Not everybody can read!

  • Jacob McDonald

    what weight class

    • Ian Price

      Much like Chuck Norris, Chael doesn’t care what weight class it is, or how many fighters he has to fight in the Octagon(R). 2 on 1, 5 on 1, they’re all gonna need 9-1-1…..

  • Hell Yeah Chael! One step closer to fighting Wanderlei

  • fsunoles10

    i feel this is a bad match up for the one they call chael p. hopefully he pulls it out anyway

  • C’mon guys this match is awesome. It’s at 205. Chael doesn’t just grind out victories in a boring manner he comes straight forward, explodes with that power double and stays throwing leather the entire time he’s using top control. Rashad is just an all around beast. Let’s forget the fact that he was on a down slope. He’s been around a long time and it happens. Heaven forbid the guy have some rough performances. Chael is hyped up from his victory of Shogun. Evans needs another win to get back into a title picture. These guys are both motivated and this will be a great fight.

    • Ian Price

      I am already foaming at the mouth. Should be fun!

      Chael via newly learned gogoplata….

    • Dragon Kid

      his style of fighting gets boring after a while if he doesn’t change up his game plan. sure it works for him, but I got the msg after watching sonnen for over 20mins in his first fight with silva.

      if rashad fights smart, then I reckon he’ll win.

      • I’m counting out Sonnen, I think this will be a great fight but I’m going with Rashad on this as well. Possibly Rashad via tko.

  • Ian Price

    What’s really happening is that Chael has been secretly pocketig BJJ moves, but didn’t come out and say it because that would have been giving the country of brazil way too much props.

    He now has several submissions mastered, and he’s gonna trick everyone and anyone with his conservative top-control transition to reckless submission attempt.

    Watch and see!

  • Hugh Shakeshaft