Rashad Evans Targeting December Return in UFC Light Heavyweight Division

August 29, 2012
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Former UFC light heavyweight champion Rashad Evans hopes to fight again before the end of the year, and unless something miraculous happens, it will be at 205 pounds.

Evans has commented recently that he would love a challenge like facing UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva, which prompted everyone to assume that the former Ultimate Fighter winner might be contemplating a move down to 185 pounds.

Well, according to Evans’ manager, Glenn Robinson of Authentic Sports Management, he’s definitely interested in middleweight, but only for one fight.

“If the UFC offered him Anderson Silva at 185 right now today, he would go and fight Anderson Silva at 185. The UFC is not offering him Anderson Silva at 185 today, so that’s not something that’s going to happen. So that’s all Rashad ever meant,” Robinson clarified recently on MMAWeekly Radio.

Evans has been out of action since losing to UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones at UFC 145 in April.

Now, it appears Evans is ready to get back into the hunt with a December date targeted for his return to action.

“His goal is to stay 205 and to fight the best possible 205-pounder; he’d like to fight in December. That’s his goal,” Robinson stated.

As far as potential opponents, there’s no one in particular that Evans is calling out or asking to fight. The fighters on his radar, however, are the best ones available to face, and that’s who Evans wants when his next bout is officially scheduled.

“Whoever is the best available,” said Robinson. “That’s who we’ll fight.”

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  • as far as who is available…a rematch w/ machida, bader or lil nog…

  • also, hendo said hed like to return by december and while i like the fight v. evans, i think hendo should still be next in line for the title…

  • i_am_dennis

    i want to see him fight shogun. they were supposed to fight long ago for the belt. i’m curious to see how they’d match up. a rematch with machida is also interesting to see how rashad’s evolved since that loss.

    • Lesnardo

      I just don’t want to see Rashad running around like a lil girl and securing takedowns here and there to win via decision.

      Shogun’s takedown defense is not the best but he is good at getting back up.

      • hes a master of that helicopter sweep and has a chin for days but i agree…id hate to just see him taken down for 3 rounds str8…

        • Lesnardo

          For some reason, don’t you think UFC fans (predominantly US fans) overrate wrestling?

          I mean…out of the champions, who was a decorated amateur wrestler? We have guys who have picked up wrestling as part of MMA.

          Having said that, Shogun was never in trouble against Coleman or Randleman. But Rashad is a better “MMA wrestler” than those two.

          Rashad won’t be able to take Shogun down easily. And Shogun would swarm Rashad.

      • TKD

        How about Sonnen vs. Retard Evans? They can talk sh*t and dry hump each other on the ground for three rounds!

  • jamesstenbeck

    Hendo probably won’t be back by December, Machida has the next title shot, and after Rashad watches Jones KTFO Vitor in the first round he will very likely have second thoughts about staying at 205. Furthermore, Glenn Robinson’s comments have conflicted with Rashad’s several times over the past few months, so the source of this info is suspect.

    • dana actually stated that since machida declined the bones fight at UFC 152 that he has to get back in line and take a fight…he didnt deserve the rematch anyways for only beating bader even though he was very impressive in doing so…since hendo is recouping and likely to get an immediate title shot upon return i cant imagine machida sitting out anyways…especially when gustaffson/shogun and rampage/glover is on deck…those 2 fights can easily produce a title contender…and you best believe dana is dying to get sonnen in there even if its only off 1 win over forrest…machida was only getting the title shot because there was nobody lined up but since UFC 151s cancellation and the fiasco that ensued it has allowed time to produce more contenders…the LHW division went from stale to exciting over night…

      • bajafox

        Great post thomasabrams, I like your logic

      • Very well said

  • Rashad is the man. 2 or 3 fights should get him a title shot. He has fought everyone. Gustaf and Rua are scheduled. I don’t think they’d throw him Vera. Any request?

    • Lesnardo

      I have one. You should go killself or learn how to write well and think logically.

      Rashad is your man.

  • I think Rashad should drop to 185…He’s a small LHW and look at the guys who are at the top, Bones, Gustafsen, Texiera etc…they are all bigger than him. Now he has the skills to win @ LHW but I think a drop would see him fighting guys closer to his size.

    • KBEsq

      Yeah, that’s what I wanted to say. As long as Jones is the champ, I don’t think Evans should be at 205. Ironically, I think it’s the fact that his fight with Jones went five rounds that makes me not want to see a rematch. It was kind of like GSP v. Fitch (yes, not as bad).

      Sure, Fitch didn’t get finished, but it was just five rounds of domination. If Evans would have got knocked out in the first round, I think a rematch would be more compelling.

      I can’t believe Evans used to fight at HW. I think with his style, he’d really be a force at MW. I really don’t think he can beat Machida either. It’s just a bad match-up for Evans, and the fight will most likely end like the first one. Hendo vs. Evans would be pretty good, but that can happen at MW.

