Randy Couture Says Drugs Aren’t Rampant in MMA, but for Those that Cheat ‘It’s Human Nature’

August 18, 2014
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Randy-Couture-UFC-129-Pre-8243-478x270Retired former UFC champion Randy Couture has been busy lately with his new show Gym Rescue on Spike TV, but recently stopped by Submission Radio, where he reminisced about his days in the cage, but also made some telling comments about performance enhancing drugs in mixed martial arts.

PEDs have long been prominent in almost every sport at the professional and world levels, but Couture believes that’s just human nature, that there are always people that are looking for a short cut.

“I think there’s always going to be some guys that try to cut corners, who are looking for that short cut or that loophole, and are willing to kinda take that risk,” said Couture.

“I mean, the penalty is pretty significant. If you get caught, you’re gonna lose the opportunity for at least a year to make a living in your sport, not to mention the damage to your reputation.

“So I think there are guys, always gonna be a handful of guys that are willing to kinda take those risks. And I think there was a loophole that maybe some of the guys where using a little bit with the TRT programs, which obviously has been closed recently and made a lot of headlines.”

Even despite the athletes that are constantly looking to open those loopholes, he doesn’t feel that PEDs use in MMA is as widespread as some people might think.

“I don’t think it’s rampant. I think if it was rampant there’d be a lot more guys coming up positive on tests, and there’s certainly been a few guys, but if it was rampant then it would be a whole lot more,” he commented.

“But you know, it’s human nature.”

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  • Pat Garret

    The Natural was referring to guys like Chael.

  • George Sperry

    Random unannounced testing during training would uncover the cheating, but it would decimate the ranks also.
    Anyone informed about the steroid(s) they are taking can beat a test they know is coming.

  • Ton Fusco

    cheaters in mma will always get caught sooner than later. I do not understand why fans/fox sports do not realize sports like baseball football etc with union protections get away with it with very small percent getting caught. imagine the amount of players being caught if tested at every game like mma. Wow wake up fans

  • TheCerealKiller

    “I mean, the penalty is pretty significant”, but they are still doing it. So the penalty isn’t significant enough! Double the penalty for all PED’s and lessen the recreational ones. I don’t condone weed, but it’s not the same as steroids. Maybe this would finally sink in.