Rashad Evans Talks Phil Davis and What He’ll do if Jon Jones Walks into the Cage Saturday Night

January 26, 2012
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Rashad Evans talks to MMAWeekly.com about his upcoming fight at UFC on Fox 2 with Phil Davis and a potential bout with old foe Jon Jones.

Evans makes it clear just how well he matches up with Davis in wrestling, going as far as guaranteeing that he’d beat him in a straight up wrestling match.

In a can’t miss interview, Evans also tells what he’ll do if Jon Jones comes into the cage on Saturday night to confront him if he’s successful over Davis.

Check out this one on one interview with Rashad Evans:

  • MikeMc1983

    I’ll agree with Evans about the whole “he ruined my night” thing. When jones said that crap I was laughing at Jon for it as well.

    When jones said Evans kept “ruining his night” he must have getting flash backs of when someone stole his date at the senior prom and secured his virginity until collage.

  • davidquan

    @MikeMc1983 Bitch please, Bones has kids with a white girl.

    So a 23-year old kid gets a little upset when he makes UFC history and they bring in his former training partner/friend/supporter to steal some of his spotlight. Big friggin’ surprise. I’m sure he’d laugh about your inability to spell “college” if he weren’t too busy, you know, dominating the light-heavyweight division.

    Slow your roll.

    • Lesnardo

      Further proof that MikeMC “1983” is a 29 year old single male without a college degree.

  • tsszaltax

    You lose all credibility trying to start a point with “Bitch please”.

    • Lesnardo

      He does. But not if that comment is directed at MikeMc1983.


      That is not a mere typo. On a qwerty, e and a are not right next to each other.

      My guess is that he was either high when he wrote it (weed + posting on MMAweekly + 29 years old = really sad) or simply uneducated (which is also sad).

      Just look at his other sentence.

      “When jones said that crap I was laughing at Jon for it as well.”

      That sentence is just so confusing.

      • TKD

        I am guessing that Lesnardo is none other than the former “wonggfag”. Let’s all welcome back the grammar police.

      • bajafox

        Why is weed + posting here + being 29 make someone “really sad”

        I’m 33 years old, married to a beautiful woman, full time job, college degree and I smoke from the moment I wake up to the moment I go to bed. I guess you can say weed + just about anything + 33 = super really mega sad? lol

        Being high doesn’t necessarily make someone stupid, being stupid and high makes someone stupid.

        • TKD

          Well said, bajafox. What truly makes someone stupid is the inability to mind their own damn business! Who cares about how SOMEONE ELSE uses grammar? Who cares if SOMEONE ELSE smokes weed? Who cares about how old SOMEONE ELSE is??? Worry about how sad you are for feeling the need to correct people over nothing. Is this school?

  • MikeMc1983

    Well, I actually type all of my comments on my iPhone. I don’t make excuses for my grammar or spelling. If I’m asked to spell collage I would do so correctly. When I’m typing it out on my phone, I run through letters quite fast. Also interesting that the auto-correct doesn’t pick it up. Truthfully I don’t really care. When my post are being graded let me know

    If you don’t find jones whineing about having his moment stolen funny then that’s fine. I thought it was funny. UFC brings a lot of guys in for stand offs in the cage. I believe a lot of times they’re paid to show up.

    Wasn’t jones brought in cage to square off with shogun? Either way, from now on if jones ever gets brought in cage are we suppose to think he’s just coming in to steal someone’s moment?
    It’s silly. It’s the UFC promoting.

    I don’t like Evans at all. We just had the same view about a single comment jones made.

    • afk

      Your iPhone’s auto-correct sucks if it can’t even pick up “whineing.”


      You all think you’re holier than the next guy for commenting on people’s spelling but it’s just as ignorant to everybody on the outside to chirp people who troll on the internet. Reading this back and forth retardation is like watching Jersey Shore for me so please keep it up!

      • bbtakayama

        I was pretty upset that Vinny left, I hope Pauly D can move on.

        Did you know the people that make iPhones only get paid 37cents an hour? It’s ok though, they’re Chinese.

  • Prodigy815


  • bajafox

    Pretty fkn annoying for the grammar police to show up in almost every thread on an MMA sight. Who give’s a 5hit if someone misspells a word or doesn’t use a comma when they’re supposed to? Get off your high horse and just comment on the subject at hand.

    • TKD

      I agree 1,000,000%!!!!!!!!

  • Triggerman99

    Is this for real? This conversation is still happening? LOL!