Randy Couture Signs Partnership with Spike, Will Coach on New Bellator Reality Series

January 29, 2013
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Randy Couture Post UFC 102Randy Couture has signed a new deal to keep him involved in mixed martial arts, but what may or may not come as a surprise, is the company he signed the deal with.

Spike TV officials on Tuesday morning sent out a release confirming a new partnership between the network and the former UFC champion, although they didn’t yet announce the scope of the partnership.

The crux of the deal, however, is Couture’s involvement as a coach on the upcoming Bellator MMA reality series that begins filming in February.

The partnership, according to a report by Sports Illustrated and confirmed by MMAWeekly.com sources, is a multi-year agreement that involves multiple projects. The Bellator coaching stint is just the launching pad.

Seeing as how Spike TV and Bellator MMA are properties under the Viacom umbrella, Couture’s involvement will likely heavily revolve around Bellator, but may include many other opportunities.

Viacom is a multi-billion-dollar media company that includes BET Networks, MTV Networks, and Paramount Pictures, among other interests.

MMAWeekly.com’s sources said Couture’s position as one of the first two coaches on Bellator’s new reality series on Spike TV is set, and further indicated that his opposing coach is likely to be another pioneering figure in mixed martial arts.

Official details of Couture’s new partnership with Spike will be revealed on Tuesday, Feb. 5, during a media conference call.

UFC president Dana White, when asked about the possibility of his company being a monopoly, along with citing a Federal investigation that determined it is not, has often noted that part of Bellator’s ownership includes Viacom, and that Viacom is sitting on billions of dollars that the UFC isn’t.

It now seems that Viacom is ready to start utilizing some of that money and it’s position in the entertainment industry to build Bellator into a viable competitor.

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  • dan

    Who cares. Couture has nothing to offer other than bad predictions. Bellator is gonna end up doing what TNA wrestling is doing and end up trying to ride the coat tails of has-beens. TNA still hasnt left Orlando like BFC will never leave Indian casinos. Curran and Chandler are their only building blocks and even they’re running out of opponents.

    • Hrock

      ^^^^ I care…You don’t have too.

    • Milosc

      It’s perfect you should include a pro wrestling reference

      (I’m the one who voted down)

      • dan

        And? BFC was promoting TNA all over its broadcast. Oh, and there’s some fighter in Bellator who’s gonna be doing pro wrestling if I recall correctly

        • Joey

          King Mo is signed with both TNA and Bellator.

          • dan

            I know. Being sarcastic

    • There are so many great fighters that have not been on tv. That is the least of Bellator’s problem. Quality fighters are everywhere. Bellator is doing a great job, I just don’t like there concept, everything is geared to the tournament, that is OK but it would be great to see many more quality fights that are not tournament related. I have been watching them and have a pretty good production team.

    • Your_Dad

      Ugh, why is the Internet full of negative, ignorant morons like you?

      • dan

        Hahahahaha! I’m ignorant???

        Is this not the same thing TNA did with Hogan, Sting etc.? Has it done anything signifigant for them in the ratings? Have they passed the WWE yet? Let me know when BFC passes the UFC

        • Joey

          I will just say this, TNA competing with WWE and Bellator competing with the UFC are completely different. You could make a few comparisons but they are mostly unrelated.

          First off and most important, Bellator is MMA, which is a real sport. TNA is scripted wrestling. TNA makes bone headed storyline decision instead of focusing on the talent they had developed over the years before they joined Spike. They also overpaid old wrestlers and Eric Bischoff and handed them far to much creative control in the company.

          Bellator is different in that bringing in an actual former champion (meaning he didnt win the championships because someone wrote it up that way) brings your company a legitimate face to go along with all the talent Bellator has built up since its inception.

          Will Bellator ever be at the same level as UFC? Probably not but bringing in someone like Randy gives casual viewers a reason to tune in and it least give it a look.

        • Darin

          Bellator does not need to beat the UFC to justify its existence. Organizations like Bellator serve a purpose as a minor league for mma fighters. Unfortunately for the UFC, what seems to happen is these small time fighters show much more spirit and provide gutsier, more entertaining fights than the Clay Guidas of the world who dance out decisions just to stay winning in the UFC.
          When fans start to notice this difference, D and the Ferts have to buy out the little guy and hope people forget what great mma fights look like.

          • Milosc

            These small time shows also produce great fighters. Look how much of an impact Strikeforce, WEC, and now Bellator fighters have had. (Just wait to see what’s more, the next few months)

            UFC has the best fighters for the same reason Pride once did: money. Affliction stabled one of the world’s best rosters virtually overnight. A logo is just a logo

        • fedd1

          The fact that you are passionate about pro wrestling and can’t spell significant speaks volumes.

        • Your_Dad

          Yes, you’re ignorant. Why disrespect someone like Couture by calling him a has-been? It’s not like he’s still trying to fight way past his prime and continues to lose. He’s retired and is coaching. They have a number of building blocks outside of those 2 and others will come along. Their tourneys create opponents for their champs. How are they going to run out of opponents?

    • rjgoins

      Exactly. Who cares. Is this Ken Pishna Trying to be funny stating that signing a deal with Randy courts somehow makes Brllator and spike a viable competitor to the Ufc? That’s funny Ken. You should do stand up comedy lol.

  • Joey

    This upcoming Dana White expletive filled diatribe should be pretty epic.

    • Mark McDowall

      Its coming for sure. But what does he really have to be mad about? Thats like George Seffert getting pissed at Joe Montana for going to KC.

  • stevemcz11

    Sweet. I hope they get Royce Gracie and Frank Shamrock and some other legends aswell. Maybe Mark Coleman or Dan Severn 🙂

    • 😉

    • jimly

      You’re right!. Great move by Viacom/Spike/Bellator.

      Frank/Ken Shamrock, Mark Coleman, Dan Severn will definitely be on board. Royce if the price is right, Marco Ruas… They could conceivably bring back the whole UFC (1, <30) roster and their viewership will improve significantly.

      Although there is no doubt UFC, will remain # 1 for the foreseeable future, Bellator could definitely gain brand recognition this way.

      • stevemcz11

        Imagine Frank coaching opposite Ken or Royce opposite Sakuraba 🙂

    • b-soc

      Anyone remember the NWO from WCW of wrestling?

    • Logic

      Or Tito Ortiz

      • stevemcz11

        Oh yeah 🙂

  • The Prognosticator

    If Bellator (Viacom) wanted to buy every UFC fighter tomorrow they could (and pay the tortious interference claims) without batting an eyelash. There is really nothing the UFC (Station Casinos) could do about it. It’s like Junie Browning standing up to Anderson Silva. If Viacom wants the MMA market they will take it and the UFC will perish like Pride.

  • taylor

    So when did Ken Krishna start doing stand up comedy?? Lol
    Yes, Ken, signing Randy couture as a coach will surely make bellator viable competition for the Ufc.that’s really a knowledgeable comment. Big bucks+jr league+ex ufc champ= competition. Oh Waite I just described affliction and strikeforce and pride. Funny guy

  • fedd1

    I bet Bas Rutten will be involved at some point as well, Hooray for Spike! MMA legends are where it’s at in my opinion, these guys are great personalities and extremely knowledgeable about all facets of mma.I love the IFL team concept in the eliminator tournament format, let the legends go head to head coaching, brilliant.