Rashad Ready to Put Jon Jones Rivalry to Bed

February 1, 2012
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Now that Rashad Evans is clearly defined as the new No. 1 contender for the UFC light heavyweight title, the questions have started about his long awaited fight with Jon Jones.

The former teammates will square off in the main event of UFC 145 in Atlanta, and Evans is very much ready to put his rivalry with Jones behind him.

Evans talked after his fight with Phil Davis about the animosity with Jones, where they matched up with each other in the past, and how he’ll deal with former teammates that will be helping his next opponent get ready.

This is Rashad Evans at the UFC on Fox 2 post fight press conference:

  • RonnieV

    From what I saw tonight, Rashad has no chance against Bones.

    • Really?

    • TKD

      RonnieV is right. Does anyone think Evans will be able to beat Jones based on the performance he gave against Davis? What a joke! Davis is not even on the same planet as Jones. Retard Evans is going to get destroyed!

  • Prodigy815

    Always a chance in a fight but that reach is going to be hard to deal with.I foresee a drop to middleweight in Rashad’s future.

    • jamesstenbeck

      While I totally agree with you conceptually, the chances of Rashad dropping to middleweight have just gone way down with how Chael Sonnen did tonight; after seeing that, do you honestly believe that Sonnen is going to go to Brazil this summer and beat Anderson Silva?

      So there is no point in Rashad moving down to 185 since he has the same chance of beating Silva that he has of beating Jones – namely, none whatsoever.

      And since light heavyweights get higher pay than middleweights (this was borne out in an article on Bloody Elbow a few months ago), if you’re going to be a long-term runner-up like Jon Fitch was until a month ago, you might as well do it at 205 rather than 185.

  • Mma fanatic

    Rashad has a great chance! I disagree!
    RonnieV- what do you mean ‘ from what you saw tonight’? Rashad looked great tonight! Other than not getting the finish he fought great ! Bones is not invincible so better believe he can be beat . I’ll bet Rashad gets Bones in that crusifix when they fight ! Looking forward to this 1! 2012 Carlos Condid vs St. Pierre / Silva vs Sonnen / overeem vs Dos Santos / Rashad vs Bones / great fights coming up!

    • RonnieV

      I meant exactly what I said. Rashad did not look that impressive. Or maybe I should have said, Rashard has no chance unless he takes Bones down and dry-humps him for 25 minutes. The boxing by Davis reminded me of Mayhem Miller(vs. Bisping), it was pretty bad. Mma fanatic, I agree it will be a great year for MMA,but Condit needs to get past Nick next weekend first…..FIGHT OF THE YEAR!

  • MikeMc1983

    it’s seems weird how people treat jones. He’s a good fighter, but it’s almost like people forget what fighter he is. It’s almost like people act like he’s chuck Liddell when he was on his tear. Jones is a really strongly well rounded fighter. It’s not as if he gets his hands on you at all your going to sleep. It’s not as if the fight goes to the ground, your tapping. He’s a decent all around guy. Maybe a bit more like Anderson, but even silva has shown more power, and accuracy In strikes and submissions. (jones would be the better wrestler)

    The point isn’t whether jones is good. Or even if he’s better than chuck or Anderson. I wouldn’t care if anyone considered him a better fighter than both of those guys in their prime.
    I just don’t understand why anyone would think that anyone in the top 25 doesn’t have a chance. Yes he’s the favorite against them all, but he gives you time and chances to beat him. Every guy can pretty much expect to get a shot. Chuck and Anderson have/had been in fights where guys just never had a chance to get off. I can understand why people thought certain guys didn’t have a prayer.

    Jones strongest fight was vs. shogun. Shogun looked really bad but still had ample time to get jones with something. 205lbs is a division where most guys can put you out with a single shot. At a minimum Jon gives a lot of chances for that to happen. He’s good. He might even be great, but there’s not a single thing you can point to and say, if a fight “goes there” jones can’t be beat.

    To the guy picking rashad to get jones in that crucifix. Maybe. And with those long arms it would be hell for Jon to get out, but I’ve seen Jon use the move more often, and before Evans. Evans advantage is speed. He can easily be one of the fastest guys in that division. Even though he didn’t play speed vs. Davis tonight. At least not like he’s shown before.

    • bbtakayama

      I think Jones’ tear is more impressive than Chuck Lidell’s. It is a bit silly to compare the two though considering how much the sport has evolved. Guys didn’t have a prayer against Liddell because they were guys named Tito Ortiz, Vernon White and Jeremy Horn. People don’t give anyone a chance against Jones because he has finished Shogun, Rampage and Machida (with relative ease). The guys outside of the top 10 like Brandon Vera or Matyushenko, Jones destroys them within one round. He has beat every person he has fought in every aspect of the game. I have never seen him out wrestled. No one has gotten the better of him standing. What really sets him apart from the rest of the division though, is his defense. No one gives Rashad or anyone a chance because they have no reason to.

