Rashad Evans Not Worried About Job if He Loses to Dan Henderson, but Needs to Perform

April 8, 2013
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Rashad EvansFollowing the UFC 157: Rousey vs. Carmouche pre-fight press conference on Feb. 21, UFC president Dana White said the UFC roster has 100 fighters too many.  Multiple fighters have been released by the organization this year, including top ten ranked welterweight Jon Fitch.

Some fighters, rightfully so, are concerned about their job security in the UFC, but former UFC light heavyweight titleholder Rashad Evans, back-to-back fights for the first time in his career, isn’t among them.

Evans faces Dan Henderson at UFC 161, and while confident he’ll win, he’s not worried about being cut if he happens to lose.

“I’m not worried about losing my job.  I’ve put in a lot of good fights in the UFC and I’m confident that I’m not going to lose my next fight, but there is a bit of pressure as an athlete. You need to perform,” said Evans on a recent episode of UFC Tonight on Fuel TV.

“You do wear a little bit of pressure knowing the UFC; they’ve been getting rid of people like that (snapping his fingers).  But at the same time, I’m not worried about getting cut if I lose my fight.  I don’t even like talking about this.  I’m not going to lose my fight, but if I lose I’m not going to be like, I’m not going to worry about getting nixed,” he added.

UFC 161: Barao vs. Wineland takes place at the MTS Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, on June 15. An interim bantamweight title bout between interim titleholder Renan Barao and challenger Eddie Wineland headlines the fight card.

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  • Mark McDowall

    I think everyone needs to be worried about getting cut right now. Rashad’s attitude about this may be his downfall…hopefully not but only time will tell.

  • Smit

    He seems to have done the right things with his money & has other avenues going as well he’ll probably make just as much outside the ufc bieng he only tends to actually fight one a year…

  • That fight with Lil Nog could have went either way. it was just an off night for Rashad. I don’t see him getting cut if he losses to Hendo. This guy was the #2 LHW in the world for two years. I mean the UFC is the top promotion mainly b/c they take fighters on win streaks and don’t keep guys around who lose 3 fights in a row with the exception of guys like Dan Hardy and Phil Baroni back in the day. But eventually some promotion is going to scoop up all these guys who just had a few bad fights and are still talented tough fights that bring attention. Bellator has a lot of up and coming fighters and some veteran fighters. WSOF has a lot of big names in their roster. I wouldn’t let Rashad go even if he lost to Hendo. Maybe after his next fight I could understand. Besides this guy has played a big part of the sport.

    • Truth

      IF he were to lose to Hendo… i think it’d depend on HOW he loses. While Rashad should definitely have more leeway than most fighters on the roster, that doesn’t mean he won’t get cut no matter what. If he has another poor showing, no desire, no energy, or doesn’t make weight, or avoids action/stalls, gets dominated.. then yeah, he may get cut.

      Rashad needs to move down to 185 anyway. But if he loses to Hendo, who’s more of a 185’er, then why shouldn’t he get cut? Rashad is getting old and would have no title prospects. It’s completely possible that he get the Jon Fitch treatment if he doesn’t perform.

      • He really needs this fight to stay in title contention otherwise it could be a long way back to the top. There’s Gustaf, Glover Tex, Machida, Phil Davis, Gegard. Not to get off subject but I don’t know why people talk about Jones cleaning out the division and needing to go up there’s plenty of more fights left. Everyone I just named is a good fight for him. GSP has been taking on top guys for years now.

    • Mark McDowall

      I think Rashad’s biggest problem is his camp. There are alot of good fighters…no great fighters to push each other to get that much better. This camp seems like it was set up for him to feed his ego after being pushed out at Jacksons. He was the man there until bones and a few other guys showed up…I think his ego got in the way and it’s showing.

      • What did you think about that Lil Nog fight? It really didn’t look like the usual Rashad. He was way off that night. I was pissed he lost. I like Lil Nog and all but Rashad has just come so far and I really wanted to see him rematch Jones. I think if he can win this fight there are still a lot of interesting match ups for him.

        • Mark McDowall

          I thought it was a good fight for Nog. I think Rashad looked like he hadn’t trained properly for the fight. And I think that falls back on his camp. I hate Jackson’s fight not to loose style game plan, but his fighters always show up in shape. Rashad for the first time ever was not in shape…that reflects on him and his camp. I think that fight was the beginning of the twilight of his career.

  • MMAreality

    I think that Rashad preforms well and finishes Dan. I am excited for this fight.

  • bajafox

    Crazy how just a few fights ago some fans (myself included) were talking about Rashad dropping to 185 and taking on Anderson, now his name is being discussed in those who might get cut.

  • Adam K Vogt

    Rashad put in as good a showing against Bones as anybody has, and then had a very off night and lost a close boring decision to lil Nog, but everybody is entitled to a bad fight here and there. Every athlete in every sport has off nights. It is way too soon to start talking about firing a former champ and perennial contender. I see Rashad out wrestling Hendo much like Rampage did, and probably out boxing him as well. Hendo may have more one punch KO power, but Rashad has much better movement, cardio, and technical striking. As long as the Rashad that fought lil Nog doesn’t show up and he doesn’t circle into Hendo’s right hand the way Bisping did, I see Rashad taking a pretty easy (and possibly lack luster) decision.

  • uncle

    it better be fight of the night or he will actaully try to fight
    this time because if he try that same style he did with
    Nogueria he derserves to be cut

  • Nok

    I love rashad but i think is done , he was better when he train with greg jackson , i think dan anderson gonna knock him out