Rashad Evans Out Due to Injury, UFC 170 Co-Main Event Scrapped

February 12, 2014
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Rashad Evans UFC 167 Open WorkoutJust as promotion was hitting high gear for UFC 170, the night’s co-main event fight between Rashad Evans and Daniel Cormier has been cancelled.

The UFC announced late Wednesday that Evans suffered a leg injury that has forced him out of the fight. With the event slated for Saturday, Feb. 22, little more than a week away, no replacement will be sought, according to UFC officials. The UFC 170 fight card will proceed with 10 bouts instead of 11.

UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey will still headline the card, putting her championship on the line against fellow former Olympian Sara McMann.

According to Yahoo! Sports reporter Kevin Iole, UFC CEO Lorenzo Fertitta told him that Evans’ injury will not require surgery, but it will take about four weeks of recovery time.

As might be expected, Chael Sonnen, who has been in Brazil coaching opposite Wanderlei Silva for TUF Brazil 3, was quick to throw his hat in the ring.

“.@dc_mma ya know I haven’t been crazy about you attitude as of late. Daddy ain’t ready, but he’s ready enough. Feb 22 just say my name…” Sonnen wrote on Twitter.

With his fight against Silva slated for UFC 173 on May 24 and build-up to the fight coming in the form of the reality series, it’s unlikely that the UFC would pull him to fight Cormier next week, especially when they have already announced that they will proceed with a 10-bout card.

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  • Straight is OK too?

    Get a replacement. There are 20 guys in line for that fght. The last two times I’ve seen Rousey fght, her fight was the fight of the night!!!

    • Seth

      not really…I mean, they had to sign Rumble (Which Im happy with 🙂 ) to give Davis fight. You don’t have much guys free at LHW with a position to take that fight, only one I can think of is lil nog, but even if hes healthy now – he would hurt himself before that fight, so thats pointless.

  • brad king

    Well Maia vs Macdonald could be interesting.

    • Seth

      Agree 🙂 If Rory learned his lesson from Lawler and he will come more agrressive, fight should be really good 🙂

  • dishnitup

    guess ill just stream it then!! UFC should discount the ppv or make it free!

    • Seth

      Not first time when we go with 10 fights. That’s why UFC ALWAYS has that little statement “*FIGHTS ARE VERBALLY AGREED UPON AND CARD MAY CHANGE AT ANY TIME. SOME FIGHTS MAY NOT BE BROADCAST.” so, while you order PPV you were warned that card may change. Why would they have to make it free? Because some folks can’t read?

      • Baller31

        No, because the card sucks.

        • Seth

          Then…hmm…don’t buy? Don’t watch it? Go out and hang out with friends during it? No one forces you to watch it/buy it, right? You can order pizza instead and watch some cool movie. Sounds like a plan, doesnt it?

        • Seth

          Sooo…don’t watch it? I don’t know, but when I don’t like something that is airing on TV right now, I just don’t watch it. Especially if I would have to pay for it…that sounds retarded, doesn’t it? Order pizza and watch a cool movie instead – sounds way better!

      • dishnitup

        Maybe someone should teach you how to read because i don’t think i wrote that i wasn’t going to buy the ppv due to there only being 10 fights. IDIOT. It seems like you just want to talk trash on anyone who doesnt agree with you. You should try talking to one of your friends about that, preferably during the 170 card.

  • Bosanac

    Let’s see who’s going to order the ppv with that ugly dog *Ronda *in the main event

    • Seth

      Me. First time when Ronda headlined PPV and Machida/Hendo was co-me ppl went apesh**t, saying how thats possible, machida/hendo should be main event – and that fight SUCKED. It was by far worst fight of the year. There is a lot of people who will order PPV to see Ronda and McMann. If you aren’t one of them – well, sorry. Go and watch hit-the-ball-with-a-stick game meanwhile.

      • brad king

        enjoy watching someone RR who has no striking at all. Wouldn’t pay 9.99 for this ppv. This is jokes.

        • Seth

          DC/Evans fight could easily turn into Fitching contest either way. Same as Hendo/Machida turned into boring “catch me if you can” type of game. So yeah, I would take Rousey/McMann fight over DC/Rashad.