    • Lesnardo

      He is a short LHW but he is naturally a stocky guy. Mind you, he was at HW before.

  • skeeterjenkins

    Didnt Rashad start off as a HW’er. He is by FAR, not a small LWH’er. BY ANY STRETCH. He cuts to make weight. Guys who cut to make weight are not small in that div. Randy C, made a small LHW’er when he was bouncing from MW to LHW.
    Rashad is title chasing. plain and simple. The guys he is now classed with fighting have game plans for his type of drag down and dont stand in front of type of fight style. He doesnt deserve anything till he fights and wins more than once a year. which he hasnt done in the past 2?!?

    • TandmWarElephant

      Randy Couture fought at LHW and HW not MW, even Couture is bigger then Rashad. Everybody cuts weight nowadays are you going to say that Sean Sherk was a big welterweight? He cut down to make welter weight but the dude is like 5’6 theres bantamweights bigger then him. He stood in front of Jon Jones for five rounds? only person to do so? And he was on a four fight winning streak before he fought Jones. Rashad Evans has two losses Machida i believe he could redeem himself against and He is still has a real chance against Jones? If you just don’t like Rashad thats cool your entitled to your opinion but why would you post a comment that makes little to no sense?
      Now as far as Rashad goes honestly It would be really cool to see him at middleweight he would be a beast there and probably the best wrestler in the division

      • TandmWarElephant…you may want to rethink that last sentence.

        • TandmWarElephant

          who would be a better wrestler at that division?

          • Weidman, Belcher, Munoz, Sonnen…

          • TandmWarElephant

            Do you even know who evans is? I’m not nuthuggin or anything Belcher is one of my favorite fighters and weidman is badass but Evans is a better wrestler then them the only two i could see beating him is belcher and not because of his wrestling… and Sonnen isnt a mw anymore which is why i said that… I think sonnen was the best in that division but he left

          • TandmWarElephant

            my bad my comment started not making sense haha I meant to say the only two from your list I could see beating evans are Belcher and Sonnen, but Sonnen isn’t at mw anymore which is why I said Evans would be the best with the absence of Sonnen

    • He fought @ HW to make it in to TUF then immediately dropped to LHW. Yes he cuts to make LHW but im talking his physical size…he’s only 5’11 w/ a 74″ reach…which by todays LHW standards is smaller than most. PLus he doesn’t cut anywhere near as much weight as alot of the LHW contenders.

      Im not saying he cant hang @ LHW, I just think he will do better @ MW.

    • Lesnardo


      Randy was never at MW. You, my friend, are doomb.

      Horrible writer too. Skeeter Wank Wank.

      Randy was at HW. Then he got pwned by Barnett and Ricco, two big guys. Then moved down to LHW and beat Tito and lost to Chuck. Then he retired and came back as a HW, beating Tim Sylvia and Gonzaga. Then he got pwned by Lesnar. Then he moved back to LHW where he beat James Toney and Mark “the nail” Coleman. He stole a decision from Vera who almost knocked him out. Then he fought Machida and got PWNED.

      Randy’s biggest achievement at LHW is his win against Tito.

      Randy’s biggest achievement at HW is his wins against Sylvia and Gonzaga.

      • Drock420

        What about when Randy beat Chuck Liddell? That would be a bigger achievement than beating Tito…

  • Rashad has Glover and the winner of Gustaf/Rua on his plate pretty much. I can’t think of anyone else. Machida may have blown is spot by not taking the fight so maybe they’ll match up again.

  • D-rail

    LHW division is very weak and boring. They need to really put some time and effort in hustling some talent out there. If not, JJ will have to move up to HW and test himself there. Disolving Strikefarse would a little, but not much.

  • diazfan209

    Lyoto should have listened to Dana White’s UFC 151 phone call because he made it pretty clear that if a fighter declines a fight he isn’t going to do them any favors.

    With one (solid) win I think Rashad will be the next challenger at 205, & I think Lyoto would be the right opponent to determine that.

  • sofhanson

    If Machida knocked out Evans, I can safely assume Anderson Silva would knock out Evans by second round. Silva and Machida are sparring partners and are both very accurate and elusive in the stand up game. I don’t think Evans would bring it like sonnen. Sonnen has a kamakazi style that he comes in swinging for the fences which sets up for a take down. Evans has always been cautious at stand up and there is no way his hay makers will work on Silva. By the way I think Sonnens approach to fighting Silva makes a great blueprint for other fighters fighting jon jones. Everyone respects jones too much and his chin has not been tested. Why play around the ring if you are extremely outreached?-, plus jones has never knocked someone out with one punch so theoretically u can charge jones with a flurry of punches and hope the connect with some force, and you never know what happens since jones’ chin has never been tested. just me 2 cents..