Rashad Evans and Jon Jones Head Up Paradise Warrior Retreat Seminar in N.Y.

March 22, 2011
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The Paradise Warrior Retreat will be holding its next training camp at New York’s The Wat Gym.  The training camp will feature five top MMA fighters and coaches in the world as instructors.

Former UFC light heavyweight champion and “The Ultimate Fighter” winner Rashad Evans is one of the fighter-instructors at the camp. The other is new UFC light heavyweight champion and 205-pound phenom Jon Jones (13-1).

The coach-instructors for this event will be three of the most prominent trainers in the fight world: Greg Jackson, Phil Nurse, and Firas Zahabi.

The event will be held at Phil Nurse’s gym, The Wat, in New York.

Nurse, a former kickboxing champion, earned his respect as the Muay Thai coach for Jon Jones, Rashad Evans, George St-Pierre, and Frankie Edgar.

Part fantasy camp, part training seminar, the Paradise Warrior Retreat brings elite coaches, legendary fighters, and world champions together with local fighters and fight fans.

The upcoming seminar will be held at The Wat Gym: 291 Broadway, Level B, New York, NY 10007.

The main goal of the seminar is to enhance, redefine, and cultivate the sprit of the warrior. The other goals are to teach novices and experts self-defense, as well as instilling high self-esteem, confidence, and awareness. No previous experience necessary.

The Paradise Warrior Retreat is unlike any other seminar or training facility in the world. It is the only camp where you can train under the same roof with MMA legends, eat with them, party with them, and be their friend.

This personal environment allowing interaction with the instructors is part of what has made this event popular with everyone from aspiring professional fighters to weekend warriors to fight fans, simply looking to be around their heroes.

For more information about the Paradise Warrior Retreat visit:
or call 1-877-PWR-1001 or 818-822-3003


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  • armendo420

    i have been thinkin about it nd evryone has been givin evans alot of BS bout this shit nd i think! ur a fighters u fight for money nd pride!!! nd ur familys so y if ur gettin payed havin fun y wouldnt u fight jones if he was ur friend!!! i think evans is just makin up BS to TRY! TRY! to get everyone lookin diff at jacksons camp ya no former champ leaves now lets see what the new champ can do try to get in jones’s head lol but either way u look at it evans is gunna get hammered big time nd trainin with greg jackson or not there is nothin evans can do to stop jones!!!!!!! UR TIME IS OVER EVANS U FUCKED UP BY TAKIN TO MUCH TIME OFF BEIN A BITCH!!! STRIKEFORCE MAYBE DREAM OR BODOG WOULD PROLLY TAKE YA LOLOLOL