Rashad Evans Had a Good Laugh at Rampage’s Claims of ‘Spygate’

September 2, 2011
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Rampage Jackson and Rashad Evans at UFC 114

Rampage Jackson and Rashad Evans at UFC 114

Spygate is no longer just a term used when talking about the New England Patriots and the NFL.

Now, Spygate has hit the sport of MMA with light heavyweight contender Quinton “Rampage” Jackson recently breaking the news that he believed something was afoul in his camp, and a spy was in his midst.

Jackson says in an interview with MMAWeekly.com content partner Yahoo! Sports that he released information about a false injury to see if the news would leak out of the training room and into the public. Sure enough, a few hours later, UFC matchmaker Joe Silva was calling Jackson’s manager, Anthony McGann, to inquire if he had indeed suffered an injury.

The former UFC champion went as far as to state that he believes current titleholder and upcoming opponent Jon Jones and his manager have somehow contracted a spy to get information from his Colorado-based camp. Rampage and Jones are set to square off at UFC 135 on Sept. 24 in Denver.

While Jones and his manager Malki Kawa have vehemently denied any wrong doing, and essentially laughed off the idea that they would spy on Jackson or his camp, Rampage still believes something was rotten in the state of Denmark.

This wasn’t the first time Jackson believed that something could have been amiss in his camp. Prior to his fight with Rashad Evans at UFC 114, Jackson suffered a knee injury, but was lucky enough to hide the ailment and keep it from becoming public knowledge before the fight.

However, during the match-up, Evans punched Jackson in the same knee that was injured, and it led him to believe that maybe someone was leaking information even back then.

“In all my years of fighting, I’d never been punched in the knee before and I never saw anyone punch someone in the knee,” Jackson said when speaking to Yahoo! Sports.

Since the story broke, everyone has been curious if Jackson has a point or if he’s just being paranoid?

The other fighter he accused of possibly spying on him thought the entire idea was pretty hilarious.

“Rashad laughed, he thought it was so funny,” Evans’ manager, Glenn Robinson of Authentic Sports Management, told MMAWeekly Radio. “He said ‘I hit him in the knee cause that’s where I could reach at that moment.'”

Like a lot of people looking at the situation, Robinson believes Jackson’s claims are just a way of stirring up some controversy as the fight draws near. What matters to Evans however, is getting the winner when the fight is over.

“This whole thing is funny, it’s drama,” Robinson stated. “It’s going to be an interesting fight between Jon and Quinton. Either way, we don’t really care who the winner is, but it’s going to be an interesting fight and a good fight for the fans.”

If spygate MMA did anything, it certainly seems to have at least made former teammates Rashad Evans and Jon Jones agree on one thing… they don’t need a spy to get ready to face Quinton “Rampage” Jackson.

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  • bdono554

    I think Rampage poses the worst style match up for Bones he’s faced. His power might, might be able to slow Jones down… If he remembers he can wrestle and at least try’s to keep Jones of balance. I would love to see a Rampage Jackson Pride days slam! Although my my gut tells me Jones by third round Five Point Exploding Heart Punch… or something like that!

  • BigGuy

    Trust me…Retard Evans cares who wins the fight. I doubt he would be able to beat Rampage again, and I think it’s fairly obvious that he wouldn’t beat Jones. Retard Evans is a BITCH!

    • afk

      Whether or not your uneducated ass likes him is one thing, but how could he possibly be a bitch? He’s used to be a small heavyweight, now he’s small light heavyweight and through it all he’s never turned down a fight.

      Sounds like you’re a jealous BITCH. Oh my god I can capitalize swear words too! I must know everything.

      • grimsgrind

        yo you are really stupid. Rashad is on his #4 turned down fight. Not to mention, the ONLY knockouts in his career were lucky swinging shots. He lays on guys like Rampage because he is a bitch and rather LnP then fight. He’s one of THOSE guys.

  • Unador

    If Rampage was smart, he would lose to Jones on purpose to save himself the embarasment of losing the belt AGAIN in his first title defense to none other than Rashad Evans.
    It is Jackson that has little chance of beating Rashad in a rematch. He’s already making excuses and he hasn’t even fought yet! Sounds like Tito.

    Rampage is not a bad match up for Jones. Jones only has to ‘ware the KO power in Jackson’s punches. Which are slow from range, Jackson is better up close. Rampage has forgotten he’s a wrestling pro, with an amature striking base. In the clinch, Jones will take him down. And then Jackson is a turtle on his back.
    It is Evans that is more of a danger to Jones. Evans has the same KO power, but faster hands, faster footwork, he hasn’t forgotten he’s a wrestler, and he’s sparred with Jones before.

    • bajafox

      LOL, hating on Tito yet again? Hater…hahahaha

      Your posts would be worth reading more often if you didn’t have a hard on for hating on Tito with every chance you get. This article is about Rampage, Rashad and possibly even Jones, but where does Tito come into it?

