Rashad Evans on Jon Jones: ‘Anybody Can Lose, He’s Going to Find That Out’

February 17, 2012
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Sixty-six days out from their match-up at UFC 145 and it didn’t take long for UFC champion Jon “Bones” Jones and challenger Rashad Evans to begin their verbal sparring ahead of the actual showdown in the Octagon on April 21.

The story behind the fight is pretty simple.

Evans was a longtime member of Team Greg Jackson when a young up-and-comer by the name of Jon Jones started training at the gym. For quite some time, both fighters protested to the suggestion that they would ever fight each other.

A couple of interviews changed all that, however, and now Evans, who left the Jackson team more than a year ago, faces off with his former teammate in a fight that could easily be titled “Best Friends, Now Bitter Enemies.”

When it comes down to the pre-fight trash talk, mind games, or whatever you want to call it, Jones isn’t buying into it. He’s solely focused on defending his title because he believes it’s his destiny to do so.

“I just have a really strong conviction, and I think conviction’s stronger than belief. I’m convinced that it’s my time just to be here and to be champion for years to come. When you’re a believer there’s really no reason to speak about it,” Jones said on Thursday.

Rashad Evans had a quick rebuttal. He pointed to a line of past champions like Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, Lyoto Machida, and others that also believed they were destined to be on top for years to come.

“See, that’s one thing that Jon doesn’t understand. There’s no such thing as ‘time.’ There’s been so many people like him that’s always been ‘the one.’ That’s the secret, there is no ‘one.’ Anybody can lose, any given day, and he’s going to find that out,” Evans stated.

The reason that Evans has such a strong belief in his ability to take out Jones is because he does know him so well. From many hours spent in the training room together, Evans says he won’t approach the fight with Jones like so many in the past have done and failed.

He will come after the UFC light heavyweight champion and there is no fear of the unknown because he knows what to expect from Jones.

“I’ve got big advantages knowing what he’s going to do, just knowing the range, where I need to fight him at. Just training with him and knowing what he’s good at, where he likes to fight. I already know what I need to do,” said Evans. “I’m not going to get in there and get frozen watching all the beautiful stuff he throws. I’m going to get in there and just mix it up.”

Evans’ promise to Jones was pretty straight forward.

“This fight won’t go five rounds,” said Evans.

Jones didn’t seem to disagree with him too much either.

“Mark his words,” Jones retorted.

Just over two months separates the rivals from finally settling the score inside the Octagon. Surely between now and then there will be more than a few more sound bites to go through as Jones and Evans head for Atlanta.

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  • TKD

    It will be an absolute pleasure watching Retard Evans get beaten by Jones. Yes, anyone can lose, and Jones will more than likely eventually lose at some point, but sadly for Retard, he will not be the one to beat Jones.

    • Lesnardo

      On one hand I can’t blame Retard Evans for ducking fighters. On the other hand, I think he is a retard.

      I hope Jones gives him the beating of his life.

      • TKD

        I’d like to know where he goes after this loss. Maybe he will look to rematch Machida. I think we know how that will end again too!

        • Lesnardo

          He has to fight Machida, Shogun, or Hendo after he loses.

          But most likely, he will go after guys like Brandon Vera, Roy Nelson (at 205), Forrest Griffin, or Matsushynko.

          • TKD

            Yeah, that seems to be his style.

      • benjaminla

        What are you smoking? Rashad has never ducked anyone. Let’s see Chuck, Forrest, Rampage, Thiago Silva, Machida. He wanted to fight Shogun, wanted a rematch with machida, wants to fight Jon Jones. He rolled through Tito and gave Mr Wonderful a decisive first loss. One of the most game fighters around. Who has he ducked?

  • The_SaavedraFiles

    I for one like Jones but i am not hopping on this hype train. i’ll let the fight roll and may the best man win. Bandwagoners.

  • Cptmats

    Rashad Evans on Jon Jones: ‘Anybody Can Lose, He’s Going to Find That Out’

    Not till he’s about forty Retard !

    • TKD

      Agreed! Well, at least not in this next fight, for sure!!!

  • BlackDog2009

    Geez you all make me sick. Get JOnes *&^ck out your mouths for a moment and be rational.

    Rashad is game. He’s dangerous and much better striker than JOnes and a very accomplished wrestler.

