Randy Couture Talks UFC 129, Doesn’t Want To Be the Brett Favre of MMA

April 12, 2011
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Randy Couture at UFC 109

Randy Couture at UFC 109

Former UFC champion Randy Couture’s retirement has been a hot topic of conversation several years now. He is questioned about being at the end of his run after every fight.

Couture himself sees the end of his career as, well, open-ended.

He came close to calling it quits after his last fight, a first-round drubbing of heavyweight boxing champion James Toney, saying that if he couldn’t get a fight that excited him, Couture would walk away.

One of the fights he wanted was former UFC light heavyweight champion Lyoto Machida. Couture sees Machida as an interesting puzzle to solve.

For a time, it didn’t look like the fight he wanted would come to fruition, but eventually, the UFC brass made it happen.

Couture doesn’t see the Machida as the next step to another title run.

“(Another title run would be) just the icing on the cake. That’s not really what it’s about for me at this point,” he told MMAWeekly.com.

Without a title run in his plans, will the Machida fight at UFC 129 on April 30 be Couture’s swan song?

He’s not quite ready to make that declaration either, not wanting to become “the Brett Favre of MMA.”

MMAWeekly.com conducted the following video interview with Couture where he talks about how the Machida fight came together, his interest in the fight, all the retirement talk, and how the 47-year-old former champion sees the twilight of his career…

  • shakejunt

    You gotta think that a win over Machida would put him somewhere in the mix. Now I’m not trying to say they should throw him in there with Jones or Rua, but maybe have him fight Griffin or the winner of Rampage vs Hamill, should he beat Machida.

  • wonggfan

    “Should” he beat Machida.

    None of this will matter come fight night. But I can’t help but say that Randy will get killed.

  • illeeturbabys

    randy would out muscle rua, no chance with jones, as for machida its a matter of catching him but not chasing him….i still cant count the natural out tho….

  • wonggfan

    Prime Randy would out muscle Rua but would eventually get KOed.

    In case your forgot, Randy out muscled Chuck but was eventuallyed Koed.

    “I still can’t count the natural out tho…” <–well said! you spoke like a true UFC nuthugger.

  • wonggfan

    Randy couldn’t “out muscle” vera a year ago. I doubt he can out muscle any of these top younger fighters.

  • wonggfan

    HAHA! All you newbs. Couldn’t even predict this one huh? Randy was the most overrated fighter of all time.