      • fsunoles09

        come on brotha chuck was damn good bro u forget by the time evans and all them ko’ed his chin was far gone.i dont think u realize how bad chuck was, chuck in his prime could fight now and still be a top fighter talkin about evolved nobody could take chuck down thats y u see em knockin heads chuck is a damn good kick boxer and a damn good wrestler homie so get off chucks bean bag.and i hate evans but i think he has way more of a shot then people think although i still got jones if anybody gonna beat em its gonna be hendo

        • bbtakayama

          Chuck was amazing, I never said he wasn’t. He had a lot of flaws in his defense and liked to party a little too much though. He was KO’d by Couture and Rampage in his prime. The majority of fighters 6 years ago were pretty one dimensional, not nearly as well rounded as they are now. I know people are very emotionally attached to Liddell so I am sorry for hurting any feelings. I am just wondering if his chin went out or if his competition just went up. Shogun, Franklin and Evans are a lot better fighters than Ortiz, Babalu and Vernon White. Evolution?

          • fsunoles09

            my b bro i was kinda aggervated earlier i didnt mean to be a dik and what not but u cant blame em from that rollin hook bro it was pretty nasty and i hear ya about 1 deminsional fighters i was just sayin chuck in his prime could fight in this era of mma, go watch that franklin fight again chuck was in great shape he was even throwin a bunch of nice kicks 1 of which broke franklins arm but he was beatin franklin up pretty good until that weak ass whatever that was it was like a half ass hook that ko’ed chuck but yea chuck is by far my favorite of all time bro so i kinda didnt appreciate that at the time haha but ortiz in his prime woulda beat franklin and evans and i forgot but couture was a boxer in the army if im not mistaken but in the time frame he fought white and sobral he still fought top competetion like overeem, couture and them,but it aint chucks fault the same could be said about gsp would u call dan hardy a great fighter, how bout alves.id even go as far as to say fitch nor koscheck r great fighters.

          • fsunoles09

            ooo yea and look at babalu record and who he fought ur talkin like he is strait terrible

      • fsunoles09

        and idk about jones bein the most impressive streak of fights just cuz u dont know **** about any fighters back in the day except for the “legends” of mma dont mean the dudes chuck was ko’in was garbage it just means u dont know ****, so come on back with ur “i been watchin mma since fill in the blank____” to try and make yourself know what ur talkin bout. i feel ya jones is bad but chuck beat belfort, back in the day monson, back in the day randleman, guy mezger was pretty good, overeem, ortiz, couture, and silva to name a few, funny how u pick out white and horn haha and ortiz was a bad dude back in the day ur apparently not old enough to remember that

        • bbtakayama

          The only point I was trying to make is that it is hard for me to compare the two eras. I find it hard to compare someone like Lyoto Machida to one of the top guys from 6 or 7 years ago. I don’t wanna say Lyoto Machida is better or worse then Kevin Randleman. I don’t think you should compare someone who started MMA in 1996 to someone who started 2003. To me the sport has changed too dramatically in a very short time. Matt Hughes was the greatest welterweight champ ever, but the sport passed him by too. Average fighters back then weren’t as good as Thiago Alves. (when I say average I mean relative to the top 20 competition) It’s what makes the sport so amazing. Chuck could fight in this era but he would need to clean up his defense, the main reason Franklin knocked him out is because Liddell ran at him with his hands down and his chin up. And trust me, I don’t think anyone who has ever fought in the UFC is garbage. If you make it to that stage, there is a reason.

  • jamesstenbeck

    And for the 12th time in 15 fights vs. opponents over 6’0″ dating back to, and including, his fights on Season 2 of TUF, Rashad did not finish his opponent.

    That’s a 20% finish rate therein, compared with his 100% finish rate – 2 for 2 – when facing opponents under 6’0″ over the same period.

  • MikeMc1983

    I thought I’d made it clear that I wasn’t having a conversation about who is better, or had a better run between chuck and jones. I was only talking about the perception most people had/have of them.

    A lot of people thought that if chuck was able to hit you with anything, your going to sleep. For that reason alone I could understand why people thought other fighters had no chance vs. chuck. I’m in no way saying that statement is true, but I can understand people thinking it.

    People talk about jones in the same manner. As if he’s a guy who’s a terminator. It seems people forget how he wins fights. He crushed shogun for a full round before shogun was saved from more damage. Jones is a guy that pretty much makes guys quit. Because of that people have time to make something happen. And they have as much time as they’re pretty much willing to put up with.

    Chuck might have beat lesser guys. But those guys woke up pissed off they didn’t have more chances.
    Jon might be more impressive. I’m not offering up an opinion there. But Jon will give every guy who walks in a lot of chances, because they get the time to make something happen.

    This is all I meant. I’m not trying to compare guys. I’m trying to explain abilities, and styles. I was just trying to use fighters as examples to make it easier.

  • TKD

    Congratulations, Retard Evans. You have earned a ticket to your next ass beating! Go JONES!!!!

    • Lesnardo

      I just don’t understand Retard and the UFC.

      We all know that in the UFC LHW division there is Jon Jones, the champion, and a number of contenders that clearly are a step below Jones. Among those contenders are Shogun, Lyoto, and Hendo. Retard Evan’s toughest fight to date has been against Lyoto, to whom he got KTFO.

      Why is it that Retard somehow thinks he deserves a title shot? Why isn’t he begging for a rematch against Lyoto or a fight with Hendo or Shogun?

      Why is the UFC labelling Rashad the #1 contender????

      What “rivalry”????

      Jones has defeated Shogun, Rampage, and Lyoto.

      Rashad lost to Lyoto via LMAOKO, eeked out a typical Retard Evans decision against Rampage, and never fought Shogun.

      What rivalry????? I don’t understand!