Rashad Evans – Everyone’s a Fighter (Video)

April 4, 2012
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As UFC 145 draws closer, the UFC has continued to roll out new and innovative commercials to showcase both Jon Jones and Rashad Evans.

In this new commercial, Rashad Evans talks about the primal nature of fighting and why he loves it so much.

A creative new way for fans to discover what’s inside of fighters just like Rashad Evans

Check out the commercial below:

  • TKD

    Retard Evans is going to have his ass handed to him against Jones. In fact, Jones just might make a legitimate retard of Evans after he kicks his ass!

  • matty

    He can’t actually believe he will win. He has NO chance.

    • TKD

      I couldn’t agree more.

  • rsnowbass

    RashARD is such a tool. He could have articlated his point so much better in this interview. It was hard to follow exactly what he was trying to say…I mean, I got the point but was thinking to myself, Just spit it out already!

    @matty – Rashad has a better chance than any other fighter Jon has faced. He does beleive he will win, which is good for us as fans becuase we will see Rashad’s best. I’m taking Jones to win but this fight is NOT going to be as one-sided as people on here are making it out to be. Rashad is going mix it up and test Jon’s chin with a couple good shots and I assuming we will see Rashad get a one or two solid takedowns as well.

    My .02


  • eidosrock

    You guys hating on Rashad are idiots. He is a great, great, fighter, and an excellent ambassador for our sport. This video was meant to be a little bit dramatic and profound, so there is a reason that he didn’t just “spit it out.” If you don’t like it–fine. But don’t blame it on Rashad that you don’t like this kind of hyping. It’s not like he invented the dramatic soliloqy or something…

    At very least he deserves our respect as a figher, if you don’t get that, then you probably don’t get what fighting is all about.

    All that said, Bones is gonna crush him all the same.

    • rsnowbass

      I’m not sure if you finished reading my post, or if you just finished reading my first paragraph and then decided to reply.

      I thought I gave him more respect than most. I think he is a top 3 fighter in the Light Heavyweight Division currently and he has my respect for sure although I’m not one of his fans. That being said, I wouldn’t go so far as to call him a “great” fighter quite yet.

      I think Rashad is at his peak right now which is why I’m very excited for this fight and think he will pose some frustrations Jon hasn’t seen yet. Since Rashad is in Jon’s head a bit, I’m curious to see how Jon will handle those frustrations.

      I’d call Rashad “great” if he gets past Jon Jones and defends the title at least once.

      Beating Forrest to earn his short lived reign as Champ and not being able to defend that title doesn’t quite earn great in my opinion.

      We all know what opinions are like so take it with a grain of salt. My comments here are just to have a good MMA conversation or debate between two fans so I hope you don’t feel I’m attacking or agruing with you.


    • TKD

      “You guys hating on Rashad are idiots. He is a great, great, fighter, and an excellent ambassador for our sport.” A GREAT, GREAT fighter???? Who really sounds like the idiot here?

  • mmachoman

    Anybody,on any given day, can be beaten.

    However, if Evans can’t bring in speed like Mighty Mouse and head movement like Frankie Edgar, he’s going to have a long night trying to get anywhere near Jones.