  • Anyone interested in Dan Henderson as the replacement minus his previous few losses? If not then I say just reschedule the fight because this was a great match up.

    • deepgrim

      phil davis would hardly want it on short notice would he?

      • No but his fight with Anthony Johnson is a very great match up IMO. I mean you never know, it would be a good fight still and make more sense considering A.J’s been fighting outside the UFC while Phil is coming off a win against machida

        • deepgrim

          havent seen anthony johnston fight before, think phil davis prob would have too much to lose to take the fight on short notice. a nice fight for cormier, he still needs the fight to see how he deals with the weight cut

          • A.J is a very tough fight. I’m really rooting for Phil to get a title shot already. He’s deserved it. Rashad is cutting it very close to his last title shot and this injury really sets him back. I was really looking forward to him and DC fighting.

    • TheCerealKiller

      I won’t pay to see the hype machine DC get a fight against a guy way past his prime. He is still very dangerous, but I don’t see DC getting a win over Hendo as proving he is anything near the hype.

      • I can only think of Dan because he is always game and an olympic caliber wrestler as well. All the other top LHW’s are booked and I don’t want to see any of there fights scrapped.

    • Baller31

      That’s actually a great idea. This was a bad matchup for rashad and a leg injury that only takes a month to heal, but forces him out if the match? Sounds like bs to me.

      • Both guys were a fight or two away from a title shot with this match up. Hendo might not be on a roll but he’s always game and he’s still dangerous.

        • Kris-tyahn

          No way Hendo would be ready weight wise or in shape to take a fight on 1 week notice.

          • To bad he’s not because now DC is fighting 4-0 Patrick Cummings. I haven’t seen one single fan happy about it.

  • Adam

    I agree please get some better fights on the card

    • Seth

      There is a skill called “reading”. Maybe someone taught you that, maybe not. But if you look at the end of the article, you will see – hopefully also understand – that UFC already said that they will proceed with 10 fights instead of 11.

      • Seth

        You make public comment on public article, in section designed for discussions. You can’t be that stupid.

        • Seth

          Calm down, kiddo. If you get burned because someone replies to your comments, then you have to have hard time in school.



  • Fox 11

    His out for a month sounds perfect timing to reschedule it for fox 11 how sick would that # 1 contender fight in heavyweight n light heavy weight advertise that s***

  • Seth

    same as Machida/Hendo on Rousey/Carmouche card? Don’t you people learn to not judge fight before it happens? How many of you wanted to riot when Hendo/Machida was set as co-me “only” and they delivered worst fight of the year? Yeah, that was main event worthy fight….

    • Seth

      I just mention history FACT, idiot. People were all wounded when Machida and Hendo were in co-me with Rousey headlining the show – and they were proved wrong, when Hendo and Machida f***ed up. That’s a fact. And here we are again, idiots talking s*** again how male fighters should headline the card over girls – with a fight that had pretty good chance to be fitching contest. Didn’t mention here anything about overall card.

  • Mihael Hajdin

    Fuuuuck!!!! That was the rean main event IMO, not Honda vs. Mcman..

  • Jon Doe

    Lil Nog! Lil Nog!
    Davis! Davis!


    Gus would work , he should be in shape? he’s fighting a few weeks after this card & that would set up the next # 1 contender for sure! Plus damm Alex vs DC would sell more ppv & be hell of a fight!

    • Bucket of Chicken

      It would be a bad fight for Gus to take. If he wants his rematch with Jones, a fight with DC is not the way to go.

  • shakejunt

    can’t blame them on one week notice, but i’d like to see bader get the call if they did.

    my theory is that bormier wasn’t gonna make weight so rashad made a friendly move and “got injured.”

  • Arxangel1

    Love how the UFC always waits until tickets are sold to reveal things like this. I watched a live interview with Rashad on FS1 yesterday. At no time in the interview did Rashad mention he was hurt. One hour later he was out of the fight. I really hoped this sport wouldn’t be corrupt or certainly not go corrupt as quickly as it has.

  • bubba.gumpshrimps

    let rousey headline without any other big fights artificially inflating her ppv buys. then we will see how much attention she really attracts. this shows gona bomb and im gona be so happy.

    • Bucket of Chicken

      Just like UFC 157.