    • bdono554

      I said its the worst yet, I think as far as the match up goes Jones is a nightmare for anyone and caries a huge advantage there. And if you actually read my post you have seen the ifs and might’s and that I think Jones will win by MURDER!

  • greaseygranny

    Rampage has the best chance of beating Jones because of his power. Rashad DOES NOT have the same punching power Rampage has. But he does have better footwork that keeps him away from Quinton’s power. I honestly think if Rampage does beat Jones, the 2nd Evans vs. Jackson fight can go either way. Jones wins, he beats Rashad.

  • grimsgrind

    You guys are really not smart. Uneducated about this sport and its fighters. Jackson fights in a telephone booth, and he needs to get that close to Jones in order to nullify his reach. I have a feeling Diaz is gonna beat GSP (then GSP is gonna learn he needs to take risks and rematch and beat Diaz for the belt and get it back) I also have a feeling Jackson is hungry for the belt and Jones still has alot to learn. Every single younger champion in history has lost the belt sooner rather than later, due to lack of experience. This is going to be the case with Jones. Rampage is gonna bring him into the championship rounds(where you would expect Jones not to gas and Rampage to gas) however if you’ve been following Rampage’s last fights, he looks in outstanding shape and doesn’t ever slow down. Jones however at the end of the bonnar fight looked like he was gonna passout. I just have this feeling if Rampage doesn’t clip him with a hook in the 1st or 2nd, he’s going to bring him into the 4-5th rounds and snag the W. Watch and LEARN kiddos. Or get powerslammed by a tough southern black dude nicknamed RAMPAGE. >_<

    • shakejunt

      LoL @ you for referencing a fight from 3 years ago

  • grimsgrind

    the one thing about rampage i respect and admire is he has never changed, his personality, his style, his demeanor. Everything. He’s the same rampage that was in Pride. Just older. And that is respectable. He has more money than most of the guys in the entire sport of MMA, and is utterly more famous than most. At the same time all he wants is that belt. His fighting style is to use his wrestling to keep the fight standing, and he’s been doing that ever since he started throwing hands. The dude is admirable. Give respect when respect is due. I’m sorry but Jones is way too Ali for my liking. I hate cocky arrogant fighters, that’s boxing, not MMA. Martial Artists shouldn’t be that full of themselves. They deserve to lose, maybe that will force them to get a grip on themselves.

    • smalloryaa

      grimsgrind i agree with everything in your last comment except comparing jones to ali…for one you kind of make it sound like a negative to be compared to ali…probably the greatest boxer of all time, one of the greatest and most impactful athletes and people of all time…you can call ali cocky but he backed up beat every great boxer he ever faced in his prime…jones just talks about being in touch with god and all that which ali never did…i will agree jones does have a bit of an arrogance about him but it has worked up to this point but i do not see the parallel between him and ali at this point except maybe the “it” factor…i think rashad is more like ali than jones just in turns of the way he moves talks and his presence…i agree with everything you said about rampage…but i would like to see rampage put jones in a tough spot because he has never been there and the true test of a champion is to see them in the face of adversity…and why do other people hate on rashad…he is an undersized lhw that has incredible athleticism and great gameplans for all of his fights…he is been ranked in top five of lhw for what like the past 2 years…stop hating on the guy just cause the way he wins isnt to your liking…a win is a win and until people figure out your style or stop it keep it going…rashad is very similar to gsp both use their wrestling to dictate where the fight goes and control it…i don’t see anyone badmouth gsp and he wins constant unanimous decisions by taking a guy down and controlling him…i hate to bring race into the issue but sometimes i wonder if that’s why people hate on rashad so much even though he and gsp have very similar style of the way they fight…they both use wrestling and athleticism to keep themselves out of trouble, avoid getting hit and taking punishment and control the pace and outcome of a fight

      • shakejunt

        Everyone bashes GSP for his conservative strategy. Where have you been?

        • smalloryaa

          maybe on here but experts and people who really understand mma do not…and i do not see nearly as much gsp bashing on here as i do rashad and you can’t even deny it look any article that ever covered rashad and all the comments but maybe one are negative…gsp def does not have as much negative shit written about him or his style on this website than rashad

  • rrockyd

    Rashad is a bitch.

  • smalloryaa

    lol after that comment i rest my case…you wouldn’t call him a bitch if you met him

  • greaseygranny

    Grimsgrind. I know more about fighting than you know about fisting your urethra. Which, obviously is a lot. There is so much retard in your rambling, that I don’t even know where to start. Beings that I am short on time, lets start with your retard rambling on how Rampage has never changed his personality. Before you retort, try and think. This isn’t written down anywhere for you. How bout when Rampage became a born-again christian? His personality and style changed dramatically. Pull your head out of your anal canal. Come on here saying peeps aren’t smart and know nothing about fighting, you better be ready to sprawl and brawl.