    Maybe Evans will win, JOnes might win too, he’s an impressive kid. But give both the chance.

    “oh my God, I cant wait till Evans goes to sleep” , “oohh, Evans doesn’t stand a chance!” “JOnes is made of gold” … god it’s f*&ing nauseating reading all the crap you fanboys type.

  • mma24069

    @BlackDog2009 Rashad Got embarrassed by Machida on his feet, Jones Figured out machida’s stand up dropped him then finished the fight yet you think rashad stand up is much better? Get EVans *&^ck out your mouth

    • TKD

      BlackDog2009 is in love. Let him watch the fight and see what happens to his girlfriend, Retard Evans!

  • MikeMc1983

    Part of me wants to see rashad win just to see how people respond.

    • XIRandomHeroIX

      It’ll go like this…. every single person on this site calling him retard *********************** will make 1,000,000 excuses for Jones lost. Don’t get me wrong I am a Jones fans and I don’t like Rashad’s personality but he is a dangerous fighter, he is quick and powerful and he has trained with Jones which is going to give him an advantage over anyone else that has fought him

      • XIRandomHeroIX

        That is a heavily edited version of my original post…

      • TKD

        @ XIRandomHeroIX: No excuses needed. If he loses, he loses. I am not a punk bitch like the crying Diaz fans.

        Again, no excuses will be necessary, because Evans will lose!

  • trevor

    Actually “Black dog” is stating the truth! I have never seen so much hype over someone with such little time in the cage. I can’t stand Rashad but would love to see him win just so all you fat little girls cry and look for another wiener to taste.

    • XIRandomHeroIX

      I guess you weren’t watching 4 years ago when Lesnar entered the cage

  • trevor

    Take a long hard look at the names Jon Jones has beaten, big deal the last three are the only big name fighters and all of them are batting 50% at best Big deal! He’s good but he will lose just like everyone else does and well before 40

  • The_SaavedraFiles

    i guess i’m not the only one who feels jones is just over hyped. but he is talented. just don’t make him seem he’s going to BEAT everyone please don’t. The Kid’s still young in his career he could lose decisively at any moment.

    • MikeMc1983

      I agree with you. I think to often people use the term over hyped meaning that a guy isn’t good, but people act as if he is.
      People can be over hyped in other ways. Jones is good. I haven’t really heard anyone say he’s not. He’s just not god.
      Jones could end up beating everyone he fights, but I don’t see the gap in ability being as large as other people talk about.
      If he remached any of his last 3 opponents they would all present problems for him again.
      Jones is good, maybe better than anyone in the division, but almost everyone in the top ten present a challenge. Rashad poses a legitimate threat in a couple ways. One of the biggest is speed.
      I don’t like rashad at all. I think Jon is better, but it’s not as if Evans doesn’t have logical ways to win.

      • The_SaavedraFiles

        Yeah i agree with you a 100% spot on bro. I don’t really think either is the better than the other..i just gotta give the experience to rashad and i just think he’s not the same guy who fought machida. very different now and more mature in his game compared to Jones. who to me strikes me as he’s getting cocky as of late.

        • TKD

          Are you two ladies done with your love affair yet?

          • http://www.facebook.com/eirik.bratlie eirikbratlie

            Are you done with your annoying trolling?

          • TKD

            @ eirikbratlie: You must be a Retard Evans ball sucker. Let us know how well that goes after he gets beaten by Jones. Douche!

  • Anthony

    I think Jones greatest attribute is his 84.5 inch reach– he dips in w/ punches in bunches then backs out quickly so as not to be hit with any significant shots. I dont even think theres a hwy w/ that kinda reach–maybe Stephan Strub? Until he either gets clocked by someone w/ a lucky shot or under estimates an opponent (like GSP did w/ Sera) I cant see him getting beat in the near future , that said Evens has the speed and confidence to pose alot of problems for anyone. I wouldnt count him out. I think Rashads best chance for victory is a Coutore fight–close the distance ,smoother him against the cage, take him down and grind him inside the guard/ half guard– maybe catch him in a Anaconda or possibly a D’arse choke or just pound out a Fitch type “blanket” decision. Jones on the other hand can win anywhere the fight goes.

  • Anthony

    just found out Bones has the longest reach in all of the UFC at 84.5″–Strub is 2nd at 84″ and the guys 6’11” — talk about a huge advantage