Rashad Evans’ Return Pushed Back to 2013, Wants to Fight Lyoto Machida “Bad”

October 16, 2012
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Former UFC light heavyweight champion Rashad Evans was hoping to fight again in 2012, but now it appears his return will have to wait until next year.

Evans was a guest on Tuesday night’s edition of UFC Tonight where he divulged that despite his best efforts to get a fight before the close of 2012, he’s more likely to return in “February or March” next year instead.

“I was hoping in December, by the end of the year, but it looks like it’s not going to happen until maybe February or March. Who am I going to fight is the main question?” said Evans on Tuesday.

When Evans does return, he will be fighting at light heavyweight unless a tremendous offer comes across his plate at a different weight class. Evans has talked for some time about possibly moving down to 185 pounds for the chance to face middleweight king Anderson Silva, but the fight was never offered and he still has business to conduct at light heavyweight.

“I want to be at light heavyweight because there is unfinished business. I can’t go down unless something really beckons for my calling. I like to fight at 205 and I have done fairly well there,” Evans stated.

As far as potential opponents, Evans wants to face another top contender in the division, but in a perfect world he would love the chance to avenge the first loss of his career.

“The guy who I really want to fight is a guy I lost my first fight to. I would like to fight Lyoto Machida again. He looked good against Bader. I want to get that one back, bad,” said Evans.

Sometimes wishes do not get granted and unless something drastic changes, Machida is currently expected to face Dan Henderson in his next bout, although that fight has not been signed yet.

Evans will continue training and working at home in Florida, while he waits for the call from the UFC with his next fight offering.

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  • Jason Decipher

    I guess the UFC doesn’t want to stack him on a card. They just like to it seems have a main event with a weak undercard then make last minute changes that must fans aren’t happy with. & they wonder why sales go down. Duhn duh dun

    • Kris-tyahn

      I sorta agree, Evans is a top 5 PPV draw, since the remainder of the events for 2012 are “stackedfull” they will wait and have him be a main or co-main event in Feb or March. I’d love to see Evans fight Lyoto again, I think this fight would be much different, I dont mean Evans would win, but I dont think Lyoto would beat him as “easily” as he did last time. The only wins Lyoto have in his last 4 or 5 fights were vs. Randy Couture & Bader, that’s not really saying much. Though, Lyoto vs. Henderson is pretty interesting as well. While Evans won 4 of his last 5, that 1 loss was vs. Jones.

      • I’m laughing here with you Americans, why do you who speak a Brazilian fighter need not let qe ta the machida speaks for itself!

        • random hero

          umm…in english please

        • Rob

          Your glasses and V-neck are…how do I say…a bit, “Lavendar.”

  • No way should they let Rashad fight Machida unless he takes another fight in the meantime – and Ryan Bader is perfect not only because he’s the only one free at the moment, but Bader just happens to be coming off a loss to Machida.

  • Tom Brady

    Forrest is in need of an apponent since chael talked his way into a title shot. Forrest v rashad 2 don’t forget Forrest was beating his ass before getting tko’ed.

    • Kris-tyahn

      Tom, I think you took too many hits to the head dude, Evans would DESTROY Forrest now. Why are you living in the past about Forrest getting the best of Evans in the 1st two rounds? Was a long time ago & Evans is a much better fighter now than he was back then, Forrest on the other hand is not. Evans said he was nervous & couldnt get his RIDDUM until the 3rd round, and then what happened?!? Forrest got KTFO, thats why its 3 rounds or 5 rounds & NOT 2 rounds. Who cares what Forrest did yrs ago, in which he ended up getting KTFO.
      How did Forrest do vs. Rua, the 2nd time?!? That what I thought!

    • Forrest was humiliated by anderson silva” SPIDER”

      • Rob

        Uh….OK. Although no mention of this in the article or does anyone care anymore but…”Thanks?”

  • lowlb

    Seems like a great fight to me. If I remember correctly it took a while for Machida to knock Rashad out and in process Rashad broke his foot. I love a good revenge fight. They both are exciting fighters. Rashad will lose again though. I love this fight. Better then no fights at all for these guys.